She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 512 - Complain!

Chapter 512 - Complain!

Chapter 512 Complain!

The other students were preparing the instruments for the surgery. Dr. Larson picked up his phone and called Nora.

Unfortunately, no one picked up.

Dr. Larson frowned.

Actually, he had never liked this Anti in his heart. She was a nominal teacher, but she had never appeared in school. She had a great reputation at such a young age, and she could not even be contacted normally!

Like now!

Dr. Larson was so angry that he threw his phone into the cabinet. He thought about it and took it out in the end. He sent Anti an email before closing the cabinet and entering the operating theater.

Lisa arrived at a veterinarian hospital that had collaborations with New York University School of Medicine. She went to the front desk showed her ID to the receptionist. Then, the person in charge walked out.

At the vet’s side, a senior from the western medicine team was in charge. When he saw her, he asked in surprise, “Why were you assigned to the vet?” Students in the Neurosurgery Department were very popular in school!

Lisa smiled awkwardly and did not say anything

The senior looked at her student ID. “Lisa? Your professor is… Anti?”

He exclaimed, “So you’re Professor Anti’s student!”

Lisa nodded.

The senior asked her to wait a moment and then took out his phone to contact the people at the school to ask what was going on. When he found out the reason, he frowned.

After hanging up, he looked at Lisa in disdain. “Okay, go find a place to help.”

Lisa sighed and nodded before walking back.

There were several types of veterinarians.

Some pets were carefully raised. When they were sick, their owners would bring them over to seek treatment. These pets would be treated as treasures by their owners, and they would not be stingy with their money.

There were also some stray animals sent by non-profit organizations. These animals were usually dirtier, and they had some infectious diseases.

Most veterinarians did not like this kind of work. Most importantly, they would not receive any extra tips from the owners!

Just as Lisa arrived at the back, someone pointed at the two kittens that had just been sent over. “Go and give these two kittens a bath first!”

Lisa was stunned. She had never come into contact with pets before. Furthermore, she did not keep pets at home. Most importantly!

She was allergic to cat fur!

She stood on the spot and said, “Sorry, I’m allergic to cat fur. Um…”

As soon as she finished speaking, the person pursed her lips in disdain. “If you’re allergic to cat fur, why are you a vet? Are you here to be a joke?”

Lisa bit her lip. “I… I’m not a vet…”

“If you’re not a vet, why are you here?”

Lisa wanted to explain, but the person waved her hand at her. “Hurry up! You’re really a princess. You only know how to pick and choose when you’re working. You just arrived, and you’re already so picky?”.

Lisa’s eyes turned red again. She lowered her head and could only find a mask to wear. Then, she walked to the stray cat beside her.

Stray cats were usually more aggressive. They would bare their claws at her.

Lisa stared at it and squatted down to help.

As she worked, she could hear the senior mocking her from behind. “I knew it. She’s just being pretentious! What allergy to cat fur? Ha!”

Lisa almost cried when she heard this.

But she said nothing.

As they were talking, someone suddenly ran over and said with a smile, “Oh my god, there was a rich second-generation heir who brought four cats and dogs over. He looks generous! Come and help!”

The rest of the people exclaimed when they heard this.

Usually, when rich second-generation heirs came to seek treatment, they would give the nurses some extra tips. These people immediately put down their work and pushed their pets into the cages to be locked up before walking out.

Lisa did not understand this. She stood up and followed behind them.

However, when she walked to the front hall, she was seen by a senior. The senior immediately pointed at her and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Lisa was taken aback. “Didn’t you ask us to come and help?”

The senior sneered. “It’s only your first day here, and you want to snatch credit and tips from us? Dream on! Go back and continue bathing the stray cats!”

Lisa: “…Okay.”

She did not expect there to be such things in the veterinary world. Just as she was about to leave, she heard the senior from before say, “What happened?”

Before Lisa could say anything, the senior said, “It’s all because of this newbie. On her first day here, she’s already fighting for credit with us! However, she’s so picky when it comes to work. She doesn’t know anything and just charges forward to show off!” The senior frowned. “Your argument here has frightened the guest’s pets!”

The senior immediately reprimanded Lisa. “Did you hear that? It’s all your fault for scaring the guest’s pet. If anything happens to the guest’s pet, it’s all your fault!”

Lisa clenched her fists tightly.

She lowered her head. “I didn’t say anything.”

“It’s clearly your fault. Why are you still talking back?” The senior did not give up. Just as she was about to continue reprimanding him, a voice was heard.

“Alright, alright. My pets are not that weak. If you guys are done arguing, hurry over and treat them!”

This impatient voice made Lisa suddenly raise her head and look at the front hall in disbelief.

At this moment, Louis walked over with four cages. “Why are you guys arguing? It’s so annoying. You…”

As he spoke, he suddenly saw her. His eyes instantly lit up. “Eh, little cousin? Why are you here?!”

The moment he said this, the seniors instantly looked at Lisa!

What did this distinguished guest call her just now?

Little cousin?

At the same time, in the Smith villa.

Nora woke up slowly.

She stretched and picked up her phone. Then, she saw the email. Dr. Larson told her everything and added, “This is your student. You have to handle it yourself!”

Nora narrowed her eyes.

She had forgotten about Lisa’s situation in school.

While she was hiding in the Smiths, no one dared to come over and scold her. However, Lisa was different!

At the thought of this, she picked up her phone and called Lisa.

The call was picked up very quickly. Lisa picked up the call. Nora asked, “Did they take their anger out on you because of me?”

Lisa answered without hesitation, “No.”

Nora nodded and felt relieved.

Just as she was about to hang up, Louis’s voice suddenly sounded. “Who is it? Is it Nora? Tell her quickly that you have been assigned to a pet hospital!”