She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 513 - Are You Satisfied with My Arrangement?

Chapter 513 - Are You Satisfied with My Arrangement?

Chapter 513 Are You Satisfied with My Arrangement?

Lisa originally did not intend to trouble Nora.

After all, she had misunderstood that they were related by blood in the past. But now, she knew that was not the case. Nora was already good enough for treating her like before.

She had to be tactful.

Furthermore, the competition was about to begin. Even if she suffered a little, it would only be for the next two days. Therefore, Lisa did not intend to say anything.

However, she never expected Louis to interrupt at this moment.

Furthermore, Louis had snatched her phone away. The blonde Louis rattled on the computer. “Nora, aren’t you the one protecting this little cousin of yours? Did you know that she was assigned to a pet hospital? Furthermore, she was bullied here! She’s even allergic to cat fur. Now, her face has rashes! Come and save her quickly. Otherwise, your little cousin will be bullied to death!”

Lisa: “!!”

She wanted to snatch the phone, but Louis jumped up and refused to give it to her.

Nora was asking on her phone, “Which pet hospital?”

Louis told her the hospital’s name.

Nora nodded. “Got it.”

Louis was still talking. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve got it. You have to resolve this quickly. Your little cousin is too weak. She didn’t even make a sound when she was scolded. She’s really pitiful.”

Nora: “…”

“You… Give me back my phone!” Lisa was so angry that she reached out to snatch the phone. However, Louis was much taller than her and she couldn’t snatch it. She could only jump up, but this jump disrupted her balance and she fell to the side! “Hey, be careful!”

Louis hugged her waist and used himself as a shield before falling to the ground!

Lisa collapsed onto him!

The two of them made intimate contact again.

Lisa looked at Louis in shock.

As for Louis, he looked at her red face. He was so close that Lisa was frightened. She stretched out her hand and struggled to get up, but she pressed it against Louis’s chest. “Ouch!”

Louis shouted, “Lisa, you’re taking advantage of me!”

Lisa: “…”

She hurriedly stood up and picked up her phone. She wanted to tell Nora not to worry about her, but she realized that the call had already ended.

She said to Louis angrily, “You, why are you troubling Nora?”

Louis: “… That’s your sister. We’re all family. How can helping you be troublesome?”

Lisa: “??”

Louis looked at her confidently. Lisa was so angry that she couldn’t speak. She could only bite her lip hatefully.

Louis said, “Oh, right, Nora wants you to go back to school. You don’t have to stay here anymore.”

Lisa nodded and left.

Louis followed her hurriedly. “I’ll take you to school!”

Lisa: “No need…”

Louis chased after her. “It’s not your fault that you’re so ugly, but it’s your fault if others see you and go blind from your ugliness. Are you really going to harm people?” Lisa: “?”

Louis smiled annoyingly. “So, let me take you back!”

The New York University of Medicine.

Nora’s Mercedes Benz jeep stopped in the parking lot and she went straight upstairs. She killed her way to the office of the dean. Dean Shaw indeed did not know what the students below were doing. However, after hearing Nora say all this, Dean Shaw instantly frowned. “Ridiculous! How can the teacher’s matter be blamed on the students? I will definitely get someone to investigate this matter thoroughly!”

Those students who used their power to bully others had such a bad character in school. What would happen when they entered society?

They had to find out who they were and punish them severely!

Nora could always rest assured when Dean Shaw handled things. After all, the two of them had worked together so many times. She nodded and said coldly, “Dean Shaw, I’ll leave my student to you. Now that this has happened…” Dean Shaw sighed. “I know what you mean. Alright, I’ll compensate her. There’s a very good surgery in a few days. I can arrange for her to go on a tour. Don’t worry. She’s just a student. The school won’t do anything to her. The bigger problem now is you!” Nora raised her eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong?” Dean Shaw pointed at her. He felt that this person was really good at finding trouble. He asked, “Let me ask you something. Did you say that alternative medicine is useless?”

Nora’s answer was straightforward. “No.”

Dean Shaw nodded. “I knew it. But now, the matter has become serious. Do you know? Students are the easiest to rile up, and they are the most hot-blooded. In school, there was already a disagreement between modern and alternative medicine departments. Now, with you, the entire school is in chaos!”

He sighed. “Many modern medicine students look down on alternative medicine, and the alternative medicine academy is very angry. They have already jointly proposed to the school to revoke your status as a student mentor!”

Nora raised her eyebrows. “Then? Do you need me to clarify?”

When Dean Shaw saw that she was still neither anxious nor slow, he sighed. “There’s no need. I’ll suppress it for you. But there has to be an end to this matter. If you clarify, most of the students won’t believe you anymore! Everyone will only tacitly agree that you submitted to the school’s pressure. This matter is even being talked about on some foreign medical forums!” Nora was stunned. “Foreign forums?” Dean Shaw nodded. “Yes, I don’t know who pushed it either. Of course, it might also be because your status in the medical world is too high. Your slightest movement attracts the attention of foreign countries. They have someone posting on the news that you will definitely be apologizing on the Internet. Furthermore, they say that you are not trying to cause a conflict between alternative medicine and modern medicine, nor are you looking down on alternative medicine. Because China focuses on alternative medicine, you will definitely be threatened by China. If you don’t change your words, you will never be able to go there.”

Nora: “…”

Weren’t foreigners too scheming?

It was just a sentence, why did they have to interpret it like that?

Dean Shaw said again, “Especially after your student explained it for you. The people from alternative medicine didn’t believe it, but the people from Western medicine believed this news. They said that your student’s actions were foreshadowing your apology! Therefore, you’re in a tough spot now.” If she apologized publicly, the foreigners would have had guessed right.

If she did not apologize publicly, she would have to bite the bullet and acknowledge it.

Dean Shaw’s head hurt.

Nora raised her brows.

At this moment, her phone rang.

She picked it up and saw Trueman’s message. “Are you satisfied with my arrangements, Doctor Anti?”