She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 489 - Little Psycho?

Chapter 489 - Little Psycho?

Chapter 489 Little Psycho?

On the other end of the line, the other party’s message was very clear.

(You’ll die if you don’t have children.]

Nora stared at those words and felt that she did not understand what they meant. She frowned and sent another message. “Why?”

The other party: “This is the second question. Beg me.”

Nora: “…”

She lowered her eyes. “Please, will you tell me?”

The other party: “It depends on my mood.”

He clearly did not intend to say anything.

Nora ignored him and threw her phone aside.

She did not understand what this answer meant, but from what she heard, she felt that things were developing in a strange direction.

Why would she die if she did not give birth?

She sat in the car quietly and thought for a long time before starting the car and heading to the special department.

In the special department.

Previously, when Yvonne was in an ordinary prison, she had always felt that her prison break was very simple. Therefore, even after she was arrested by the special department, she still sat there calmly and did not say anything.

Morris and Brenda did not torture her, but they did not get any useful information.

Ever since she was arrested, she had been in the interrogation room. She did not eat, drink, or sleep. At this moment, she looked very haggard, but the gaze in her eyes was very firm.

Nora entered the interrogation room and sat opposite her. She thought for a moment and suddenly said, “Are you waiting for them to save you?”

When Yvonne heard this, her eyes trembled before she raised her head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Nora spoke again. “Your computer skills have improved tremendously recently!” A complacent smile appeared on Yvonne’s face. “If you’re mocking me, then I can tell you that there’s no need. Do you really think that the Smiths can do whatever they want with Q? If you have the ability, wait a while for me. I will definitely be more powerful than Q!”

When she said this, there was only confidence on her face without any hesitation.

Nora frowned a little when she looked like this. She did not know where her confidence came from.

She suddenly said, “How are you going to compete with Q? Even if you invaded Smith Corporation this time, you needed someone to bring in a hard drive for you. What’s the point of breaking the firewall from the inside?”

Hearing this, Yvonne bit her lips. Indeed, this invasion was because Jill’s nephew had brought in a USB flash drive when he entered Smith Corporation. From then on, she had planned this attack.

What a pity…

They had put in so much effort, but Q had easily disintegrated them!

Yvonne lowered her head and sneered, “You don’t have to provoke me with your words. Anyway, I won’t die if I’m arrested for a while. You can wait for me for half a month. I’ll let you know what it means to be a peak hacker!”

Her words were very arrogant.

She looked at Nora and reached out her hand. “Do you know how it feels to suddenly become stronger? My mind suddenly became clear. Some algorithms that were originally as difficult to overcome as mountains were easily figured out by me. My logic was clear, and everything was in my mind! In my palm…”

Nora saw that when she said these words, she seemed to be in a daze. She frowned and suddenly said, “Hillary was suddenly in a coma. When the prison guards couldn’t find out the reason, she was sent out of the prison. You took the opportunity to hide in the car and escaped, right?”

Yvonne was stunned.

Nora said again, “Are you certain that if they can save you once, they can save you a second time? Did you expect to be arrested by the special department this time?”

She could be easily rescued from ordinary cells because the restrictions there were indeed not very strict.

However, the special department was the most tightly guarded department in New York. Where did Yvonne get her confidence from to think that she could escape from here?

Yvonne was not frightened by Nora’s words. She lowered her eyes and sneered. “They won’t give up on me.” “Why?”

Nora asked.

Yvonne smiled. “Because I’m about to become the best hacker in the world. They need a genius like me!”

Nora listened to her and frowned. It seemed like that little psycho had promised Yvonne something. Otherwise, a selfish person like her would have betrayed them long ago.

But how could that little psycho rush to the special department to save someone?

She shook her head and sneered. “Even so, you have to ensure that you can touch your phone or computer. But can you touch them here?”

Yvonne shook her head. “You don’t have to scare me. If you want to use torture, then use it. I’m not afraid at all! But what do you want me to say? Heh, I have no comment!”

With that, she lowered her head and looked like she did not want to talk anymore.

Nora could only leave the interrogation room.

Morris walked forward and asked, “We can’t use torture right now because we’re drawing blood for testing.”

Nora clenched her jaw. “You mean…”

Morris nodded. “She admitted that she became so powerful because she was injected with a genetic modification drug.” Nora instantly pursed her lips tightly.

Genetic modification drug…

This was the first time she had directly felt the changes brought by the genetic modification drug.

Yvonne’s computer skills in the past were indeed ordinary. She was just scaring laymen.

But this time, even with the help of Jill’s nephew, Yvonne had hacked everyone’s computers in Smith Corporation in a short period of time. She was indeed very powerful!

If it was anyone other than Nora-even if Solo was here—they would not be her match!

Could that genetic modification drug really develop a person’s brain to the limit?

If that was the case, then could Quentin be saved?!

Seeming to have sensed her hesitation, Morris said, “You can go to the laboratory and take a look at the current report.”

Nora nodded and entered the laboratory at the side.

The people there were all researchers. They had taken Yvonne’s blood and were examining it. Nora walked over and took the report. She saw that there was indeed some unknown component in her blood.

Everyone was still examining the composition, and they were temporarily unable to distinguish the structure.

Nora took the reports over and checked them one by one.

She read the last copy first…

Suddenly, she stood up and looked at the documents in her hand. “Oh no!”

“What’s wrong?”

Someone asked.

Nora stood up and was about to walk out. However, before she could step out, a low voice suddenly sounded from the interrogation room!