She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 511 - Dilemma?

Chapter 511 - Dilemma?

Chapter 511 Dilemma?

The moment Lisa said this, the students immediately fell silent. Everyone looked at her simultaneously.

The female classmate who had spoken earlier sneered and said, “Oh, if it’s not what we said, then what is it?”

Lisa explained, “Anti has never said that. It was someone else who slandered her!”

“Slandered her? Why would they slander her alone? Besides, if she was slandered, what about Blaine? Blaine is her friend. He’s organizing people to participate in the competition! Things have already come to this, yet you say it’s slander? How laughable!”

“That’s right. There are also a few students from the modern medicine department who agree with Anti. They’re gathering people to support Anti! Heh, you’re a student of Anti, yet you’re saying such things in school. I’m speechless!”

These people who had accused Lisa were from the alternative medicine department. It was normal for them to be filled with hostility toward Anti.

Lisa hurriedly waved her hands. “No, Anti respects alternative medicine very much. Really, she has never said those words. Don’t misunderstand her…”

When she said this, those people were stunned.

However, someone suddenly said, “Lisa, what’s wrong with you? What if Anti has said it? We all studied modern medicine. So what if we look down on alternative medicine? Alternative medicine is a cheat and has evolved from witchcraft! We were still secretly supporting Anti. I didn’t expect you, Anti’s student, to be the first to betray her! You’re too much!” “That’s right. If you think alternative medicine is good, why don’t you go and study that instead? Why do you take up a spot as a modern medicine postgraduate student? Also, Anti accepted only you as a student. How could you embarrass Anti instead of helping her?”

“Exactly! You’re too much!”

The students who studied modern medicine were certain that Lisa was lying to curry favor with those who studied alternative medicine. Everyone criticized her one by one.

“You’re really shameless to curry favor with the alternative medicine world!”

“That’s right. You can even betray your own teacher! If Anti knew that she had taken in such a student, I wonder how angry she would be!”

When Lisa heard this, she was so anxious that she was about to cry. “I’ve already asked Anti. She really has no intention of looking down on alternative medicine. You’ve misunderstood…” “What’s there to misunderstand? You’re just two-faced, aren’t you? Why? What benefits has alternative medicine given you to be a burden for Anti?”

“That’s right. Modern medicine has always been against alternative medicine. Anti is just saying what everyone thinks. What’s wrong? Lisa, if you’re afraid, don’t learn from Anti!”

The people from modern medicine were criticizing her, and the people from alternative medicine were also being sarcastic. “Hehe, we won’t take Anti’s students! Is that trash worthy of challenging our alternative medicine?”

“That’s right. Do you really think modern medicine is that good? Before modern medicine was introduced, it was always alternative medicine that treated the illnesses, okay? Alternative medicine is just a little downtrodden, that’s why you look down on it… A true alternative medicine master’s skills are very impressive, okay? It’s countless times better than you who only know how to use scalpels and instruments to treat illnesses!”

The modern medicine students could not take it anymore. “Heh, what a joke. We’ll know if they’re good or not after the competition! Our modern medicine has famous doctors, Blaine and Anti. What about you guys? Aren’t all your experts just a bunch of old men?”

The alternative medicine student sneered.

“How terrifyingly ignorant. Do you know that the most powerful person in our alternative medicine world right now is Dr. Zabe’s disciple?! Now, everyone in alternative medicine has joined forces and requested Dr. Zabe to let his disciple come back and participate in the competition to restore our reputation!”

“That’s right. In front of the truly powerful alternative medicine practitioners, not to mention Blaine, even Anti can only kneel down and call him daddy!”

“It’s not certain who will call whom daddy! Do you only know how to boast? Hehehe!”

“We’ll see!”

Modern and alternative medicine students were divided into two factions and were clearly separated in the canteen.

Lisa wanted to explain further, but no one listened to her.

The alternative medicine students despised Anti, so they were very hostile toward Lisa. The people from modern medicine hated what she said even more and rejected her. None of them treated her well.

Lisa took a deep breath and could only hug her lunch box and return to her dormitory to eat.

After eating, she left and went to the school to receive this week’s assignments.

Most of the graduates underwent surgeries with their mentors and studied during the surgery. As a student of Anti, the hospital director was taking very good care of Lisa.

The surgeries she had to learn every week were all arranged by the director.

Today, she was going to follow Dr. Larson. She was also the chief physician of Hospital Finest who was going to perform brain surgery. However, when she went to the hospital to report, Dr. Larson saw her and suddenly frowned. “What are you doing here?”

Lisa was stunned. “Teacher, I’ve come to learn from you…”

“Haha, no one is allowed to participate in my surgery.” With that, Dr. Larson entered the operating theater and prepared to change his clothes.

Lisa was stunned.

When the assistant beside him heard this, he pursed his lips. “The news of your betrayal of Anti has already reached Dr. Larson. He’s someone who can’t stand the sand in his eyes! Don’t participate in this surgery!” “That’s right. How despicable!”

“You admitted defeat after being criticized by a few alternative medicine students. You’ve really embarrassed Anti!”

A group of researchers pointed at her and entered the operating theater to change her clothes, leaving Lisa standing there alone.


Her eyes turned red as she bit her lip.

As she stood there, the senior in charge of the internship in the school walked over. When he saw her, he immediately said, “Lisa, this is your next study assignment.”

Lisa reached out to take it, but she was stunned when she saw the contents. “Senior, I-I’m not a vet…”

She was ordered to watch and learn from the vet!

The senior sneered. “Do whatever I tell you to do! Are you still picky about your studies? So what if you’re a vet? Some animals also need us to operate on their brains. This is to let you see the difference between a human and an animal’s brain!”

Lisa: “…”

Lisa knew that he was talking nonsense, but what else could she do other than listening to him?

It was already very troublesome for Nora. She did not want to cause her any more trouble. She picked up the list and walked to the vet’s department.

The senior saw her leave and entered the laboratory. He saw Dr. Larson in the changing room, holding his phone. When he saw him, Dr. Larson said, “Get ready. I’ll call Anti right now and tell her what this student has done!”

The senior nodded. “Yes.”