She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 498 - Exposing Her Own Identity!

Chapter 498 - Exposing Her Own Identity!

Chapter 498 Exposing Her Own Identity!

Nora followed the kidnappers all the way to an inconspicuous little house.

Surrounded by weeds, the place looked like a small community due to being demolished, except that the new houses hadn’t yet been built. Small houses of varying heights filled the place, making it very suitable for people who might have to flee or move about.

Therefore, Nora didn’t rush in immediately when she arrived.

Firstly, she was concerned that there might be an ambush inside.

Secondly, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to keep so many of them under control, which might allow Trueman to escape. Thus, she waited for a couple of minutes until Morris and Brenda arrived with the men from the special department. Only then did they rush in together.

Morris was dressed in a black windbreaker as usual, and he looked smart and dashing.

What surprised Nora was that Brenda was also wearing a black windbreaker, making her fair skin and black clothes form a sharp contrast. Coupled with the woman’s good looks, she looked exceptionally like eye candy.

Seemingly having sensed Nora’s gaze, Brenda raised her eyebrows and blew her a kiss in a dashing manner. She smiled and said, “Don’t be scared, Nora. Just stay behind me when we rush in later. I will protect you!”

“…Oh, okay,” Nora said.

Morris gestured behind him, upon which someone immediately came forward. One of the men pushed open the door gently and threw a smoke bomb into the room. Then, Morris kicked the door open with a loud bam and rushed in like the wind!

Brenda wanted to protect her sister-in-law, but when she turned her head, she instead saw Nora following closely after Morris and rushing into the room.

She got a huge shock at once. When she hurriedly followed them in, she found that Morris had already subdued one of the bodyguards while another bodyguard was attacking Nora!

Ever since her big fight with Abigail the other time, it had been very long since Nora last had a good workout. She was about to punch the man when something suddenly flashed across her vision. Brenda appeared in front of her and swiftly took down the big muscular man in front of her.

Then, she quickly kicked another man. They didn’t even need anyone else to do anything. She and Morris took out the four bodyguards two-to-one by themselves.

The smoke from the smoke bomb gradually dispersed. The others from the special department surrounded the place to prevent anyone from escaping. Nora quickly walked over to Louis. After making sure he was okay, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Louis, however, was dumbfounded. “Who are you?”

“It’s me.”

Nora took off the bag covering Louis’s head as she spoke. Upon regaining his sight, Louis’s eyes immediately reddened and tears fell from his eyes.

Thinking that he was badly frightened, Nora pressed her lips together at the sight. To be honest, this was indeed her fault.

After she sent the mail to Trueman as Q, she’d originally thought that he would text her and demand an explanation. However, the other party had instead gone silent.

After thinking about it for a while, when Louis went out, she suddenly realized that Trueman might have misunderstood something.

She had then immediately contacted Morris. She also went after Louis, but before she could catch up to him, he had been kidnapped.

As a result, she hadn’t been able to talk to him about this in advance.

At the bottom of it all, she was the one who had implicated Louis.

Nora was about to comfort him when Louis asked, “Why couldn’t you have come a little later instead?”

This way, he would have received the 15 million dollars!

Nora: “??”

After Louis said that, he turned to where Trueman had been speaking just now.

When Nora followed his gaze and looked over, she spotted a monitor and a surveillance camera. They had likely been in the midst of a video call just now. The other party’s screen had blacked out by now, so Nora couldn’t see the other party’s appearance. However, the audio was obviously still connected.

Nora hesitated for a moment and slowly said, “Trueman?”

Trueman’s voice was a man’s, and it sounded a little shrill. “Heh! So it really is you! Did you think I would put myself in such a dangerous situation?”

Nora also sneered, “Of course, I didn’t think that I would catch you all at once, either. But getting rid of a few of your subordinates and making you lose four bodyguards also sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?”

Her words angered Trueman. “Shit!”

It was only when she heard his response that she truly became sure that he was indeed Trueman.

But after that, she heard Trueman laugh. “However, you only managed to capture four of my bodyguards despite using Q as bait, whereas I have reached a consensus with Q during this period of time!” Nora: “?”

A little surprised, she subconsciously asked, “What consensus?”

“Heh,” Trueman said, “I have reached an agreement with Q just now. I’m buying him out with 75 million dollars to provide me service. Also, I have paid him a 15 million dollar deposit just now. After that, I will have him hack the Smith Corporation at an appropriate time!”

Nora: “??!”

She was stunned. “What?”

Trueman became even smugger. “Yes, that’s the deal between the two of us! I’ve already transferred a 15 million dollar deposit to his bank account. Q, once you succeed, I will transfer the remaining 60 million dollars to you! I hope you won’t let me down! Haha-“

Nora looked at Louis.

Louis had been freed by then. When he heard what Trueman said, he took out his cell phone at once, upon which he saw the notification from the bank informing him that he had received a fund transfer of 15 million dollars in his bank account.

Even Louis himself was dumbfounded. “He really transferred it to me?”

After speaking, he suddenly realized something. He swallowed and hurriedly looked at Nora. “Nora, I was just joking with him… and stalling for time!”

His words made Trueman laugh even harder. “Not bad, Q! By answering them that way, you should be able to win the Smith Corporation’s trust and recognition!”

Then, he looked at Nora and said, “It is true that he was just stalling for time, but can you guarantee that he hasn’t become partial towards me? Hahaha- He has already told me all about his hardships just now!”

A puzzled Nora repeated, “His hardships?”

“That’s right!” Trueman said, “The Smith Corporation has groomed such an excellent hacker, but Q has never accepted any external gigs all these years, so he doesn’t have any income! On top of that, the Smith Corporation only gives him a monthly salary of $15,000! To think you people are oppressing and letting a top-class hacker like him go to such waste! I’m sure Q must already be full of resentment towards you!” Nora looked at Louis. “Resentment?”

Louis hurriedly waved. “No, I promise I don’t harbor any resentment towards Joel at all!”

Trueman, however, laughed. “Uh-huh, no resentment at all! But Nora, would the Smith Corporation still dare to use Q, who has already taken a 15-million-dollar deposit from me? Can you really rest assured knowing that? And Q, what about you? Are you willing to live knowing that other people will forever be suspicious of you?”

His way of driving a wedge between the two of them…

Had Louis really been Q, Trueman would really have succeeded.

But unfortunately…

Nora suddenly smiled. “Who told you that Louis is Q?”

Trueman was stunned to hear that. “What do you mean?”

Nora looked at the camera and slowly curled her lips into a smile. “It means that…”