She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 470 - How She Became Pregnant Back Then!!!

Chapter 470 - How She Became Pregnant Back Then!!!

Chapter 470 How She Became Pregnant Back Then!!!

Actually, when Jill came to look for Tanya, Nora had already reported to the special department.

She suspected that Jill was related to that mysterious organization, so Brenda and Morris continued to pay attention to this case.

When Hillary was lying in the ward, the special department had already secretly gathered her blood samples and handed them to the special department’s internal inspection department for comparison.

Nora looked like she did not care about this on the surface, but she was actually giving the other party a chance to relax.

After all, they were still unable to apprehend their opponents this time, let alone know who they were…

However, Hillary’s death was indeed beyond Nora’s expectations. Nora knew the moment Hillary died.

When the police came to the Smiths to arrest Tanya, she had really thought that the other party was coming for her with the intention of sending her to prison. At that time, she had already thought about making a trip to the police station and seeing what was going on.

But what she did not expect was… those people were targeting Tanya.

When Tanya was arrested, she sensed something was off and sent Brenda a message. After securing the evidence, she cooperated and began her performance.

Since the other party wanted to slander Tanya, they must have a backup plan… In that case, she would beat them at their own game and see what kind of conspiracy they were up to!

It was indeed Hillary’s corpse that Elaine had sent into the crematorium. However, Brenda had been waiting inside for a long time and had secretly swapped the corpse.

Nora then rushed to the crematorium and made an angry scene. It was to let her hidden opponents think that Hillary had indeed been burned!

Nora looked at Hillary and asked, “Have you inspected her?”

Brenda tilted her head and said in a charming voice, “Isn’t that your job? It was already very difficult for me to steal the body!”

Nora could not help but have goosebumps. Could this person speak more normally?

She put on her gloves and went to examine the body. Through the body, she could determine the last moments of the deceased’s life.

Hillary woke up in pain in her daze.

The pain in her body made her curl her fingers uncontrollably. She wanted to open her eyes, but she could not. She knew she might die.

How could she be dying?

She suddenly remembered that after eating the pill that person had given her, her entire body suddenly felt hot as if it was going to burn. Before she fainted, that person had sneered and scolded, “Trash! You can’t even handle this little medicine!”

Hillary wanted to reach out and grab her. She wanted to shout for the other party to save her. She even wanted to say, “Didn’t you promise me? Why didn’t you let me out?”

However, the other party said, “I only promised you that you would leave. I didn’t say whether you would leave alive or dead! You’re too useless!”

Then she fainted.

If she had not been injected with Benzoplatin, she might not have woken up.

However, now that she was awake, she could barely move her body. The pain in her body became more and more intense as if all the nerves in her body were expanding…

She screamed in pain. She felt like there were ants crawling over her. She scratched her skin and then her arm. Her entire body was covered in scratches, but they could not alleviate the pain under the skin!

She did not want to die. Even if it hurt, she did not want to die…

But death was getting closer and closer to her… until she slowly closed her eyes.

“Are you done?”

As Nora stood up straight, Brenda asked.

Nora nodded and briefly explained the situation of the corpse. “There are many scratches on her body. It should be neurological pain caused by Benzoplatin. It woke her up before she died. If Tanya had not injected her with a drug, she would have died without ever waking up.”

Brenda was surprised. “What was the cause of death?”

“She was poisoned, but it doesn’t seem like poison either.” Nora frowned. When Hillary was sent out, she had already taken her pulse. At that time, her pulse was very chaotic. Brenda asked, “So was it poison or not?”

Nora said, “I’ll get Lily to dissect the corpse and investigate properly. It will take time.”

Brenda hummed in boredom and took out her phone to take a look. Then, she looked up at Nora. “You hit Elaine?”

Nora replied casually, “Yeah.” Brenda tilted her head. “I don’t like her either, this person is too ugly. But weren’t you just acting? You clearly knew that the corpse was with me. You shouldn’t have been so angry that you wanted to hit her, right?”

Nora raised her eyebrows. “No… my hands were itchy.”

Brenda was speechless.

She twitched her lips and suddenly smiled. “You’re in big trouble!” Nora walked to the sink and asked while washing her hands, “Yes?”

Brenda stood up, her slender legs wearing a pair of red high heels. She walked slowly behind her and said, “Elaine has reported you to the higher-ups. She said that you beat up a colleague to vent your personal feelings.” Nora raised her eyebrows. “What else?”

Brenda smiled and said, “Of course, Captain Ford is protecting you. He said that you were just anxious. After all, our case is still confidential, and we can’t reveal the truth. However, Elaine is unwilling to let this go. She insisted on letting you be punished and making you apologize!”

Nora nodded and did not say anything else.

Brenda asked curiously, “What do you plan to do next? Before we expose the mastermind, we can’t clear Tanya’s name. Are we going to let her be detained first?”

“Of course not.”

Nora said firmly, “Mia will cry at home.”

Brenda blinked her beautiful eyes. “Then what do you plan to do?”

“What should we do?”

Nora suddenly smiled. “We’ll just mind our own business, of course.” Brenda: “???”

That night, the special department came forward and accepted the murder case, saying that it was related to the case they were investigating

Then, the lawyer hired by the Smiths completed the bail procedures. Tanya was picked up that night and returned home safely.

Brenda sat in the car and looked at Nora, who was napping in the front passenger seat. She pursed her lips. “Is this what you meant by our business ?”

Nora yawned. “Yes.”

Everything was going according to the plan. The bail procedures were all standard. No one could say anything!

Brenda’s lips twitched. “You’re really domineering.” They were clearly letting her go free! Then, she smiled. “But now, our Captain Ford is going to have a headache.”

The suspect in the murder case was released… To be precise, she was no longer a suspect. She had already been convicted. Morris was definitely under immense pressure.

However, Nora did not say anything. She continued to squint her eyes.

The special department could handle cases, but they could not let her friend suffer.

Tanya had been implicated because of them. Why should she go to jail for their sake? She yawned and looked at Brenda. “Take me home. Thank you.”

Brenda was speechless.

As she drove, she asked curiously, “When do you think the mastermind will make a move?”

Nora yawned again. “In two days! If we catch the mastermind, the truth will be out.”

Brenda: “…You’re really confident.”

Nora ignored her words. She was already leaning against the bed and falling asleep.

After Brenda took her to the Smiths, she realized that Justin was standing at the door, waiting for them. The car stopped and Brenda was about to wake Nora up when Justin suddenly made a shushing gesture.

Then, Brenda watched helplessly as Justin picked up the unconscious Nora and carried her upstairs slowly. Five minutes later, Justin walked down from upstairs. Brenda said, “Justin, you can’t really be a live-in son-in-law, right? When are you coming home?”

Justin’s dark eyes glanced at her, and the mole at the corner of his eye flickered. He did not answer and asked, “It’s so late. Where did you guys go?”

Brenda: “…Work.”


Justin knew that Brenda’s work was confidential, so he rarely asked about her work. However, when he saw Nora entangled with her today, he frowned. “What work?”

Brenda blinked and replied frivolously, “That… is our secret~ I can’t tell you!”

With that, she stood up and left.

When Nora woke up the next day, she casually picked up her phone and took a look. However, she suddenly realized that an unfamiliar number had sent her a message. “Do you want to know how you got pregnant back then? I can tell you the truth.”