She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 493 - The Misguided Nora Smith??

Chapter 493 - The Misguided Nora Smith??

Chapter 493 The Misguided Nora Smith??

A servant soon opened the door. Jon said, “I’m here to see Dr. Zabe.”

When the servant heard this, he said, “Please wait a minute. He is currently with a guest.”

A guest… Jon was a little surprised.

Silvester rarely agreed to visitors, and this had been the case for many years. He rejected the visitation requests from most of the people who wanted to learn from him.

After all, he was in poor health. It was also said that he had mild problems with his memory now.

Apart from the few old-timers like him who at least had some status in the field of alternative medicine, there was almost no one else who could meet with Silvester.

However, there was an alternative medicine conference taking place that day, so the old-timers were all there at the moment. Who would visit Silvester at this time?

While thinking about it, Jon asked, “Who is it?”

The servant smiled and said nothing. Jon immediately knew that he had crossed the line. He smiled and said, “Please let him know that I’m here. I will wait here.”


When the servant entered Silvester’s room, Silvester’s son just so happened to be seeing Nora out. “This way, Nora.”

Nora said, “You should also pay more attention to your health too, Mr. Zabe.”

Silvester’s son had also learned medical skills from Silvester. Therefore, even though there was a very big age gap between the two of them, Nora was actually his junior. Silvester’s son laughed and said, “Sigh, that’s the way it is once you become old. I do want my old man to live a few more years, though! This way, I can take care of him for a few more years!”

Nora heaved a silent sigh inwardly when she heard this.

When she was a child, she always heard Silvester scolding his son and calling him mediocre, because he was unhappy that he couldn’t inherit his skills in alternative medicine.

During those times, her senior would always just smile naively.

But now… Silvester was already over ninety years old, yet his son, who was in his sixties, was still by his side. Wasn’t that also bliss in some way? Some people had a lot of children, all of whom were talented, yet some went overseas and some traveled far away from home. Few stayed by their side.

Nora subconsciously thought of Pete and Cherry… Well, given how smart the two of them were, they definitely wouldn’t be clingy in the future.

Once she got on in age, the two of them likely wouldn’t keep showing up in front of her. This way, she wouldn’t become annoyed seeing them all the time, either. The only person whom she would see all the time would probably just be Jus…

No, wait!

What was she thinking? They weren’t even married yet, so why was she saving a place for him in her retirement plan?

Nora shook her head and stepped out while sighing emotionally. The moment she did, she spotted Jon at the door!

The moment the two of them made eye contact, Jon became dumbfounded.

He looked at Nora in surprise, and then at Silvester’s son in confusion. An astounded look formed on his face, but he quickly suppressed it.

Nora, however, ignored him and nodded at Silvester’s son. “I’m leaving. You don’t have to see me off any further.” Since they had a guest, he definitely wouldn’t be able to see her off anymore.

She wasn’t an outsider anyway.

Silvester’s son smiled and said, “Alright, go ahead!”

Nora walked straight past Jon and left.

Even after the door was closed, Jon still hadn’t recovered.

What was Nora doing at the Zabes?

Silvester’s son was already speaking politely to Jon. He asked, “Are you here to see my father?”

Jon nodded. Unable to suppress his curiosity, he asked, “That’s Nora Smith, right? I heard that she is Anti, the surgeon.”

Silvester’s son nodded. “Seems like it. What’s the matter?”

Jon followed behind Silvester’s son, and the two headed to the garden where Silvester was. Jon went along with the flow and asked, “What was she doing here?”

Silvester’s son paused for a moment and thought of how Nora didn’t want anyone to reveal her identity-after all, once exposed, she would definitely become very busy. Thus, he answered, “Oh, she came to borrow a few books.”

She came to borrow a few books?

Jon narrowed his eyes. The way he saw it, she probably came to explain herself to Silvester, right?


It seemed that she had panicked. After all, publicly making a statement that alternative medicine was inferior to modern medicine was indeed behavior that would attract a lot of hatred. Although they had managed to keep outsiders in check with the Andersons’ Carefree Pills, should Silvester decide to do something, the Carefree Pills’ formula would be everywhere!

Once that happened, what else could the Andersons produce?!

The Andersons were surprisingly smart about this, though, and knew that they should seek asylum from Silvester at once! It was just a shame that Silvester absolutely hated people that despised alternative medicine the most.

In his youth, he had once been suspected of being a fraud and once had a showdown with a modern medicine practitioner. Moreover, as the chairman of the Alternative Medicine Association in the country, his existence itself was what gave the alternative medicine community confidence!

At this point in Jon’s thoughts, he had already reached the garden. When he saw Silvester sitting there and basking in the sun, he stepped forward and said, “Mr. Zabe, how are you doing these days?”

When Silvester saw out of the corner of his eye that it was Jon, he continued to hold the book but retracted his gaze. With his murky voice, he asked, “What are you doing here?”

Silvester had always disliked Jon.

This was something that everyone in the industry knew. Unfortunately, Jon’s medical skills were the next best after Silvester in the next generation of alternative medicine practitioners. Thus, after Silvester stopped bothering himself with the alternative medicine field’s affairs, Jon had taken over as the leader of the alternative medicine field for a period of time.

When Nora first arrived in New York, Jon’s position in the world of alternative medicine had been impregnable!

Jon sat opposite Silvester and said, “Mr. Zabe, I am really at my wits’ end now. That’s why I’m coming to you for help!”

Silvester glanced at him, his aged eyes full of disdain. “What can I help you with? Mr. Myers flatters me so!”

Jon was so scared that he hastily got up. “I’m not worthy of such politeness from you!” Knowing that the man did not like him making polite small talk, Jon went straight to the point. “I’m here today because there’s a young modern medicine practitioner who is showing blatant disregard for alternative medicine just because she can use her scalpels well. She has publicly declared that alternative medicine is inferior to modern medicine!”


Silvester threw the book in his hand onto the table and sneered, “Are there still people with such misguided beliefs in New York?”

Jon was delighted at his reaction. “Yes, that’s right!”

Silvester sneered, “Aren’t the few of you going to teach that young woman a lesson?”

Jon hurriedly lowered his head and said respectfully, “I want to, but unfortunately, her family is big and powerful, so Lincoln and the others don’t dare to confront her at all. I said a few words at the conference just now, but was immediately rebutted and told not to hold it against a young woman! Is this about that, though, Mr. Zabe? It’s obviously a matter of one’s attitude!”

Silvester snorted coldly. “Which family is it? Are they that powerful?”

Jon hurriedly said, “It’s all because the Harmonia Pharmacy’s Carefree Pills are simply selling too well. All everyone can see is money, so no one dares to stand up even for something like this anymore! No matter what, a young person who has said the wrong thing should be chastised a little!”

The Andersons?

Harmonia Pharmacy? Silvester was taken aback. “Who are you talking about?”

Jon replied, “It’s the person who visited you just now, Nora Smith.”