She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 500 - Jealous

Chapter 500 - Jealous

Chapter 500 Jealous

Seemingly because he hadn’t expected that Nora’s senses would actually be so keen that she would outright say that, Caleb was stunned. Then, he subconsciously looked around.

“Don’t worry,” Nora said, “I didn’t inform Captain Ford and the others.”

Caleb was even more surprised when he heard that. Then, he finally regained his senses and let out a wry laugh. “How much of it have you guessed?”

Nora leaned against the chair. “I don’t know why my mother especially chose to go to California after she left New York. Later, I found out that the Grays had already started making a living in California at that time. Therefore, is it correct of me to say that she went to California to propose a partnership-or rather, seek asylum-with the Grays?”

Caleb nodded. “Your mother was a brilliant person. No, the part about seeking asylum is not true. The two families could only be said to be cooperating with each other.”

Nora didn’t expect Caleb to respect her mother so much that he would actually explain.

She nodded. “After my mother passed away, it was because I had a marriage agreement with the Grays that Henry didn’t starve me to death.”

She had actually already been aware of a lot of things when she was a child.

When she was three, there was once where she was simply too hungry. When she went downstairs to look for food, she had heard what Henry said at that time. He had said, “She has a marriage agreement with the Grays after all. The Grays have also approached me several times to tell me to take care of her, so no matter what, we mustn’t let her die.”

One could say that her marriage agreement with the Grays was what had protected her during her childhood. However, Quinn had already gone to look for her at that time, so even if Henry had really been determined to starve her to death, Quinn would not have let her die anyway.

“Yeah, this was an agreement with your mother. We were to ensure that you survive until you come of age.”

Caleb didn’t hide anything. After saying this, he took out a handkerchief, held it over his mouth, and started coughing violently. The coughing fit this time seemed a little hard to quell. It wasn’t until he took a sip of water that he finally managed to suppress it.

Nora fell silent for a moment at this point of the conversation.

In the past, she didn’t have much of an impression of her mother. After all, she had already passed away when she was still a child. The only thing she had an impression of was the audio message that she had left her, and even so, the message had warned her not to be too conspicuous and to be mediocre. Otherwise, she would be in danger.

After that came the audio recording that her mother had left behind which Caleb had let her listen to the other time. It was a conversation between her and Henry when they were making the deal. What she had said at that time was, ‘everything was fine as long as she didn’t starve to death.’

Her words were obviously like those of an irresponsible mother.

But when she thought about it in this instant… Quinn, the Grays, and perhaps also some other things that she wasn’t yet aware of—they had all been arranged by her mother to protect her!

When she thought of it that way, Yvette’s image in her heart suddenly became fleshed out.

Nora calmed herself down and asked, “Was that why the Grays had firmly refused to break off the engagement even when I became pregnant by accident? Was that why they had still insisted that Anthony marry me?” Caleb nodded. “Yes. We had already promised your mother, so we couldn’t breach the agreement just because of that.”

Nora frowned.

She then asked, “Then how did I get


When Caleb heard this, he sighed. “I really don’t know about that. Your pregnancy was something that I totally hadn’t expected. Otherwise, Anthony would never dare to go against my orders and abandon the marriage agreement, resulting in the current awkward situation.”

Nora was a little taken aback. “So, the agreement between my mother and the Grays was that I would marry into the Grays… And then she will give you something after that?”

Caleb nodded.

Nora finally got it. “No wonder Anthony only asked for the company that my mother had left behind after he broke off our engagement. But I’ve already checked the company—there’s nothing in there! I’ve also asked some of the old-timers there. None of them know anything about what my mother may have left behind. So, what exactly are you guys after?”

Caleb was a little surprised to hear this. “She didn’t leave anything behind?”

Nora nodded. “Or at least, I haven’t found anything even as of now.”

This was a fair conversation. Since Caleb had told her about the past, Nora should also be truthful with him.

Caleb frowned. Then, he heaved a huge sigh. “I’m afraid he’s not going to believe it.”

“Trueman?” asked Nora.


Nora then asked aggressively, “What on earth does he want?”

After hesitating for a while, Caleb shook his head. “I don’t know what it is, either. All I know is that it is very important.”

Nora frowned.

What was it that was so important to Caleb and the mysterious organization?

She looked at Caleb hesitantly. Suddenly, she thought of something. “Mom said that if I shine too brightly, I will attract lethal danger to myself. She must be talking about the mysterious organization, right? Was it because of you that they didn’t discover me during all those years I was in California?” Caleb nodded. “Yes, but from the moment that you returned to New York, the mysterious organization has discovered your existence. My protection of over twenty years has all become meaningless.” Nora was taken aback. “Why did you hide my identity for me?”

Caleb was a member of the mysterious organization. If the members of the mysterious organization were looking for her, then why was Caleb helping to hide her?

Caleb’s jaw tensed up when he heard this. He suddenly said, “Because… I promised your mother. Besides, I actually don’t agree with some of the mysterious organization’s practices. Cough, cough, cough, cough…”

He started coughing again at this point.

Nora looked at him.

After the coughing fit, Caleb finally said, “Sorry.”

His brows were locked in a deep frown as if he was suppressing something. “I don’t actually know much. I am just an outsider in the mysterious organization.”

An outsider… Yet he could speak directly with Trueman?

Since Trueman was known as the little master, he must have a high status within the mysterious organization!

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In spite of that, for some reason, Nora felt that Caleb’s words were very trustworthy. She nodded and said, “Okay, I believe you.”

She stood up. “I have one last question for


Caleb nodded. “Go ahead.”

Nora asked, “My mother… Is she a good person or a bad one?”

Caleb was taken aback for a moment.

A mysterious organization that conducted human experiments was undoubtedly not anything good, yet Nora’s mother had been involved with them the whole time.

Later, she was even pursued by the mysterious organization…

Something must have happened.

After a long silence, Caleb finally sighed and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know. When your mother left the organization, I was still very young.’

Still very young… yet he could make a deal with her mother?

Now that she thought about it, Caleb must have been only four or five years old when her mother gave birth to her, right?

Nora became hesitant. She was about to ask something when Caleb suddenly asked, “If… and I mean if… If your fiancé back then had been me, would our relationship be different now?”

Nora was taken aback at his words.

She didn’t see that the cafe’s doors had opened and that Justin was already striding toward them.