She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 497 - Trueman Yale!

Chapter 497 - Trueman Yale!

Chapter 497 Trueman Yale!

“Mm! Mmm…”

Louis, whose head had been covered with a black bag and his mouth gagged, was brought into a room by four men.

His eyes widened in horror. He wanted to speak, but he couldn’t say anything. All he could do was emit muffled cries. The four bodyguards on either side of him were steady on their feet. It was obvious at a glance that they were trained in martial arts.

There was also another man holding his weak and thin arm. It was as if he could twist and break it with just a bit of force!

Louis was terrified. It wasn’t until he was forced to sit and securely bound with ropes that the other party finally took out from his mouth whatever they were using to gag him.

Louis gasped for breath.

The four strong and muscular bodyguards looked at him. The thin man was such a coward. He had been shaking the whole time on the way here after they kidnapped him.

His behavior made them look down on him.

They’d originally thought that he would immediately beg for mercy after they ungagged him. Given how the little master hated such people the most, they reckoned that he would probably order them to kill him straight away!

But in the end…

The terrified Louis was still shaking in his boots, but he instead said, “Um, can you guys loosen the ropes a little? It’s cutting into that place of mine!”

The bodyguards: “??”

Louis wanted to shift, but the ropes were simply too tight, rendering him unable to move.

The kidnappers on either side of him didn’t look like they intended to untie him. From the looks of it, they weren’t going to help him. Sigh, how uncomfortable.

But shortly after, he heard a slightly shrill voice say, “Loosen the ropes a little. Don’t injure him.”

Louis was overjoyed. While the bodyguards were loosening his ropes, he smiled in the direction of the voice and said, “Thanks a lot! I didn’t expect kidnappers to be this kind these days. Everyone understands the rules of the industry, right? Family members should not be implicated! Although I don’t have a wife yet, you can’t put my future son at risk, either, right?!”

After he finished speaking, the room fell silent again for a moment. As he had been blindfolded, Louis couldn’t see what the person talking to him looked like. He tilted his head and thought about it, but in the end, he could only break the silence again. He asked, “The good men here, what are you kidnapping me for? Let me put it out there first

– I don’t have any money! I am the poorest among all the Smiths!”

His words made Trueman choke on his breath. Then, he snorted and said, “It’s impossible that Q would be poor. Doesn’t the Smith Corporation pay you any wages?”


Why were they talking about Q again?! Louis was speechless. “I’m not Q!”

Trueman sneered, “Drop the act, I have already looked into you a long time ago!”

Besides, he had been trembling when he was brought into the room by the kidnappers just now, yet he had suddenly stopped shaking. Additionally, the first thing he had said was to loosen the ropes around him. It was evident that the fear he’d displayed just now was all fake! The guy had great mental resilience!

Louis: “?”

He looked tentatively in the direction of the voice. “Uh, who are you? Even if I am Q, what do you want with me? Are you enemies with


Trueman said slowly, “I wouldn’t say there’s a feud between the two of us.”

“Then that means you’re after my money and my good looks?”

Louis cowered. “Surely my looks aren’t worth kidnapping me for, right? Besides, judging from your voice, you’re probably a man. I’m also a man… Oh my god, surely you don’t have some kind of fetish, do you?”

Trueman: “!!”

Trueman was seriously ticked off by Louis. They also started digressing. “Even if I’m into men, I won’t be interested in someone like you!”

Upon hearing this, Louis became indignant. “What’s wrong with me? Which part of me is bad-looking?”

Trueman: “??!”

He replied disdainfully, “Your dirty blond hair is enough to turn me off!”

“F*ck you, I’m on the one on top, okay?!”

“Shit! I’m the one on top too!”

Seeing that the two weirdos were digressing further and further, Louis suddenly heard a violent cough. “That’s enough. Let’s talk business.”

As soon as the voice rang out, Trueman came back to the matter at hand. “You made me digress from what I wanted to talk about! I don’t like men! Don’t think too much about it!”

Louis said, “… Then that means you’re after money? Gosh, don’t you know that I am the poorest son in the family? I only get $15,000 a month! I literally use up all my money by the end of the month! I have $4,508.51 on me right now. If you want, I’ll just give it to you. Why bother going so far and even damaging my car? You have to pay for my car repair costs!”

Trueman retorted, “Who would want that bit of money from you?!”

Louis said, “Then why kidnap me if you’re not interested in it? Are you planning to demand ransom from Joel? Sigh!”

With tears abound in his eyes, Louis said, “I am the most unpopular person among the Smiths. Everyone at home treats me as if I don’t exist! If you ask Joel for $15,000, he may still give it to you. But if you ask for more, he would probably abandon me. Sob…”

Trueman grinned as he listened to Louis. “You’re so pitiful, hahaha-“.

Louis got mad. “What are you laughing at if you think I’m pitiful? Don’t you have any sympathy for others?” “Sympathy? What’s that? Nope, I don’t.” Trueman started chatting with him again.

This time, the coughing person didn’t even need to say anything. Louis straight-up reminded him and said, “C’mon, talk. What the hell did you kidnap me for?!” Trueman replied, “Heh, of course, it’s because you helped the Smiths! Your identity as Q means that there are irreconcilable differences between the two of us! But if you agree to join us and betray the Smiths, I can pay you a lot!”

Louis was a little startled when he heard the first half of his words. He was about to explain that he really wasn’t Q when he heard the part about remuneration at the end. His blindfolded eyes lit up at once!

Remuneration meant money, which was what he lacked the most at the moment!

Louis coughed. “How much can you give me?”

Seeing that he was betraying the Smiths so easily, Trueman sneered, “The Smiths are simply too much. They refuse to pay you much, yet they still want you to work for them. But our organization is different. We definitely cherish top-class hackers like you! Name your price!”

Name his price?

Louis said cautiously, “Seventy-five…”

Before he could finish the rest of the “seventy-five thousand dollars” he was about to say, Trueman interrupted him. “75 million dollars to stop you from ever working for the Smiths again? No problem!”

Louis: “!!!”

He was dumbfounded. In fact, he was even somewhat in disbelief. “Really?”

He was offering him so much?! Trueman said, “Truer than even my name itself!”

Louis swallowed. “I don’t believe you will give me that much money!”

Trueman immediately said, “I can give you a deposit!”

After speaking, he looked to the side and said, “Transfer 15 million dollars to his bank account!”

“Yes, sir.”

Trueman rested his chin on his hand and said, “This way, you won’t be able to explain yourself to the Smiths anymore. Heh, you can call this a way of sowing discord between you


Louis: “…”

While the few of them were spacing out, faint footsteps suddenly rang out outside the door. Then, with a loud bang, someone opened the door!