She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 514 - Passionate

Chapter 514 - Passionate

Chapter 514 Passionate

When she saw this sentence, Nora suddenly understood.

No wonder the people overseas had noticed her words. It turned out that all of this was arranged by Trueman!


Trueman’s second message came: “Now, you can’t even survive in the alternative medicine industry anymore. I can show you the way.”

Nora curled her lips and typed slowly. “Tell me.”

Trueman: “Come with me. Join us, leave New York. Your modern medicine skills are top-notch in every country. You will be respected!” Nora: “…”

This Trueman really refused to change!

But this time…

She was a little tired of it.

She lowered her head and suddenly said, “Let’s make a bet.”

Trueman: “What bet?”

Nora: “Bet if I can get through this safely. If I lose, I’ll leave with you. But if I win, you have to answer five of my questions.”

Trueman: “Five questions… You’re really greedy!”

Nora was about to reply when Trueman sent another message. “But there’s no problem! This time, I definitely won’t let you off easy!”

In the hotel.

After sending the message, Trueman’s lips curled into a dark smile.

The person at the side asked, “Little master, can we really suppress her like this?”

Trueman smiled. “Do you know what talented people hate the most?”


“Being disciplined!”

Trueman stared ahead and smiled. “She’s so unwilling to admit defeat. How can a person who doesn’t give in to me obey the discipline of the Medical University? Whether she wins or loses this competition, apologizes, or admits to this matter-she will either be expelled from the Medical University or end up being controlled by them. Someone like her will eventually leave because she can’t stand it!”

That person did not understand. “But Anti is the number one international surgeon! I don’t understand.”

Trueman smiled. “Most powerful people only know how to protect themselves!”

Nora’s matter had already become very influential. The principals and deans of the New York University of Medicine would definitely push Nora out to bear the public’s anger!

After all, if Nora did not go out, they would be the ones to face the anger!

Powerful people loved to shirk their responsibilities.

Nora put down her phone and looked up at Dean Shaw again. However, she saw that although he still had a worried expression on his face, he still said, “If there’s nothing else, you should rest well at home these next few days! Sleep more!”

Nora comforted him. “I know. Don’t worry. The competition will end in two days. I won’t make things difficult for you.”

Dean Shaw nodded.

Nora walked out.

After she left, Dean Shaw’s assistant, Michael, walked in. He said with a worried expression, “Dean Shaw, the principal is here!”

Dean Shaw went out personally to welcome the principal.

The principal frowned. The moment he entered, he explained the situation outside clearly. “Now, it has become a trending topic on the internet. People are focusing on how such a person can become a teacher in an authoritative school! She has caused a conflict between modern and alternative medicine and is simply misleading the students! There is also a group of reporters who have surrounded the school! They say that the people want such a teacher to be dismissed from their post!”

With that, he looked at Dean Shaw and asked, “What do we do now?”

Dean Shaw frowned as well. “What do you think we should do? I was the one who recruited Anti, and she’s also our neurosurgery supervisor.”

The principal sighed. “She’s an external resource! She’s indeed unreliable!”

Dean Shaw immediately nodded. “Why don’t we think of a way to get rid of her title?”

The principal was deep in thought.

Michael, who was standing at the side, became anxious.

What did the director and principal mean?

Were they really going to give up on Anti?

Others might not know the truth, but Michael, who was with Dean Shaw, knew that Anti had been used!

The words on the Internet were forcing her!

Anti was Michael’s idol. Michael looked at the director and principal in front of him. For some reason, he suddenly felt angry.

But then, he felt helpless.

In the past, the Americans were relatively weak and could not keep scientists around. Talent flow was the greatest problem, but many people had said that this was because they were not broad-minded enough.

Look… it was starting again.

Whenever there was a problem, the first person to be pushed out would always be a talent! He lowered his head and clenched his fists. He was suddenly a little disappointed with the school. What was the point of staying in such a school?

He looked up and was about to say something when he suddenly heard Dean Shaw’s voice. “It’s a little difficult to hire her as an official graduate mentor. After all, Anti’s personality is too strange! But I will definitely work hard to resolve this matter!”

The principal instantly patted his shoulder. “Yes, you can do it! You must protect such a talent for our school and our country!”

Michael was speechless.

He was stunned and looked at the principal and director in disbelief.

He swallowed. “But… but what if someone pursues this matter?”

Dean Shaw said, “Heh, like I said, I was the one who recruited Anti. I’ll bear full responsibility! Even if I’m scolded on the Internet, even if I’m dismissed, Anti must not be chased out!”

His voice was sonorous and powerful.

However, the moment he said this, the principal smiled as well. “Dean Shaw, you can’t snatch this duty from me! I’m the principal of the New York University of Medicine! Research is your professional duty. Leave this external matter to me! Our school can’t be threatened by reporters and be forced to compromise!”

Dean Shaw was silent for a moment. “But the higher-ups…”

The principal smiled. “The higher-ups have already arrived. According to the rules, Anti will be suspended for investigation, but I’ve already guaranteed that this is all a misunderstanding. This is all an outsider’s scheme! If Anti had really said that or if she really took the opportunity to escape from New York, I’m willing to take full responsibility!”

Dean Shaw’s eyes turned red. The two elders looked at each other and smiled after a while.

Michael stood at the side and watched.

A ball of fire suddenly ignited in his heart.

See, this was the unity we needed!

His country was already getting stronger and stronger, and the embrace of his country was also so warm. It would definitely not disappoint the rare talents who stayed behind!

The sky gradually darkened.

In school, Nora did not know about the Principal and Dean Shaw’s difficulties. She did not know that things had become so serious.

The medical competition would take place the next day. She looked a little worried.

Others thought that she was worried about tomorrow. Unbeknownst to everyone, Nora was staring at her phone. On it was a message from Justin “Nora, I’ll call you when I’m downstairs.”

It had been half an hour since she received this message, but why was Justin not downstairs yet?