She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 499 - Mr. Gray, You Know Trueman Yale!

Chapter 499 - Mr. Gray, You Know Trueman Yale!

Chapter 499 Mr. Gray, You Know Trueman Yale!

“Thank you for the 15 million dollars! I’ll just take it as compensation for our little Louis!”

As soon as Nora said that, on the other end of the call, Trueman seemed to realize something. He immediately exclaimed, “Is he really not Q?”

Nora did not answer him.

Nevertheless, it seemed like Trueman had understood. He immediately cursed in a low voice, “Shit! You—”.

But before he could finish, the call was cut off!

Nora frowned.

Wasn’t Trueman the little master? Who would dare to disconnect his call when he was still speaking?

In the midst of her hesitation, Louis stood and looked at Nora cautiously. Then, he blinked and asked, “Um, Nora, those 15 million dollars… are you really giving it to me as compensation to help me get over the shock?”

This was the biggest amount of money that Louis, whose monthly living expenses had been withheld from him by Joel ever since he was a child, had ever seen in his life. He had seen a million dollars at Chester’s house before, but this was the first time he was seeing funds that amounted to more than ten million dollars!

He had counted on his cell phone just nowthere were several zeros between the sum and his savings!

Little Louis would like to express just how dumbfounded he was at suddenly becoming a millionaire like that!

Upon hearing what he said, Nora was puzzled. “You don’t want it?”

“No! No! I want it very much!” Louis immediately stuffed the bank card into his pocket and covered his pocket with both hands. The way he looked was as if he would fight to the death anyone who dared to take the bank card from him!

The corners of Nora’s lips spasmed. She simply couldn’t bear to watch him anymore.

Brenda couldn’t help but whisper to Nora, “Nora, are the Smiths about to go bankrupt?”

Look at how desperate they had forced little Louis to be!

It was just 15 million dollars, yet he was close to regarding it as his family heirloom.

Nora: “…”

She suddenly found Louis a little embarrassing.

Nevertheless, she looked at Morris.

Louis had received 15 million dollars from the battle between the special department and the mysterious organization. Although he had tricked the other party into giving it to him through his own abilities, should Morris request that he submit it, Louis would have to do so.

In the end, Morris behaved as if he hadn’t heard them at all. He turned to the bodyguards on the floor and said, “Tell me, where is your master?”

Alright, it seemed that he wasn’t going to bother doing anything about it

In that case, Nora didn’t pursue the matter about Louis any further. Instead, she turned and left.

Even after the four bodyguards were arrested, the other party hadn’t become anxious. This showed that Trueman was very sure that the four of them would not betray him.

In that case, there was probably not much use even if they interrogated them.

She decided to take Louis out of the room.

On the way out, she asked Louis, “What did Trueman say to you?” Louis’s eyes were constantly fixed on his pocket. His fingers were also still pressed against it. He was behaving even more neurotically than when he had been kidnapped. “Nora, do you think anyone will steal my money?”

Nora: “…”

Louis went on. “Or rob me? Or… Will the bank confiscate the money when they see that I received 15 million dollars for nothing? I won’t wake up tomorrow to see the money gone, right?”

Nora rubbed her temples and continued to drive her jeep. “Since you are so worried, why don’t I inform Joel about it and have him take care of the money for you?”

Her one-liner successfully made Louis sit up straight. “That won’t be necessary. I think I can manage it myself.”

“You aren’t afraid of losing it anymore?”

“No, not anymore!”

Nora could only repeat her question from just now. “What did Trueman say to you?”

Louis began to think.

The Smiths’ genes were relatively good, so everyone in the family was smart. Moreover, the incident had only just happened, so Louis remembered everything. He repeated his conversation with Trueman from beginning to end.

When she heard the part where they were talking about whether Trueman was kidnapping Louis for money or for his looks, Nora’s lip corners couldn’t help but spasm. She found their conversation absolutely meaningless.

However, right at this point, she suddenly heard Louis mention that someone had coughed in the middle of the conversation and that he had reminded the other man to go back on track. She narrowed her eyes.

Nora suddenly looked at Louis. “Someone was coughing?”

At the hotel.

Trueman was smashing things in an exasperated rage. He shouted angrily, “Just who exactly is Q?! Surely it can’t be Nora Smith, right?!” Caleb coughed twice before he sighed and replied, “Perhaps it really is her.” “That’s impossible!” Trueman yelled shrilly, “A normal person can be top-notch in a certain industry, but it is impossible for them to be top-notch in two! Unless they’ve taken our drug!”

But after he said that, he paused and asked incredulously, “You mean…”

“Cough, cough, cough…” Caleb was still coughing violently. “Don’t forget that her mother is Yvette Anderson! Also, when she fled the organization back then, she had taken the organization’s most prized possession with her.”

Trueman was stunned. However, he quickly sneered and said, “That’s true… No wonder she is not interested in the genetic modification drug anymore! It seems that I’ll have to take some other measures!”

At this moment, a cell phone suddenly rang. Trueman picked up the phone and glanced at it. “It’s yours!”

Caleb tapped the answer button, upon which Nora’s familiar voice rang out on the other end. “Hello, Mr. Gray. I wonder if we can meet?”

Caleb lowered his head. “Of course. Cough, cough, cough, cough… You can pick the place.”

Nora selected an address. When she hung up, she looked at Louis and asked, “Was that the voice you heard?” She had gone on speaker mode during the call just now!

Louis nodded and confirmed it. “Yes! I’m very sure that’s the voice!”

The coughing and the deep, mellow voice were simply too distinctive.

Nora’s jaw tensed up and she nodded.

After she sent Louis to the Smiths’ in the jeep, she said to him, “You can go in first. I will go and meet him.” Louis nodded.

Louis got out of the car obediently. When he entered the living room, he saw Justin seated on the sofa. When the latter saw him, he asked hesitantly, “Where is Nora?”

Louis’s hand was pressed against his pocket as he stared at Justin warily. The way he looked at everyone was as if he thought they would steal his money. He replied, “She went on a date!” Justin: “??”

When Nora arrived at the cafe they had agreed to meet at, Caleb was already seated. He was holding a handkerchief and coughing.

There was a glass of water in front of him.

At the sight of Nora, a gentle look appeared on his face and he said, “I’m not in good health, so I can’t drink coffee at night.”

Nora nodded and sat opposite him. “Sorry, I’ll pick a better place next time.” Caleb smiled. His gentle features were as refreshing as a spring breeze. Dressed in a gray suit, the man, who was nearly thirty, exuded a mature charm. He asked, “What can I do for you, Ms. Smith?”

Nora thought for a while and went straight to the point. “Mr. Gray, you know Trueman Yale, right?”

Caleb was taken aback.

Nora leaned forward and stared straight at him. “Can you tell me, what exactly do you people want from me??”