She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 494 - Jon Gets Slapped In The Face

Chapter 494 - Jon Gets Slapped In The Face

Chapter 494 Jon Gets Slapped In The Face


As though he was stunned, and also as though he had not heard Jon clearly, Silvester’s voice rose instantly. Jon hurriedly explained cautiously, “She’s the daughter that the Smiths have just acknowledged. Her name is Nora Smith. I heard that she is also Justin Hunt’s fiancée… Oh, she also has another important identity, Anti the internationally-known surgeon. She is greatly admired as Anti. I reckon the young woman has gotten too full of herself after being praised a little, so she thinks she’s now invincible in the medical field.”

Jon glanced at Silvester cautiously at this point.

He was actually a little unsure about this.

Given how Yvonne had been able to buy the Zabe Corporation’s Calming Pill from Silvester, this showed that Silvester was actually in contact with the Smiths.

In particular, when Nora came to borrow the books just now, she had actually succeeded in doing so…

This showed that Silvester was also unwilling to offend the Smiths and the Hunts, right?

With that in mind, he coughed and said, “Mr. Zabe, after giving it some thought… Given her status, it isn’t a good idea to offend herespecially when she has the Smiths and the Hunts backing her up-but considering the positions we hold in the circle, there are certain things that we must do! We cannot chicken out and disregard our beliefs just because of her status. So, I was wondering, how about you lead the way and we go over to teach her a lesson?”

Silvester frowned and looked at him with a complicated look on his face. “Did you just say that Nora Smith said that alternative medicine is inferior to modern medicine?”

Jon nodded hurriedly. “Yes, she said so in front of all the nurses in the hospital. Elaine Miller heard it. She’s the one who told us the story because she says that she couldn’t stand it anymore. All the other nurses have been bribed by the Hunts and the Smiths, so none of them dare to make any mention of this.”

That was what Elaine had said.

As for whether or not they had really bribed the nurses, Jon didn’t care at all!

He just wanted to ruin Nora!

Unexpectedly, when he said that, Silvester suddenly scoffed and said, “That’s impossible.”

Jon was taken aback. “Why wouldn’t it be possible, Mr. Zabe? News of what she did has already spread. Despite the terrible impact the incident has caused, she still blatantly came here to visit you. Surely she wasn’t here to give you a warning, was she?”

He had deliberately chosen the word “warning”. Given Silvester’s status, doing something like that would be too much.

However, Silvester was not sent into a rage at all. Instead, he looked straight at Jon and said, “Jon, I’m already over ninety years old. These tricks of yours are too childish in my eyes.”

Jon: “…”

Silvester shook his head and said, “Originally, I was planning to recommend you to take over my position as chairman of the Alternative Medicine Association. After all, that lazy disciple of mine doesn’t like to bother with such things. Although I don’t like you, you are scheming enough and you also have the means. In addition, your attitude toward alternative medicine is still considered somewhat pure… But I didn’t expect that now that you’ve gotten on in age, you have instead lost the ability to see through things properly. Forget it, I’d better choose someone else for the position!”

He pointed straight at the door and said, “Goodbye!”

His firm and determined tone made Jon stunned and frozen in place!

He couldn’t even understand what was going on. “Dr. Zabe, what I said is true. How can you not believe me? She is full of hostility towards alternative medicine!”

“Hah, even if you claim that everyone in the world is full of hostility towards alternative medicine and despises alternative medicine, there’s no way she would do that!”

Silvester sounded very sure, which made Jon even more bewildered. “Are you that partial towards her? Why? Did the Smiths or the Hunts give you some kind of benefit? Dr. Zabe! What are you afraid of when you’re already so old? How can you give in to the allure of such worldly possessions?!” Silvester became even more speechless when he heard this.

He gave his son a look, upon which his son immediately summoned the butler over and sent Jon out at once.

Jon was ruthlessly driven out of the Zabes!

When the door slammed shut, Jon was still standing there, unable to react.

Why was Silvester so sure that Nora would never say those things?

Nora was Anti. As an internationally renowned surgeon, wasn’t it logical and reasonable that she would look down on alternative medicine?

Nora must have given him enough money just now!

This was unacceptable! To think even Silvester had been bribed.

Were the alternative medicine practitioners of the States… really doomed for a downfall?!

Nora wasn’t aware of the events at the Zabes’. She had already returned home. With the stack of books in her arms, she went upstairs and entered the study.

After sitting down, she began to read and immersed herself in research.

She wanted to cure Quentin.

It wasn’t until a hand pulled away the book in front of her that she finally stopped. Nora frowned with displeasure, turned her head, and rebuked, “Cherry?”

Cherry was usually the only one who would be up to mischief while she was reading.

Unexpectedly, when she turned her head, she instead saw Cherry and Pete seated on the sofa beside her and looking at her worriedly.

The person who had taken her book was actually… Justin?

Nora’s frown instantly deepened.

As soon as this expression of hers formed, Cherry immediately whispered to Pete, “I think Daddy is finished, Pete!”

“… Why is he finished?” asked Pete.

Cherry continued to whisper, “Mommy’s about to explode! She will definitely smack Daddy’s bottom!”

Pete: “…”

Nora: “…”

She touched her head awkwardly. Then, she looked at Justin… only to see that the man’s chiseled face actually looked kinda… expectant?

Uh… Her eyes must be playing tricks on her.

She rubbed her temples and asked, “What time is it?”

Justin: “It’s seven o’clock. You have to eat something and then wash up. It’s time for bed.”

Nora: “…”

She coughed. “It’s too early.”

Justin said, “You usually go to bed at this time. You can continue reading when you wake up tomorrow!”

Nora, however, tried to grab the book from him. “I don’t have any appetite. Let me read for a couple more hours.”

But as soon as she stretched out her hand, the nimble man took a step back, Nora did not manage to grab the book.

Justin raised his eyebrows and looked at her. “Go and eat.”

Nora got up. Just as Cherry was worried that Mommy would give Daddy a huge thrashing, she instead unexpectedly saw Nora turn around and head downstairs. She was actually… obediently getting something to eat?


Had Mommy changed?

When she got downstairs, Nora found that dinner that evening was pasta.

After she sat down, she took out her cell phone. When she turned it on, she found that several people had sent her messages.

One was a text message from the little psycho: “My little servant, are you ready for my challenge? I’m going to hire Q at a high cost. Do you think I will succeed?”

A gleam of light flashed in Nora’s eyes as she took a bite of pasta. She replied: ‘No.’ The little psycho: “Hehe, let’s have a competition, then!” Nora slowly typed: ‘Why should I compete with you?’

Sure enough, the little psycho fell for it. He wrote: “Then let’s make a bet. If I can get Q on my side, then you are to become my little servant. If not, then I will answer one of your questions in return.”

A question!

Nora’s lips curled upwards. That was exactly what she wanted!