She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 492 - There Will Always Be A Way!

Chapter 492 - There Will Always Be A Way!

Chapter 492 There Will Always Be A Way!

Upon hearing this, Elaine hesitated for a moment. “But that person is so mysterious, and I’ve also heard that they don’t really bother themselves much with miscellaneous affairs. Also, no one knows where they are. Will they help us?”

Jon, however, smiled mysteriously at her. “Do you know what Yvonne Smith gave the elderly Mrs. Hunt some time back during her birthday party?”

Elaine answered hesitantly, “The Zabe Corporation’s Calming Pill…”

At this point, Elaine suddenly understood something. “You mean that person has been in New York all this time?”

Jon nodded. “Moreover, even though Dr. Zabe has been ill for so long, he has been in good spirits all this time, so someone must have treated his illness for him. Who else can that person be, aside from his disciple?”

Silvester was obviously dying because of old age.

He was already over ninety, yet despite his bodily functions failing, he was still in good spirits and as weird as ever. Everyone had been speculating in private that it must be his capable disciple who had treated his illness!

Upon hearing what Jon said, Elaine nodded immediately. “You’re right! If they come forward, Nora Smith’s reputation in New York will be ruined!”

Even if she was a modern medicine practitioner, and even if she had the Hunts and the Smiths backing her up, in the field of medicine, she would still become a joke who had the audacity to challenge alternative medicine!

Jon nodded. Then, he looked around once more before he leaned toward Elaine and said, “I’ll leave for now. I’m heading to the Zabes’ to take a look!”

Elaine nodded excitedly.

Nora, who was unaware that someone was plotting against her, was currently driving to the Zabes’.

On the way there, she bought some fruits for Silvester.

When she arrived at the Zabes’, Silvester’s son treated her exceptionally kindly. After all, she had helped him to earn a lot of money from Yvonne the other time!

Silvester’s son led her into the house earnestly, whereupon they saw Silvester seated in the garden and basking in the sun.

Silvester was getting advanced in age. He had numerous wrinkles on his aged visage, and he could no longer walk.

Despite that, he was entirely unconcerned and continued to read his book.

Nora sat down in front of him and greeted him. “Master.”

Silvester glanced at her. “Didn’t I tell you not to come over if there’s nothing important? Why are you here again?!”

Nora thought for a moment and then asked, “I wanted to ask you if there is any way to regenerate a person’s broken bones?”

Regenerating a person’s broken bones… This concept, which seemed to only exist in martial arts novels, was also a legend in reality.

Silvester slowly put down the book and closed his murky eyes.

Nora didn’t speak anymore. She knew that her teacher was musing over her question.

Her introduction to alternative medicine when she was a child, as well as her subsequently becoming Silvester’s disciple was, in fact, thanks to Quinn. He had introduced her to Silvester after seeing her talent in alternative medicine.

Silvester and she often discussed alternative medicine over the phone… To be honest, this actually wasn’t a good way for someone to learn or teach, but Nora was someone who could immediately understand a topic with just a bit of guidance, so she had ended up studying under Silvester’s tutelage like that.

Nora had long been accustomed to such behavior from Silvester, so she stayed quiet and waited for him.

A short while later, Silvester opened his eyes and said, “A bone adhesion balm actually used to exist. If you use it with traditional massage techniques and acupuncture, there may be a chance that it’ll work. However, the bone adhesion balm’s formula doesn’t exist anymore, so you can only create it yourself. Also, the balm exists only in legends, I have never seen it before.”

Nora nodded when she heard this.

Silvester called his son over and told him to show Nora the books with mentions of the bone adhesion balm. He said, “I have taught you everything that I know. This is something that I don’t know, either, so you’ll have to research it yourself! Alternative medicine is extensive and profound. Even after spending my entire life studying it, I have but only scratched its surface. As long as you persist, there will always be a way!”

Nora was full of respect for him.

She stood and took the books respectfully. She wanted to say something, but Silvester instead picked up his own book and continued reading. “You can leave if there’s nothing else. Don’t bother me all the time!”

“… Yes, sir.”

Silvester’s son was already in his sixties and was rather advanced in age. When he heard what Silvester said, he personally saw Nora out.

At the same time.

At the gates to the Zabe residence, the sound of a car pulling over suddenly rang out.

Jon’s car came to a stop. He opened the car door and walked to the gate. After straightening his clothes, he knocked on the door.