She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 515 - We Have to Act Fast

Chapter 515 - We Have to Act Fast

Chapter 515 We Have to Act Fast

Cherry and Pete held their little heads and looked at Nora. However, they saw Nora, who usually went to bed early after taking a shower and had nothing to do, yawning as she held her phone in boredom.

Cherry blinked her grape-like eyes and asked, “Mommy, why aren’t you asleep?”

If Mommy did not go to bed, how was she going to play games?!

Nora glanced at her and yawned again. She was so sleepy that she could barely open her eyes.

If he still did not come, she would fall asleep!

Pete suddenly asked, “Mommy, are you waiting for news from Daddy?”

Nora: “?”

Her eyes instantly jumped open. She looked at Pete and coughed. Her voice was slightly hoarse and carried a hint of panic that no one else could detect. “How did you know?”

Pete sighed. “Because Daddy is in the living room downstairs!”

Nora: “???”

She asked in surprise, “What?”

Pete nodded and said, “Yes, I saw Daddy coming from outside earlier. I happened to bump into Grandpa, so I called him in. The two of them are chatting downstairs now!”

Nora: “…”

She sat up and thought about it. Then, she went out and saw two men sitting downstairs.

Justin sat on the sofa with his back straight.

Ian was sitting in a wheelchair drinking tea. The two of them sat facing each other but did not speak. The living room was very quiet.

Nora looked at them and was about to go downstairs. When she turned around, she saw Joel and Tanya sitting beside the bedroom door on the second floor. The two of them had even moved two chairs over. Both of them looked like they were watching a show.

To make matters worse, there was a plate of melon seeds in the middle.

When she saw Nora, Tanya grinned at her and spat out a melon seed skin. She explained, “The two of them have been sitting opposite each other for ten minutes without saying a word.”

Joel nodded at the side. “It looks like Justin is in big trouble if he wants to marry Nora.”

Tanya raised her chin when she heard that. “I think it was too easy for you to marry me! Many people chased after me back then!”

Joel chuckled gently. “Yes, it’s mainly because my wife cooperated well and didn’t give my father-in-law any space to rebel.”

With that, he said, “Otherwise, it would have been more difficult for me. After all, Uncle Ian is still reasonable, but Karl…”

Before he could finish, Tanya glared at him. “What are you trying to say?”

Joel immediately changed his tone. “Karl is more straightforward and not as scheming as Uncle Ian.”

“…That’s more like it!”

After saying that, Tanya grabbed a bunch of melon seeds. After some thought, she stuffed them into Joel’s hands. Joel chuckled and took them over to help peel them. He then placed the seeds into Tanya’s mouth.

The two of them sat very close to each other and had an intimate posture. Nora pouted and then walked downstairs.

When she went downstairs, she happened to hear Justin asking, “Uncle Ian, do you have anything to say to me? I came here today to… see the children.”

Ian asked casually, “Even if I have nothing to say, can’t you accompany me for a while?” Justin replied, “… Of course, I can.”

He adjusted his black suit. “If you need my company, I’m free no matter how long it takes.”

“…” Ian choked. “There’s no need for that. I’m just a little lonely right now and need someone to accompany me.”

Anyway, he was not allowed to go upstairs!

Justin coughed and nodded. “No problem. If it gets too late, I can just stay the night. I’ll help you keep watch tonight?”


Who knew whose room he would go to in the middle of the night?

As Ian thought about this, he said, “There’s no need for that. I’m not used to people guarding the night for me.”

Justin leaned forward and poured him a cup of tea. After Ian took a sip, Justin asked, “Uncle Ian, regarding my grandmother, I’ll apologize to you here! But don’t worry, I’ll definitely make her bow down to Nora.”

Ian’s attitude was cold and he was very difficult to talk to. Even now, he did not relent. “It doesn’t matter if she yields or not. Anyway, Nora has nothing to do with your family.”

Justin sighed. “Uncle Ian, Nora and I…”

“You and Nora had two children by accident. It’s indeed troublesome, but don’t worry. No matter what, you’re still the child’s father. If you come to see the child, I won’t stop you.”

Justin seemed to have choked. He lowered his head. “Uncle Ian, what must I do to make you agree to our marriage?” Ian did not expect him to make himself sound so pitiful, to the point that he choked on his words. He frowned and began to count his shortcomings. “The families of the Hunts are all at odds. The side family has been fighting with you all this time, right? And that grandmother of yours is not someone easy to deal with. After Nora marries you, the family matters will be too troublesome. These are all things I can’t agree with.”

Justin nodded. “I know. There are many problems at home, but I will work hard to resolve these problems before coming to propose.”

Ian frowned. “We’ll talk about it when the time comes. If there’s nothing else, you can leave!”

Justin slowly lowered his head, his expression revealing some grievance. When she saw him like this, Nora suddenly thought of the first time she had seen him. It was in the hotel. The man was like a moon surrounded by stars, dazzling. Such a person would smile when facing Karl Moore, threatening him domineeringly, but when facing Ian, he accepted the unreasonable criticism.

Nora lowered her eyes and suddenly said, “Cherry missed you. Come up and see her.”

Justin’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He subconsciously took two steps toward Nora, but then he stopped and looked at lan hesitantly.

His expression was as if he did not dare to go over unless Ian allowed it.

Ian: “!!”

He finally understood. This fellow had not spoken since he entered and was waiting for him to speak. Whoever spoke first would lose, but why did Justin suddenly start to give in?!

So it was because Nora had come downstairs!

This pretentious guy!

However, since he had just reunited with his daughter, he definitely couldn’t separate the two of them forcefully. Therefore, he said angrily, “Go.” Justin revealed a happy expression. “Thank you, Uncle Ian!”

Then, he followed Nora upstairs.

Ian: “…”

He suddenly felt very aggrieved!

Justin, who was following behind Nora, smiled. He followed Nora upstairs. When he saw Joel, he paused for a moment and nodded before following Nora into the bedroom.

As soon as they entered, he said to Cherry and Pete, “I saw Mia just now. She’s looking for you guys.”

Nora: “?”

When Cherry saw Justin, she had already jumped off the sofa and was running toward him. When she heard this, she stopped in front of him and asked hesitantly, “It’s already so late. Mia is still awake?”

Justin coughed. “Yes.”

Pete glanced at the tyrant and stood up helplessly. “Cherry, let’s go.”

Nora looked at him chasing the children out the door. Then, with a click, he locked the door and turned to look at her. “Nora, we don’t have much time. We have to hurry.”

Nora: “?????”