She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 491 - Slapping The Hypocrite In The Face!

Chapter 491 - Slapping The Hypocrite In The Face!

Chapter 491 Slapping The Hypocrite In The Face!

Nora: “?”

She drove the car steadily and comforted him. “It’s okay.”

Seeing that she seemed unaffected, Simon sighed. “I know you are not afraid of them, but Nora, it’s just that… there are many families with long histories of practicing alternative medicine in New York. Alternative medicine has also been developing particularly well in the pharmaceutical industry. If you offend the alternative medicine practitioners in New York, you won’t have an easy time in the future. So, I’m wondering if you want to look for an opportunity to clear things up.”

Simon was sure that Nora could not have said such things. After all, the Andersons themselves came from a background of alternative medicine.

Nora nodded. “Okay, I will clarify things if I find the opportunity.”

Simon nodded. “Okay. Take care of yourself. I saw Jon and Elaine speaking to each other just now. They’re likely targeting you.”

“… Where are you?” asked Nora.

“Oh, at a conference. Alright, I’m hanging up.”

Simon hung up. Next to him, Melissa said, “Actually, I don’t really think there’s a need for you to warn her about that.”

Simon shook his head. “Although Nora does not rely on her medical skills to support herself, and that with the Smiths and the Hunts, no one in the medical field will dare to do anything to her; her identity as Anti is clear for all to see. No matter what, it’s not a good idea to offend people of the alternative medicine circle. Why are there simply so many people who insist on targeting Nora?”

Melissa sighed. “She is too dazzling. All the inconspicuous little black bugs love circling around shiny things.”

Simon choked. He couldn’t help but laugh. “What harsh words, dear.”

Melissa straightened her back, the classy dress she had on wrapped around her graceful figure. She smiled and said, “It’s true, after all…”

When she wanted to speak again, Elaine walked over and said somewhat respectfully, “Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Anderson… I know I shouldn’t be coming over and disturbing the two of you so presumptuously, but I have something I think I should still say.” Simon looked at her. Now that the Andersons had established a firm foothold in New York with the Carefree Pills, there was no longer anyone willing to offend them at alternative medicine conferences like this.

As for Jon, because of his son’s death, he had hated Nora to the core all this time and went around smearing her reputation whenever he found an opportunity to. However, everyone else was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to get Carefree Pills anymore if they offended the Andersons, so Jon hadn’t managed to gain any momentum for the time being.

Regardless, because of what Jon had said, they more or less still secretly looked unfavorably upon Nora.

Simon knew that Elaine must be up to no good, so he glanced at Melissa and stepped aside.

Melissa slowly lowered her gaze and smiled. “What would Ms. Miller like to say? If it’s about business, then we should talk in private. As for other things, I don’t think there’s anything that Ms. Miller and I can talk to each other about?”

Seeing how that she was refusing to show any consideration for her feelings, Elaine stepped in front of her. “Mrs. Anderson, I decided to speak with you because I simply cannot stand how arrogant Nora is anymore, so I thought of giving her a kind reminder. She may have studied modern medicine and is now the world-famous Anti, but does she think she can look down on alternative medicine just because of that? Alternative medicine has been passed down from ancient times and has even spread abroad now. How can one of our own disparage it so casually?” Melissa: “…”

Her expression darkened at once. “Ms. Miller, you don’t have to go back and forth in front of me hiding behind the kind pretense. I am almost fifty this year while you are about the same age as my daughter. There’s no way you can keep your sneaky little thoughts from me! If you really had kind intentions, then you won’t choose to embarrass me like this in public! Neither is there a need for you to create for yourself the image of a just and morally upright person who cannot bring herself to continue watching this. We all know very well what is going on here. Even though there are some conflicts between you and Nora, there is no need for you to raise the issue to a higher plane of moral principles! Besides…”

Melissa looked straight at the people watching the show. “Not only has Nora never once looked down on alternative medicine, but she also has a very deep understanding of alternative medicine. After all, her mother was a leading figure in the world of alternative medicine back then! She found the Carefree Pill formula in the manuscripts that her mother left behind. Part of the credit for the Carefree Pills that all of you have at home right now goes to none other than Nora!”

Her words easily crushed Elaine’s pretenses and astounded those around them whose feelings had been stoked by Elaine.

After saying that, Melissa and Simon exchanged a look. With even a second glance at Elaine, the two of them left.

Elaine wanted to go after them and say something, but it was to no avail—because the two of them had already been surrounded by the people around them. “Mr. Anderson, why don’t we talk about the Carefree Pill supply for next month….”

At the sight of Simon and Melissa surrounded in the center by everyone, Elaine gnashed her teeth in fury. It was at this moment that Jon came over. He stared at the couple with a fierce and sinister look in his eyes and said, “Those people have all been drawn in by the Andersons’ Carefree Pills. They no longer show any respect for the dignity of alternative medicine!”

Elaine stomped her feet angrily. “Mr. Myers, what should we do now?”

“What should we do?” Jon suddenly narrowed his eyes. “Since we cannot make them do what we want, then we should go to someone of great reputation and prestige!”

“Who are you talking about?” Elaine asked excitedly.

“Dr. Zabe!”

Jon’s words, however, made Elaine hang her head in disappointment. “Dr. Zabe can’t even get onto his feet anymore. How is he going to come over to uphold justice for us?”

Jon, however, laughed and said, “There’s something you don’t know. While Dr. Zabe certainly can’t make an appearance anymore, he has a disciple—the one and only disciple he ever took! That person is the true leader of the world of alternative medicine now!”