She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 483 - A Fake Will Always Be A Fake

Chapter 483 - A Fake Will Always Be A Fake

Chapter 483 A Fake Will Always Be A Fake

It seemed like Yvonne really wanted to show off her achievements, so she started to show them the trending topics on social media that day on the computer.

There were few new trending topics, such as #AllEmployeesOnLeaveInSmithCorporation, #SmithCorporation OffendsQTheHacker, #SmithCorporation StocksDropBy10%, and so on.

Some Smith Corporation employees had revealed that all the top-level executives were now waiting for orders in the CEO office on the top floor and that so far, everyone was at a loss as to how to counter Q.

As all the computers had crashed and couldn’t be switched on, the rest of the staff had all been given a day off. However, the employees didn’t feel any joy about that but were instead worried that they would wake up to the news of the Smith Corporation being declared bankrupt the next day, leading to them losing their jobs.

It was rumored that the young missy of the Smith Corporation had offended the top-class hacker Q. That was why they had brought Q’s revenge upon themselves. By right, a hacker shouldn’t have been able to influence the network of such a large company, but this was Q, the legendary existence. It was said that Q alone could breach a country’s cyber defenses!

The Smith Corporation was finished!

The Smith Corporation’s stocks had already fallen by 10%, and the network in the entire company had been down for over fifteen minutes. At present, investors were still observing the situation.

If they couldn’t restore the network within an hour, then it was possible that investors would get rid of the stocks they had on hand. When that happened, they might hit the lower limit!

The Internet analyzed all the terrible outcomes that the Smith Corporation might face.

Yvonne presented them one by one.

Fortunately, Joel had already given all the employees in the company a day off. Otherwise, the ordinary employees might break down if they saw the content.

However, even though the two inside the office were calm and composed, the people outside were already in a huge panic.

In order to prevent Yvonne from realizing that they had already taken control of the situation, Nora hadn’t taken back the control of the computers outside.

Thus, when Yvonne was showing the articles on the screen, the computers outside were also displaying the same thing.

The deputy CEO and top-level executives were fearful and horrified. The executive assistants and secretaries also looked at one another. For a while, none of them knew what they should do.

Samuel looked at the closed door to Joel’s office and yelled furiously, “It’s over! It’s all over! The Smith Corporation is about to be destroyed by Joel!”

The executives looked worried.

Speedy, the hacker who had just left the Smith Corporation and returned home, heaved a huge sigh when he saw the news.

He felt that he couldn’t have made a more correct choice.

In fact, in that instant, he was even afraid that Q might retaliate and take revenge on him.

Speedy was a member of the Hacker Alliance. He immediately took out his cell phone and sent a message to the Hacker Alliance.

Speedy: “Boss Q, I have already withdrawn from the Smith Corporation. I’m not going to go against you! Don’t worry. Also, if you need me to provide you with some of the Smith Corporation’s network vulnerabilities, I can also do that…”

Although he knew that doing this wasn’t right, Speedy had no other choice.

If he offended the Smith Corporation, if worse came to worst, he could at least go out of the country.

But if he offended Q, then he could forget about staying in the hacker industry. He was very clear about that!

After sending Q a private message, he thought about it and posted a tweet.

Unexpectedly, the moment he posted the tweet, it trended.

Speedy: “The Smith Corporation shouldn’t have offended Q. I have absolute respect for Q, so I hereby announce my withdrawal from the Smith Corporation. Also, thus far, no one has dared to contend with Q on the Internet.”

Speedy had been worried after he posted the tweet that his actions might offend the Smith Corporation, but when he saw how his tweet had taken the third spot among all the trending topics, he suddenly gained peace of mind.

It was obvious that the trending topics algorithm had also been hacked. All the negative news about the Smith Corporation had been pushed to the top!

It was apparent that the other party was very strong and capable!

His decision to take sides at the critical moment had played a decisive role.

With that, surely Q wouldn’t hold a grudge against him anymore… right?

While Speedy was on tenterhooks, Yvonne had displayed his tweet on the computers in the Smith Corporation.

Additionally, after his tweet trended, someone had filled everyone in on who Speedy was. Everyone immediately lost even more hope in the Smith Corporation successfully restoring their network!

‘Oh my god, even Speedy has quit. Who else can save the Smith Corporation?’

“Q really isn’t someone to be offended. I mean, look at the alphabet itself—they are the queen of the hacker world!”

“How apt! I’m suddenly in awe of the queen. At the same time, I’m also worried about the Smith Corporation. Just how exactly did they offend a big figure like that?”

Next to the numerous comments were Yvonne’s own comments:

“Heh, even Speedy has betrayed you at a crucial moment, Joel. What does this show?

“It shows that no one can be trusted except your own family! If you apologize to me and let me return to the Smiths, and also publicly announce that you’re abandoning that hillbilly called Nora Smith, I can come back immediately!

“Of course, you also have to declare that I didn’t do anything wrong back then. Dad didn’t die anyway. He’s currently resting healthy in the hospital, isn’t he?

“Once you accomplish all of this, I don’t mind letting go of my control over the Smith Corporation and letting all of you go back to normalcy. But if not…”

As Joel read her messages, he suddenly looked at Nora and said, “Reply to her, ‘A fake will always be a fake.”

Nora: “…”

From what Yvonne had written, one could tell that the woman actually still missed the Smiths.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t ask to come back.

She hadn’t expected Joel to actually say something as harsh as that, though.

What Yvonne minded the most was her identity as an adoptive daughter. Joel’s words were entirely capable of sending her into a flying rage.

Joel had pretty good potential in honing a sharp tongue.

With that in mind, Nora typed that to Yvonne.

Sure enough, Yvonne flew into a rage.

“Joel! I see you as my elder brother, yet you are treating me like this! You have never cared about me, have you?! “I’ll tell you this—I am now angry! Very, very much so! I am going to completely destroy the Smith Corporation’s network, as well as all the files in everyone’s computers!

“Just you wait! I will make you pay for saying that! Even if you regret your actions and want to beg me for mercy, it is too late!!”

Following these words, all the computers in the company suddenly went back to normal. Then, all the internal hard drives were opened, and the cursor moved to the Delete button.

Once she clicked the button, all the data in all the computers would be completely destroyed!

When that happened, chaos would definitely break out in the Smith Corporation!

In a dark room somewhere.

Yvonne stared at the computer screen in front of her. The light from the computer shone on her face, making her look exceptionally hideous and terrifying!