She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 518 - There’s No Way She Would Ever Say Anything Like That!

Chapter 518 - There’s No Way She Would Ever Say Anything Like That!

Chapter 518 There’s No Way She Would Ever Say Anything Like That!

Elaine frowned and looked at Nora.

It was at this moment that a student in the crowd suddenly raised her hand slowly. “I… I can prove that Anti didn’t say anything like that…”

Everyone looked at her in unison.

The student looked very timid. Seeing that everyone around her was looking over, she became a little nervous. She swallowed and said, “I was interning in that hospital that day, and was fortunate enough to witness the argument between Dr. Miller and Dr. Anti. From the beginning to the end, it was Dr. Miller who kept saying that Anti looked down on alternative medicine, but Anti had never agreed with it. What Dr. Anti said had no intention of belittling alternative medicine at all!”

Nora looked at the student in surprise.

She was likely a postgraduate student majoring in nursing at the school. Otherwise, she would not have been able to intern in the hospital. It indeed took a lot of courage for her to step forward and clear her name at this moment.

Without Shaw’s actions just now, perhaps everyone would have believed her, but now…

Sure enough, some of the students around them believed what she said while some looked obviously skeptical. Elaine sneered, “In order to protect Anti, the school sure is doing a lot! The dean is lying together with students…”

An uproar went through the place.

The student’s eyes turned red. “I’m not lying. What I said is true… Really, you have to believe me!”

However, only a few people around her believed her and stood with her, whereas the rest instantly stepped away from her as if she was some kind of virus.

Elaine sighed.

Her sigh made the students even more distrustful of the girl’s words.

The student bit her lip. “I swear that everything I said is true. Otherwise… otherwise, I will never find a boyfriend for the rest of my life!”

Her oath was certainly harsh.

Some students believed her while some started to hesitate.

Jon, however, sneered, “Swear? Are college students all so superstitious these days?”

When the student heard that, tears fell from her eyes. “I am not being superstitious. I… I’m just using the oath to express my resolution. I really am telling the truth! What must I do to make all of you believe me?”

Someone next to her asked, “Are you stepping forward and saying that because Anti offered you some kind of benefit? Why didn’t you say it before?”

The student bit her lip. “Everyone was condemning Anti previously. I have been speaking up for Anti in the dorms all this time, but none of you listened to me… I was also scared. When Lisa spoke up for Anti, all the students from the modern and alternative medicine majors came together to ostracize her. I was scared that it would also happen to me… But now, I don’t find the incident so serious anymore. We can’t dismiss Anti just because of something like this… I didn’t expect things to become so serious…”

She was so aggrieved that she started to cry.

Elaine sighed and said, “Miss, you shouldn’t be covering up for her. This is completely about Anti’s attitude! Every school is paying attention to the cooperation of modern and alternative medicine now. In fact, our school has even launched a major that specializes in merging modern and alternative medicine! Yet here she is, instigating conflicts between modern and alternative medicine. This is really unacceptable. Why are you still trying to protect a teacher like her?”

The verbal attacks pushed the student close to a mental breakdown. “I’m really not trying to protect her! What I said is all true!”

Blaine sighed. “Alright, alright, let’s not push her into a corner anymore. Let’s just take it that what she said is true. Anti has never said that to Dr. Miller in the hospital, she has only said that to me. Will that do?”

He looked at Nora and said, “Dr. Anti, I have always admired you very much, and have also always regarded you as my idol. My purpose in returning to the States this time was also to visit you. But during my debate with the few seniors in alternative medicine just now, I have realized how ignorant I was. We were really wrong to think that way. To be honest, it’s okay to admit to the mistake openly. Science advances via dialectical discussions in the first place! You shouldn’t be too stubborn!”

Then, he looked at Shaw. “The dean was trying to defend you, too. As long as you apologize, I’m sure everyone will still be willing to forgive you!”

Nora: “…”

He sure was imposing his will on her. The corners of Nora’s lips spasmed. Although she was used to being lazy all the time, she could still detect the language trap in Blaine’s words.

Nora couldn’t help yawning.

She finally understood what he was saying. Blaine might have put it nicely, but they weren’t asking her to admit to her mistake at all. Rather, once she admitted to it, they would kick her out of the school!

Besides, it would cement all the more the belief that the female student was lying.

Shaw was a leader of the academy. If he was forced to lie because of certain circumstances, at the most, everyone would just secretly question his character, but they wouldn’t dare to do anything to him.

However, the female student’s life in school would be utter hell in the future!

At this point, Jon also spoke up. “Nora, you are Yvette Anderson’s daughter and can be considered our junior in the alternative medicine profession. It’s not like we can’t give you a chance to turn over a new leaf if you make a mistake! Your mother was so impressive in the alternative medicine circle back then, but why are you not studying and practicing alternative medicine but so obsessed with modern medicine instead? Sigh! Just apologize. Once you’ve apologized, on behalf of the alternative medicine circle, I won’t hold it against a zealot like you anymore!”



These people were really coming at her one after the other without any pause in between. They practically weren’t giving her a chance to speak at all.

Following Jon’s words, everyone looked at her in unison. Nora finally retorted slowly, lazily, and coldly, “Who says I didn’t study alternative medicine?”

Her words immediately stunned everyone at the bottom of the stage.

Jon frowned. Right at this moment, the auditorium doors were pushed open once more.

Everyone turned to the doors in unison, upon which they saw a 60-year-old man stride in. He was in good spirits and looked very kind – he was Silvester’s son!

Although Silvester’s son wasn’t a top-class physician in the world of alternative medicine, he was nonetheless very impressive when compared to others. Moreover, with Silvester’s status in the alternative medicine circle, his own status was also very high.

At the sight of him, Jon and Elaine hurriedly went forward. “Mr. Zabe, why are you here?”

Silvester’s son smiled and said, “I heard that you guys are holding a debate on modern and alternative medicine here today. My father was a little worried, so he told me to come over and take a look.”

Jon nodded. Then, he pointed at Nora and sighed. “Mr. Zabe, you saw that, right? That’s the young lady who visited the Zabes the other time. She openly said that alternative medicine is inferior to modern medicine, and even now, she still doesn’t even have the courage to own up to her mistake. Sigh!”

He had deliberately pointed out that Nora had visited the Zabes before, so that Silvester’s son could not openly defend her in front of the


But unexpectedly, as soon as he said that, Silvester’s son said in surprise, “There’s no way she would ever say anything like that!”

Jon frowned. He was about to question Silvester’s son as to whether the Zabes had been bribed when Silvester’s son turned to Nora…