She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 484 - Caught You!

Chapter 484 - Caught You!

Chapter 484 Caught You!

Yvonne stared at the screen, a weird and insidious smile gradually forming on her face. Once she clicked on that button, she would be able to see the Smiths’ downfall!

Her fingers were shaking in excitement.

Then, she opened her eyes wide and pressed the button!

What she should have witnessed the next moment was all the data files in the company being erased. What she should have witnessed was Joel in a panic and at a loss, but unexpectedly…

The moment she pressed the button, the computer screen in front of her… suddenly blacked out!

At the Smith Corporation.

When Yvonne was about to destroy the documents, Nora had already taken action. Her fingers tapped away on the keyboard at high speed. In no time, she had set a trap for Yvonne.

Yvonne’s skills had indeed improved a lot-at the very least, even as of now, the special department still hadn’t managed to pinpoint her location through traces of her activity on the Internet.

If one were to look closely, one would see that Nora was actually wearing a Bluetooth headset in one ear.

Brenda’s voice was currently playing in the Bluetooth headset. She said, “Yvonne Smith had indeed disappeared from prison when the sick Hillary Jones was picked up two days ago. The strange thing is that if not for what you’ve just discovered, even as of now, no one has noticed it at all! It is very likely that they have set up arrangements inside!”

Morris stayed silent for a while. Then, he said, “Please stall for a bit more time. We are still tracking her location. Once we find it, we will arrest her at once!”

“… Captain Ford, your men kinda suck!” said Nora.

Morris: “…”

He coughed and said, “The guy on the team is already a top-class white hat. It’s just that Yvonne Smith has indeed become very skilled in this respect after her genetic mutation. Just like what she said, she’s already comparable to Q and Y now. It’s normal that we can’t catch her right away.”

Those who provided service for other people were called hackers, but if a hacker was working for a country itself, then they were known as white hats. Nora didn’t like the sound of that. She said, “I told you, she’s nowhere near Q and Y at all!” Like her, Y was also the leader of the Hacker Alliance. The two of them had had showdowns with each other before, so they both knew just how skilled the other was. Being compared to Yvonne was simply too much of an insult to both of them!

Morris: “…”

Brenda couldn’t help but be amused. “Nora, how do you know that they aren’t on par with one another? It’s true that comparison is necessary, though. Why should someone who took a genetic modification drug be comparable to naturally-endowed ones like us?! Hehe, wait for me, I’ll go to Justin and borrow Y!”

Brenda actually felt a little sheepish when she was saying that.

Y was the insurance that ensured the Hunt Corporation’s network security, but everyone knew that Y never took outsiders’ employment requests.

Not even Brenda’s.

Three years ago, when she was carrying out a mission abroad, the other party had more powerful hackers on their side while the hackers in her department were not that skilled. She had called Justin to borrow Y but had been strictly rejected.

Y was so mysterious that no one knew where he really was. Justin had really kept him too well-protected.

Also, when she asked Justin why he trusted Y so much, he even said there wasn’t any particular reason why.

This had even made her once suspect that there must be some kind of deal involving physical intimacy between Justin and Y!

But since it was for Nora’s sake this time, she wondered if Justin would be willing to let his pretty little wife out to help Nora?

While she was thinking about it, Nora said, “No, it’s fine.”

Brenda was taken aback. “Huh?”

Nora’s lips curled into a smile. “Q alone is more than enough to deal with her.”

Brenda was a little dumbfounded at first.

The next moment, however, she suddenly realized something. She swallowed hard. “Nora, you… you have Q helping you out? W-where is he?”

No wonder Nora wasn’t in a panic all this time!

“… Q has been here all along.”

Brenda became even more astonished. “But we did not notice a third person in the room! … Oh, I see!”

Brenda exclaimed. Just as Nora thought that she had finally understood what she meant, she instead heard Brenda say, “Does Q only need to provide support online? So, he doesn’t have to be present at all?!” Nora: “…”

Never mind. Since she had misunderstood, then so be it.

Seeing that she wasn’t saying anything, Brenda assumed tacit agreement. She immediately started to tease her. “Nora, have you seen Q in person before?”

“… Yes.”

After all, she had to look in the mirror every morning after she woke up and went to wash up, right?!

Brenda became even more interested. “Then… is he handsome?”

Nora: “?”

“He must be very handsome, right?! People with technical skills are usually very handsome! Nora, how sneaky! How can you hide a handsome guy all to yourself and not introduce him to me?!”

Nora, who found her really noisy, cut her off. “I’ve found Yvonne.”

Morris’ voice rang out in a timely fashion. “Arrest her at once!”

In a small dark room somewhere.

Yvonne had been brought there after she came out of prison.

This was a room in a small guest house and was only a few square feet big. Apart from a single bed, the only other thing in the room was the computer.

Even the toilet in the room she used to occupy when she was living in the Smiths’ manor was bigger than this!

But she knew she had no right to protest.

She and Hillary had both taken the genetic modification drug. Hillary had died because she couldn’t withstand the drug’s effects.

But she had succeeded.

God knows how excited she had been when she discovered that her understanding of hacking had become so clear that it was like the fog lifting!

She knew that she would be able to take her revenge very soon!

Those among the Smiths who had looked down on her, those who had bullied her… all of them would receive retribution very soon!

She was in a very good mood. Those people would be suffering while she welcomed a new life and became the new god of hacking!


What was the big deal about them? From now on, the world of hackers would be hers to triumph in!

Yvonne was so excited at the thought that she was even trembling a little.

Why did the computer in front of her suddenly blackout, though?

Yvonne’s first reaction was that the computer’s electricity supply had gone out–because, given her skills, she didn’t think that anything would go wrong with her hacking!

But when she went to look at the power supply, she found that the power supply was plugged in.

She was taken aback. When she stayed there and thought for a while, the computer screen turned on again.

A few words appeared on the screen:

‘Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you know a little bit of hacking?’ This was… she had been invaded! She stared flabbergasted at her flawless defensive firewall.

Her fingers trembled as she typed: ‘Who are you?”

The other party: ‘Q.’ As the alphabet appeared, Yvonne immediately understood something.

She sprung to her feet. Just as she was about to run to the door, someone suddenly kicked the door open. Then, a group of people rushed in!


“You’re under arrest!”