She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 517 - Exposing Her Own Identity!

Chapter 517 - Exposing Her Own Identity!

Chapter 517 Exposing Her Own Identity!

Blaine had arranged for the competition to be held in the grand hall.

His purpose in doing so was to provoke the students in the school. After all, these students had yet to become part of the working society, so they were some of the most passionate people around.

When Nora arrived at the school’s entrance, she could already see reporters heading to the grand hall.

She frowned slightly, not understanding why the school wasn’t doing anything about it. Right at this moment, she heard the reporters’ voices:

“Hah, even though we had strongly requested that the medical university suspend and investigate Anti, they rejected our request and are defending her very fiercely. On top of that, they even said that this isn’t a competition of skills but more like a debate instead, and have sincerely invited everyone from the medical profession to come over and watch! How are they so confident that they can clear Anti’s name?”

“Exactly. I’m also very confused. It’s as though the university has something they can use as leverage. I don’t believe they can really clear her name!”

The two of them entered the school while discussing the topic.

Nora, however, stood where she was and broke into a frown.

A moment later, her lips suddenly curled into a smile.

To be honest, foreign universities had also invited her to become a professor or take on similar positions in their schools before, but she had rejected them all. She had only become an external professor at the medical university because of Shaw.

She didn’t have any feelings for the New York University of Medicine.

After all, the school was ridden with all sorts of issues, such as the postgraduate entrance examination the other time, as well as Michael Lange…

However, in this instant, she suddenly felt like the school was actually very cute and lovable.

Their level of magnanimity alone already put the New York University of Medicine way above the foreign universities!

The thought of all the messages criticizing alternative medicine on foreign websites made Nora narrow her eyes. She strode toward the auditorium.

She came relatively late. By then, the people in the auditorium were already split into three different factions.

One faction was made up of firm supporters of modern medicine. Blaine was their leader.

Another faction was made up of supporters of alternative medicine. Jon and Elaine were their leaders. Some students of alternative medicine in the school were also part of the group.

The last faction was made up of people remaining neutral. Dean Shaw was the leader. Michael and Lisa, as well as Sheril who was concerned for Nora, were all standing there.

Blaine and Jon were currently lashing out at each other while throwing medical terms around. Blaine even cited a few patient case studies as a challenge for Jon.

Blaine had initially proposed that each side would provide a few patients for the other side to treat, but the plan was rejected. After all, it was highly inappropriate to bring the patients to the venue.

Besides, they didn’t bring the instruments and equipment used in modern medicine, either.

Both sides debated endlessly with each other, and their words became increasingly sharper.

When Nora arrived, Dean Shaw was making a concluding speech. He said, “Whether it is alternative medicine or modern medicine, both are meant for the patients’ well-being. We should not be promoting one and belittling the other! Therefore, there is no meaning to the debate today at all! Mr. Myers, you’re an old-timer in the field of alternative medicine. I only have one question for you—is modern medicine really inferior to alternative medicine? Can you guarantee that you have never taken any modern drugs in your entire life? Or that you have never had any CT scans done?”

Dean Shaw’s words made Jon choke.

Blaine immediately let out a contemptuous laugh. However, before he could speak, Dean Shaw spoke again. “Don’t be so happy yet, Dr. Jonas. My question for you is, when women with fertility problems have CT scans done, most of the time it doesn’t show any problems. Can you help them resolve their endocrine disorders and problems with their weak spleen and stomach?”

Blaine also choked.

Dean Shaw sighed. “Therefore, it is utterly meaningless for us to be arguing about this. Alternative and modern medicine complement and supplement each other. The ultimate goal should be to cure the patient!”

Prior to this, both sides had already experienced intense debates, and over the course of the debate, everyone present had all gained an understanding of the subjects to some extent. Thus, when Dean Shaw said what he did, all the students became rather thoughtful.

Just like that, the confrontation between modern and alternative medicine practitioners calmed down.

Nora, who was among the crowd, felt that Shaw had handled the problem in a rather comprehensive and well-rounded manner.

However, Jon suddenly went on the offensive. He said, “Dean Shaw, what you said is indeed correct, but the person who caused this dispute is Anti, your school’s external professor! If she hadn’t made such an arrogant and ignorant claim that modern medicine is superior to alternative medicine, how would things have come to this point?”

Elaine nodded. “Yes, everyone here is an elite from all walks of life, but just because of one sentence she said, everyone has come here to fight about these issues, leading to the current situation. All of this is because of Anti!”

Blaine also immediately chimed in and said, “Yes, I was also influenced by Anti. That was why I had challenged the alternative medicine circle in a moment of pique. Now that I think about it, I feel so ashamed of myself. Mr. Myers, I was too impulsive!”

Jon waved and said, “You’re still young, so it’s understandable that you would get ahead of yourself. However, we mustn’t let the culprit go scot-free!”

Blaine and Elaine highly approved of what he said. “Yes, I strongly suggest that Anti be punished!”

Given how things had come to this point with regard to the incident, to be honest, punishing Anti would serve as giving everyone and every industry a proper explanation. With that, the incident would also pass.

Nora stood in the crowd and folded her arms.

