She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 510 - I Haven’t Had Enough of Kissing You Yet

Chapter 510 - I Haven’t Had Enough of Kissing You Yet

Chapter 510 I Haven’t Had Enough of Kissing You Yet

Ian’s blood pressure instantly soared. How could he possibly tolerate that?

He rolled up his sleeves and almost jumped straight down to stop the two of them. However, he suddenly heard movement from the first floor-it seemed that someone had returned and was driving to the parking.

The sound finally separated Justin and Nora and also caused Ian to stop moving.

Nora’s heart was pounding wildly. She felt that her heart rate must be at least 130 at the moment!

As expected, falling in love sure was hard work. It was pretty much an anaerobic exercise at this point!

She touched her chest and felt the pounding heartbeat. Then, her eyes deliberately roamed about as she avoided making eye contact with Justin.

There was a scorching look in the man’s eyes.

Sensing Nora’s reluctance, he did not go any further. Instead, he reached out and touched his lips. Then, he chuckled again and said, “I want more…”

When Nora was about to speak, the man sighed and said, “What a shame, though.”

Seeing that he wasn’t planning to go any further, Nora breathed a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, she asked, “What is?”

Justin looked at her. “It’s a shame that we’re at the Smiths’ right now. Also, your father seems a little hostile towards me, so I have to take it a little easy here. If he sees us, it will become even more difficult for me to take you as my wife.”

As Nora listened to his aggrieved voice, she retorted, “What else were you intending to do if we weren’t at the Smiths’?!”

Although she spoke stiffly and a little coquettishly, one could still hear the shyness in her voice.

Justin smiled and took a step closer. “Kiss you some more.”

Nora: “…”

The man continued. “I haven’t had enough of kissing you yet.”

“If we’re in a room where there’s no one to disturb us, and I won’t have to worry about your father seeing us, I think I can kiss you for a whole day.”


Nora’s cheeks turned even redder and she glared at him. “You’re shameless!”

Justin sighed. “I used to think that I was a serious man. Brenda even used to call me a stick-in-the-mud all the time-after all, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to her sweet-talking all day long. But now, I suddenly understand.”

“Understand what?”

Justin let out a low chuckle. “With you, I can’t help but want to act shamelessly all the time.”

Nora was close to becoming unable to listen to him any further. Right at this moment, Louis, who was humming a little tune, walked over. In order to go from the parking lot to the house, he would have to walk past them.

Nora pushed Justin and said, “Hurry up and leave!”

Justin stared at her reluctantly. “Then… I’ll come again tomorrow?”

Nora ignored him. She turned and entered the house instead.

Justin hurriedly hid behind a big tree. He waited until Louis had walked by before he stepped back out. As he touched his lips, he let out a sigh that sounded as if he hadn’t had enough yet.

Ian’s fists were already iron-hard!!

He took a deep breath. Suddenly, he turned and summoned the butler.

When the butler entered, Ian instructed, “Install lights at this area outside my window… no, install lights in every part of the villa tomorrow!”

The butler: “?”

Nora entered the living room. Before she could go upstairs, Louis had already bounced into the room with his bleached blond hair.

When he saw Nora, the young man, who was in a good mood, waved and called out, “Nora!”

Nora nodded at him.

Louis glanced at her suspiciously. “Nora, why are your lips so swollen?” Nora’s cheeks instantly turned red. However, she had always been a calm person, so she coughed and put her awkward hands in her pockets and replied coolly, “Oh, I ate something spicy just now.”

“… No wonder your face is also so red. I thought you had a fever!”

Nora: “…”

She turned in annoyance and started heading to the second floor. Louis called out, “By the way, I found out today that some of my puppies and kittens are sick. Can you take a look at them for me? No hurry, you can just come with me tomorrow!”

Had it been any other time, Nora would definitely have agreed.

However, she had become annoyed because of her embarrassment just now, so she said, “I’m not a vet!”

She went up the stairs after saying that.

Louis: “?”

He scratched his head in bewilderment. His cousin seemed angry, but it didn’t seem like it, either. Never mind, he would just take the cats and dogs to the vet the next day, instead! With that in mind, Louis was about to head upstairs, ready to go to his room to wash up and then play some games. But when he turned around, he instead saw Ian in his wheelchair looking at him quietly. There was a trace of… a satisfied and relieved smile on his face?

Louis shuddered all over.

He stood ramrod straight in fright and called out respectfully, “Hi, Uncle Ian…”

Ian smiled and said, “Have you enough money for your expenses, Louis?”

Louis subconsciously held his hand over the few dozen cards in his pocket. His eyes widened and he asked warily, “Uncle Ian, w-what’s the matter?”

Was Uncle Ian intending to confiscate his money?

After all, Joel had controlled his pocket money because Uncle Ian had started it!

However, the next moment, his Uncle Ian beckoned him over kindly and said, “Here’s $150,000. You can spend it however you want.”

Louis: “???”

He took the money in trepidation. He didn’t quite understand why Uncle Ian’s personality had suddenly changed? However, the naive Louis didn’t bother thinking about it. He had only one thought in his mind at the moment: He now had the money for his pets’ medical expenses at the vet’s tomorrow!

The New York University of Medicine.

Lisa woke up in the morning. As the one and only postgraduate student under Anti’s tutelage, the dean had given her a single dorm room, so her living conditions were very good. She got up, washed up, and went to the school cafeteria for breakfast.

As soon as she entered, she felt people looking at her and gesturing.

Lisa kept her head down and got something to eat. With her lunch box in hand, she went to an empty seat. Just as she was about to take a seat, the person next to her suddenly said, “Sorry mate, the seat’s taken.”

Lisa didn’t think much about it. She nodded and went to the other side with the lunch box.

However, she had only taken a couple of steps when the other person who was seated at the table said, “But the seat isn’t taken, is it?”

The schoolmate who had driven her away didn’t bother lowering his voice at all, as if he wanted her to hear it. He replied, “Yeah, it isn’t, but I don’t want to sit and eat at the same table as a piece of trash.”

Lisa was taken aback.

Another student immediately asked, “Who is she? Why is she a piece of trash?”

“She’s Anti’s one and only student! Just because Anti has picked up a few modern medicine skills abroad, she has forgotten her roots. Isn’t a person like her a piece of trash? How can her students be any good??” “Huh? I see, it’s Anti! She was originally my idol, but she has gone too far this time. Modern and alternative medicine have already been at loggerheads all these years. How can she so openly look down on alternative medicine?”

The group of people immediately launched into a discussion.

Lisa bit her lip. Had they been insulting her instead, she might have endured it. However, she couldn’t tolerate them insulting Nora, so she said, “The truth is not like what you people are claiming it to be!”