She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 481 - Nora Smith Is Q!

Chapter 481 - Nora Smith Is Q!

Chapter 481 Nora Smith Is Q!

Surprised, Samuel and everyone else looked at Nora in disbelief.

Someone swallowed hard. “Y-you know where Q is?”

Nora did not speak any more. Instead, she pushed the door open and entered the room.

Joel was sitting there quietly waiting for her. From the way he looked, he didn’t seem anxious at all. He looked clear and confident about what he was doing.

Nora had thought that she would see him tired and haggard, but unexpectedly, he was actually so calm. She raised her eyebrows.

Joel smiled. “You’ve come.”


Nora stood right beside him. “How did you know I would come over?”

Joel replied, “When Jill asked me to arrange for a position in the company for her nephew the other time, I knew at once that you would definitely have a back-up plan. Come on, spill it, what are you planning to do?”

Nora: “…”

She kicked Joel’s chair lightly to indicate to him to step aside. Joel stood up. When Nora sat down, she asked curiously, “What if I didn’t have a back-up plan? After all, the other party is saying that they’re Q, you know!”

Joel stood beside her and smiled. “Do you think that restricting our Internet alone is enough for one to have the Smith Corporation’s destiny in their hand when I’ve already been in the company for so many years?”

As though he was teaching her, Joel explained patiently, “One must have everything within their control. Since the Smith Corporation does not have a world-class top hacker, our main form of business mustn’t be Internet-related! This way, even if the company’s network is down, the breakdown will only have minimal influence and will not affect the whole company’s operations. As for the stocks… I naturally also have ways to counterattack and even things out.”

Enlightened, Nora gave Joel a thumbs up. “Impressive.”

Joel rested one hand on the table and his other on the chair. As he stood behind Nora and watched her turn on the computer, he couldn’t help but ask, “Do you know Q?”. “… Yeah, I suppose you can say that.” Joel couldn’t help but say, “If they are reliable, can you find a way to hire him as a cyber security consultant for the Smith Corporation?” He sighed and said, “The Hunt Corporation has Y guarding them, so they are not afraid of attacks from any hackers, which has made their operations in this aspect very smooth. I just don’t know how Justin managed to get a top hacker like Y to become so loyal to them. I also don’t understand why he trusts Y so much…”

Joel sighed emotionally and added, “In this respect, it’s a weakness for the Smith Corporation. Uncle Ian had only assigned Quentin to the hidden forces since the rest of your cousins were all unreliable. He’d originally planned to train and groom Louis into a hacker, but he instead became interested in games… In the end, the Smith Corporation does not even have a top-class hacker that we can trust!”

By then, Nora had successfully turned on the computer. As she placed her hands on the keyboard, the corners of her lips suddenly curled upward a little. “Joel,” she said.

Joel paused. “Hmm?”

An unorthodox glint flashed in Nora’s almond-shaped eyes. “The Smith Corporation does now.”

Joel was taken aback.

His first thought was that Nora must be very familiar with Q, so Q would be a very reliable ally… He was about to speak when he saw Nora’s fingers flying across the keyboard at high speed.

As she implemented coercive measures against the hacker, the dark screens slowly started lighting up.

The screen was still black, but it was unlike the unresponsive screens from just now where nothing happened no matter what keys they pressed. Together with the rapid movements of Nora’s fingers, rows and rows of programming code moved up the screen.

It was so fast that Joel couldn’t even see what exactly she was typing… Utterly stunned, he looked at Nora in disbelief.

For a moment, he felt that his cousin’s profile looked so serious and determined. There was a strange charm and confidence in the unorthodox smile on her lips.

It wasn’t blind confidence she had; rather, it was strong and powerful confidence that she had in her own abilities!

A thought suddenly formed in his mind, and a surprised and astounded Joel slowly asked, “You… you’re Q?”

He thought of how calm Nora had been right from the beginning. Originally, he’d thought it was because she had already made arrangements for everything. For example, perhaps she knew the real Q and was able to get Q to help them tide through the difficult situation.

Or perhaps, Nora had borrowed Y from the Hunt Corporation!

Joel had imagined all sorts of scenarios, but he’d never once thought that Nora might be Q herself!

How could this be…?

She was already the world-famous number one surgeon domestically and internationally!! Nora took aggressive measures and cut off the enemy’s virus attack, allowing the computer in front of her to function normally. In fact, she had even repaired the servers as well. They were currently in the midst of restarting, which would take a certain amount of time.

Nora had easily resolved the Smith Corporation’s Internet crisis in under ten minutes!

She stretched, turned her head sideways to look at Joel, and nodded. “Yeah.”

Joel: “…”

He was a little dumbfounded.

At this point, the deputy CEO knocked on the door. He poked his head in and asked softly, “Mr. Smith, since Ms. Nora has said that she knows Q, can she ask Q for help?”

Joel raised his brows.

The deputy CEO said, “All the computers in the company are still unusable at the moment. Everyone uses them for work, so no one can’t work normally right now.”

Joel looked at Nora.

“One hour,” said Nora.

Joel looked at the deputy CEO. “Give all the employees a day off. They can come for work as per usual tomorrow.”

When the deputy CEO heard this, he glanced at Nora with a complex look. Then, he turned around and went out.

After he left, Joel asked, “Is an hour enough for you to restore everyone’s computers?”

“Oh,” Nora flexed her wrists and said, “I only need five minutes.”

Joel: “??!”

Nora put her hands on the keyboard again. “I asked for an hour because I’m planning to have some fun with the other party. While I’m at it, I will also… catch them.”

Joel: “…” Nora had already decided to play along with them a long time ago. When Jill sent her nephew into the company, she had already sensed something.

Therefore, she had long since known that something might go wrong with the Smith Corporation. She had allowed it to drag on all the way until now just so she could get the mastermind behind the scenes to surface.

Needless to say, she naturally knew that the one surfacing was just a high-level hacker in the mysterious organization. It was the easiest for one to expose their identities in online battles, so the “little master” whom she had been exchanging text messages with might not be with the hacker at the moment.

But every little bit counted, regardless!

At this moment, her phone vibrated.

She picked it up and took a look-sure enough, the little psycho had sent another message: ‘My little servant, do you like my gift to the Smith Corporation?’

Nora’s lip corners quirked upward. She wrote: ‘Yeah, I like it quite a lot.’

After all, it had exposed another member of his organization!