She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 490 - Another Identity~

Chapter 490 - Another Identity~

Chapter 490 Another Identity~

Hearing that low voice, Nora rushed into the interrogation room.

Yvonne fell to the ground with her eyes closed. She seemed to have lost consciousness, and the guards were frantically patting her as they shouted, “Wake up, wake up…”

Nora took a step forward hurriedly. “Move!”

When the staff worker saw that it was her, he immediately made way.

Nora came to Yvonne’s side and used one hand to check her breathing while the other hand pressed on her pulse. Her breathing was already very weak, almost gone.

Even her pulse became unclear.

Nora swallowed.

The person beside her shouted, “CPR!” Nora immediately stopped him. “No!”


She slowly said, “The unknown composition in her blood is increasing exponentially. Those things can improve her genes, but they will also take her life!”

Although the results of those reports were from the same batch of blood, the unknown concentration of components changed every hour.

As the change was not big and the coefficient was too small, the researchers did not notice it immediately.

However, when Nora went to take a look, she realized this problem!

The unknown components in her blood were like bacteria. From the moment they entered her body, they began to reproduce!

As time passed, it slowly spread throughout her body.

Nora also realized this before shouting “no” and rushing over.

The worker did not understand the full story, but he understood what she meant. “You’re saying that if we perform CPR, it will cause the blood in Yvonne’s body to flow faster and increase the growth of those things?” Nora nodded. “Yes.”

The worker was anxious. “Then there’s nothing in these emergency measures that can save her now!”

How were they supposed to get any clues when she was dead?

When Nora heard this, she reached into her purse and took out a bunch of silver needles. Then, she quickly took out a short needle, stabbing Yvonne’s head twice.

After two stabs, Yvonne let out a cry and slowly opened her eyes. She did not understand what was going on and asked, “What are you guys doing? What’s wrong with me?”

Nora lowered her eyes and said slowly, “The genetic modification drug they injected into you multiplies endlessly in your body.” Yvonne was stunned for a moment before she seemed to understand something. “So they’re lying to me? But how is that possible? I’m so powerful, why would they lie to me? Without me, they can’t find another hacker! I know now. Are you acting? Are you trying to get something out of me?! Let me tell you, don’t think I’ll believe you just because you said you could treat me!”

Nora pursed her lips and looked at her. “I can’t treat you.”

Yvonne was stunned. “What?”

The silver needle in Nora’s hand was still inserted into her brain. “I’m just holding your breath now, but I can’t stop those reproductions. You only have one minute.”

Yvonne was stunned.

She looked at Nora in a daze and felt the pain in her temples. There seemed to be something crawling in her body. It made her feel cold and afraid.

She looked at Nora in disbelief. Suddenly, waves of pain came from her bloodstream! The pain stimulated her nerves! It made her feel like her entire body was about to burn!

This pain made her realize that Nora was not lying!

Yvonne widened her eyes in shock and grabbed Nora’s hand in disbelief. “Save me, save me. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die…”

Unfortunately, the more agitated she was, the faster her blood flowed.

Almost after she said that, she suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground again!

Nora frowned and whispered into her ear, “Don’t you want to take revenge? Tell me, who contacted you…”

Yvonne looked at her, still in shock.

Suddenly, she grinned and said the last sentence of her life. “As long as you can’t get what you want, I’ll be happy…”

The interrogation room was silent.

Nora stared at the woman in front of her. She had fallen to the ground with her eyes staring into empty space unwillingly. Her face, distorted due to the pain, slowly relaxed after she died.

Morris and Brenda heard the sound and rushed over. When they entered, they saw Nora standing beside them with a frown.

The two of them looked at the worker beside them hesitantly and asked, “What happened? What did she say before she died?” The worker shook his head. “Nothing…”

Nora also came back to her senses. She was actually a little puzzled earlier. She understood that the moment Yvonne was arrested, she had been abandoned by that little psycho.

Yvonne definitely understood this logic. That little psycho was her murderer, but what was this woman thinking? Why was she unwilling to tell her who it was even until she died?

Especially that last sentence. It was clearly saying that as long as you were unhappy, I would be happy!

Was a woman’s jealousy really that strong?

She winced and quickly recovered from this state.

Yvonne’s problem was definitely her own, and it had nothing to do with Nora!

She turned to look at Morris and Brenda and said, “I realized that the genetic modification drug isn’t safe to use at all.”

Morris and Brenda looked at her simultaneously.

Nora slowly said, “That drug can at least be said to be imperfect. After being injected, although her genes had indeed improved in a short period of time, the drug infinitely replicated in her body. It stimulated the limits of her body. Yvonne died was because her brain had reached its limits and could not keep up with the drug’s stimulation. In the end, she died from the backlash!”

When Morris and Brenda received this news, their expressions instantly turned grave. Even Brenda no longer had her usual image as she looked at her seriously. “So, they gave Yvonne a semi-finished product?”

Morris nodded as well. “This at least proves one thing! They haven’t perfected the drug yet!”

Yvonne’s death was worthless. However, to Nora, it was like a blow to her head, waking her up. There were no shortcuts in the world.

She was the only one who could treat Quentin’s illness. That genetic modification drug would have pushed Quentin to his death.

As she thought about this, she went out and prepared to make a trip to her alternative medicine doctor’s house to ask if there was any way to regenerate a person’s bones.

In the car, she received another message from the little psycho: “Are you thanking me now?”

Nora: “?”

Next, she saw his message: “I’ve already killed the two women you hate the most. You’re welcome.”

Nora: “…”

Little Psycho: “You should have realized by now. The genetic modification drug that Hillary and Yvonne used is semi-finished. The reason I gave Yvonne to you was to show you the effect of that drug. Even the semi-finished product can let people break through their limits. Don’t you want to know what kind of changes a finished product will cause? Aren’t you tempted?”

Nora replied, “We caught Yvonne, you didn’t give her to us. Thank you.”

The little psycho was silent again before replying: “Little servant, since you don’t know what’s good for you, don’t blame me for being rude! After serving two appetizers, don’t blame me for being unruly to you next! Hehe…” Nora frowned.

This person was really annoying. Why was he pestering her? However, if he did not pester her, she would not have a chance to solve the case.

Nora lowered her eyes.

She did not know who the little psycho was going to target this time.

As she was thinking, her phone suddenly rang. She glanced at it and realized that it was Simon, the uncle of the Andersons. She picked up the call and heard Simon’s voice. “Nora, something has happened!” “What?” Nora’s heart sank.

Then, she heard Simon’s voice. “Elaine Miller has been suspended. You seem to be the one who did it, right? She’s now slandering you everywhere. She said that you worship modern medicine and look down on alternative medicine. That’s why you chased her out of the system! Do you still remember Mr. Myers? When he heard about this, he immediately contacted Elaine and made this matter bigger. Now, the entire alternative medicine world knows that Anti looks down on alternative medicine. They want to reason with you!”