The next moment, Dean Shaw waved and said, “Now that things have come to this, I shall just tell everyone the truth! To be honest, I was the one who told Anti to say those frivolous things!”

His words took Nora by surprise. Then, Dean Shaw said, “In recent years, there have been endless battles between the modern and alternative medicine circles, and everyone also has different ideas about the subject. I have always wanted to hold a debate like this and have everyone come forward to discuss the subject! But my position in the circle is lowly and my words unimportant, so I came up with such a method to have Anti arouse public outrage. Sure enough, everyone has turned up!” Nora: “??”

Seeing how dubious the students around her were, yet none of them were pressing the issue any further, she couldn’t help but smile.

She hadn’t expected Shaw to come up with such a solution. It seemed like she wouldn’t have to expose her identity anymore today?

That worked out for her quite well. This way, those old stick-in-the-muds in the alternative medicine circle wouldn’t come to her anymore. They were simply too much trouble.

The thought had only just formed when a voice rang out from among the students. “Dean Shaw, in order to protect that external professor, you’re really giving it your all!”

Nora frowned and looked over sharply, but before she could catch sight of the person talking, an audio recording suddenly started playing

“Sir, at this point, it’s kind of meaningless even if Anti clarifies that she didn’t say anything like that. Why don’t we take the opportunity to host a debate, and then say that it was all my idea?”

It was Dean Shaw’s voice.

The principal’s voice then rang out. “Shaw, it’s gonna be tough on you, then!”

“Nah, it’s not. For the sake of the school, as well as for Anti, this is something I should do!”

When the recording finished playing, the whole auditorium fell silent for a moment.

Then, the whole place exploded.

All the students glared at Dean Shaw and everyone started shouting. “You liar!”

“Dean Shaw, in order to let a professor with a bad character stay, you people sure are doing a lot!”

“The New York University of Medicine is the best medical university in the country, but to think it’s also so dirty and corrupted! It really takes the cake!”

“My goodness, all of this is a scam!” With someone taking the lead, this immediately triggered all the students’ anger at being deceived. Be it the modern medicine students or the alternative medicine students, all of them were incited into yelling furiously.

“Dismiss Anti from the school!”

“Dismiss Anti! We will not stand for being in the same school as a professor like her!”

When everyone started becoming worked up, Lisa and Sheril couldn’t help but shout, “Anti really didn’t say anything like that! All of this is because someone is trying to defame her!”

However, someone immediately retorted, “Some of us heard her saying that with our own ears. Dr. Jonas has also admitted to it. Are you still refusing to tell the truth? Even now, Anti is still hiding at the back and refusing to come out. I really look down on her!”

“Yes, Anti is the black sheep of the Medical University! She must be expelled!”

In the midst of all the speculation, Nora narrowed her eyes and slowly stepped onto the stage. The moment he spotted her, Blaine immediately shouted, “Anti, why did you incite us into fighting with the alternative medicine circle, yet you yourself failed to show up? You hypocrite hiding behind the crowd!”

Jon also pointed at her and reprimanded, “Do you not dare to own up to your deeds? How could you make Dean Shaw shoulder the responsibility for you?! You are such a disgrace to the medical profession!”

Elaine even shouted, “Dear students, I heard with my own ears her saying that alternative medicine is inferior to modern medicine. Given how she despises alternative medicine, how can someone like her remain in the Medical University?!”

As the three of them spoke, the students became even more outrageous.

Even the reporters were so angry that they pointed their microphones at Nora.

“Anti, why are you doing this?”

“Do you really look down on alternative medicine?”

Nora looked at all the agitated people around her. They were already starting to become violent. She looked at the reporter calmly, her voice reaching all the students’ ears through the microphone.

“I have never said that. Neither have I ever looked down on alternative medicine. To me, alternative medicine and modern medicine are both methods of curing diseases. Neither has ever been superior or inferior to the other!”

As soon as she said that, everyone stopped talking.

The reporter was also stunned.

Blaine narrowed his eyes. “That’s not what you told me in private, Anti!”

Jon also sneered, “You must be scared, right? Did you become frightened after seeing so many of us here? So you decided to compromise?! But it seems that it’s too late even if you change your stance now!” Elaine also shook her head. “Anti, making mistakes isn’t that scary. It’ll be fine once you rectify your mistakes. Even Dr. Jonas has apologized, so why can’t you just apologize?”

Nora looked at Elaine. “I told you, I didn’t say that. You and Blaine are the ones slandering me, so why should I apologize?” Elaine bit her lip. “How did I slander you? If I was the only one saying that, then perhaps I’m the one making up lies, but even Dr. Blaine has said so. You clearly meant it!”

The reporters also spoke up.

“Anti, you keep saying that you didn’t say it. Do you have any evidence?” As soon as they said that, Dean Shaw panicked.

How could anyone possibly have evidence of whether they have said something or not?

Smiles, however, appeared on Elaine and Blaine’s faces. They knew that the reporters had been misled by them.

No matter what Nora said at this point, no one would not believe her.

Unexpectedly, the next moment, Nora’s lips slowly started to curl upward. She suddenly smiled and replied, “Of course, I have evidence.”

“What kind of evidence is it?”