She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 482 - She Is Far Inferior To Q!

Chapter 482 - She Is Far Inferior To Q!

Chapter 482 She Is Far Inferior To Q!

In the hotel.

The man stared at Nora’s reply. When he saw the words “Yeah, I like it quite a lot”, he was a little stunned. He scratched his head and asked bewilderedly, “Why does she like it? Does she resent the Smiths now and wishes for their downfall?”

His bodyguards and assistants suggested hesitantly, “How about… We stop the attack?”

“No!” The man grinned. His voice was filled with excitement as he said, “She must be trying to deceive me! Does she think that I’ll let her off if she says that? How naive! Get our new toy to give them some more goodies!”

“Yes, sir!”

After his subordinates left, the man took his cell phone and sent another message to Nora: “My little servant, since you like it so much, I’ll give you something even better to be happy about…”

At the Smith Corporation.

After seeing his reply, Nora paid no more attention to him and tossed the phone aside.

She looked at the computer.

She had only restored Joel’s computer at the moment. Additionally, the servers needed time to restart, and the rest of the computers hadn’t been restored yet. Thus, the opponent hadn’t yet realized that their attack had failed, and was still under the impression that it was a success.

At this moment, all the screens of the computers that had been shut down suddenly lit up. Rows of text started appearing:

‘Mr. Smith, how does it feel to not have even a single hacker out there who dares to help the Smith Corporation?’

When the computer screens outside lit up, Nora was already typing away at high speed. As she searched for the enemy hacker’s location, she replied: ‘You are not Q. Who are you?’ The person chatting with them on the computer was no longer the little psycho on the phone! This was because there was actually a bit of faint resentment and anger in their speech.

It was resentment and anger towards Joel.

More text appeared on the screen:

‘An old friend.’

‘An old friend whom you abandoned.’

‘Hahaha! I’m sure you’ve never imagined that I would ever return, right? And this time, I can shake things up real bad for all of you!’

An old friend…

Nora suddenly thought of something. She looked up at Joel, upon which Joel nodded at her. Thus, Nora immediately understood. She wrote: ‘You are Yvonne.’

With her identity now exposed, the woman didn’t bother with pretenses anymore. She wrote:

“That’s right! I am Yvonne! The person whom all of you had looked down on! But I am back now! My hacking skills have improved to a whole new level again. Do you now regret what you’ve done, Joel? Hahahaha!”

Nora: “…”

Joel: “…”

At this instant, Nora felt really strongly that the little psycho must be sick in the head. Everyone he had approached were all people whom she didn’t get along with.

Also, Yvonne had actually managed to hack the entire Smith Corporation all by herself! This showed that her hacking skills had indeed improved by leaps and bounds during this period of time!

Nora frowned.

Her cell phone beeped again at this point. She looked down and found that it was a message from the little psycho: “You should know by now who the hacker is, right? In that case, you should now have a more intuitive understanding of our genetic modification drug, right? It’s very powerful, isn’t it? Are you tempted now? As long as you join us and become my servant, I will give you the drug. You can improve anything you want about yourself!”

The genetic modification drug!!

So, what the special department had been studying all this time was a genetic modification drug!

Nora sent a screenshot of this to the three-man group chat with Morris and Brenda.

Then her phone beeped again-it was another message from the little psycho: ‘Yvonne used to be a pretty good hacker, but taking the genetic modification drug, in just ten days, she is now a top-class one! She is now on par with Q and Y! Do you want to become even better in your medical skills?’

Nora raised her eyebrows and replied slowly: ‘In terms of medical skills, it seems like I am already the best.’

When the other party saw her reply, he fell silent for a long time.

It seemed that he had never thought that Nora would say that. He hesitated and replied: “Then I can make you stronger in other ways! Such as physical strength and speed! Have you heard of Big Brother and Big Sister? Their physical strength and speed are the best in the country. I can make you as strong as them! Nora: “…”

She replied: “That is not necessary.”

The little pyscho: “Why? Don’t you want to become stronger?”

She was already the strongest. Nora held her forehead and replied again: “Perhaps it’s because I don’t want to be that strong?”

Joel was standing next to her and reading her chat with the little psycho. The man, who already knew her identity as Big Sister, was speechless.

She must be the queen of all humblebraggers out there!

Joel couldn’t help but look up at the heavens.

Suddenly, he couldn’t tell anymore if it was really a coincidence or what. Of all the things the other party could say, why was he simply trying to tempt Nora with the things that she was already skilled at?

“Our genetic modification drug is very powerful! Once you use it, you can become as powerful as yourself!’

What a joke!

The other party fell silent again. Then, he became angry and wrote: “I don’t believe there’s anyone in this world who doesn’t want to become stronger! I’m sure you also want to, you’re just being stubborn. Heh heh, in that case, I will show you the skills of a hacker on the same level as Q!”

Nora: ‘You are mistaken.’

The little pyscho: “Mistaken? What am I mistaken about? Even if someone only manages to become stronger after taking the genetic modification drug, it doesn’t change the fact that they’ve become stronger. I don’t think I’m mistaken!”

Nora: “… What I mean is, she is far inferior to Q. She isn’t even worthy of being her servant.”

Joel: “…”

Nora, is it really alright for you to praise yourself like that?

But for some reason, the sight simply felt so good!

The little psycho: “That’s impossible! Heh, our genetic modification drug allows one to develop a certain aspect of themselves to the extreme! It can affect one’s IQ! She is definitely on par with Q now!”

He didn’t seem to understand much about hackers, so Nora didn’t say anything else to him.

However, it seemed like he had told Yvonne what she had said, so Yvonne became angry. She typed on the computer: “Hah, Q is indeed the world’s top hacker, but so what even if I am not as good as Q? Can you even find the real Q? All of you are at my mercy now!” Nora: “…”

Why was there always a group of arrogant people that simply insisted on shoving their faces toward her so that she could slap them in the face?

She didn’t even want to slap them anymore, yet they just kept making things difficult for themselves. This simply made… her hands itch so much!

She sighed. Yvonne sent another message: “Why don’t I live-stream the current situation to you? These are all trending topics on social media. The Smith Corporation’s stocks have already fallen by 10%! If you still don’t beg me for mercy, it’ll probably reach the lower limit! Haha!!”