She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 471 - The Truth?

Chapter 471 - The Truth?

Chapter 471 The Truth?

How did she get pregnant…

This had always been a mystery! Although Justin had once lied to her and said that she had taken the initiative to force him… Nora did not believe him.

She was just too lazy to expose that man.

After all, she was very confident in herself. She was sure that she would not lose such an important memory! Furthermore, she had investigated the recording of that day and she had indeed not left the house.

They originally thought that someone had entered their house… but Justin did not have any memories of this either.

It seemed like both of them had been schemed against.

But why was she plotted against into having a child?

She was silent for a moment before replying: “Tell me the truth.”

The other party replied very quickly, but the content stunned Nora. “You just woke up?”

This familiar and intimate tone!

She narrowed her eyes slightly and stared at her phone. The other party seemed to have sensed that something was wrong, so another message followed quickly: “I waited a long time for your reply.”

Nora: “…”

The other party seemed to hesitate. “What do you mean by ‘…’?” Nora: “…”

Was this person looking for her to chat?

The other party did not understand the way the Americans chatted. The other party did not seem to be American?

At this thought, she replied: “Speak.”

The other party: “I can’t tell you for just like that. How about this? Promise me one thing and I’ll tell you.” Nora: “?”

The other party: “Americans are really strange. Why do you people always use punctuation to express your thoughts? Forget it. My condition is that as long as you join our organization, I will tell you the truth.”

Nora: “…”

Was this person a clown sent by a monkey? Her eyes turned cold as she replied: “I’m not interested.”

The other party: “So you want your friend to go to jail?”

Nora stared at the words on her phone and sneered. Her slender fingers tapped on the screen a few more times before replying, “The word compromise does not exist in my dictionary.”

The other party: “It’s not a compromise. I just admire you very much. After all, you’re the world’s number one surgeon. Of course, if you join our organization, other than telling you the truth, I can also help you become stronger.”

Nora: “?”

She ignored this message and sent a text to Morris: “Have you found out?”

The moment she saw the other party’s message, the special department had already begun investigating the cell phone number.

Morris replied: “…I can’t find anything. It’s a ghost account. The message was passed through several networks before it reached you, and our people can’t track it.”

Nora: “…”

How troublesome. The Special Case Department? They could not do a single thing?

She turned on her computer and prepared to do it herself.

She sent another message: “Why do you think you’re stronger than us?”.

The other party: “You don’t have to worry about tracking me. With the level of those hackers in the country, you won’t be able to find anything unless it’s Q or Y from the Hacker Alliance. But forget it. Why am I telling you this? You probably don’t know about the Hacker Alliance, right?”.

Nora chuckled softly. “Oh? What’s the Hacker Alliance?”

As she replied, she captured the signal!

Actually, the messages were very well hidden to be tracked with just a few messages. Even Nora could not capture it through one or two messages.

Therefore, she had been trying to chat with him.

Otherwise, she would not have wasted this time!

A new tracker appeared on the computer. It was the other party sending her another message: “You don’t have to worry about this. You just need to know that if you join us, you can choose any industry at will and reach the top!”

The best in any industry…

She narrowed her eyes.

Was this organization really that powerful?

It was no wonder they had attracted so many people! Morris’s special department had been established for many years, but they had not been caught… They were indeed a thorny existence.

She was about to continue fishing for information when the other party suddenly sent another message. [The special department is investigating me? Do you think I will be found out just because you hired Y or Q? I have hackers who are comparable to Q and Y! No matter how good the kids from the special department are, they can’t compare to me!)

[Also, how did they know that I contacted you? Did you tip them off?] [Haha, Nora, for your mother’s sake, I originally planned to have a good chat with you. But now, it seems like you really want to do this the hard way!)

“Since that’s the case, let’s start with your friend! I can tell you clearly that there’s another reason for Hillary’s death. Unfortunately, I won’t give you the evidence, and since Hillary’s corpse has already been incinerated, you guys won’t be able to find any evidence. I’ll let you see your friend go to jail with your own eyes! This can be considered an appetizer for you for not appreciating my kindness!”

Four messages were sent in succession. However, Nora did not look at the content of the messages. She kept following and tracking them!

Unfortunately, the tracking was suddenly intercepted. The other party should also be some expert hacker…

Nora wanted to compete and find out the other party’s location. However, she did not expect the other party’s signal to suddenly disappear.

He was running away without fighting!

Nora frowned. At this moment, Morris called. His voice was very calm. “The signal suddenly disappeared.”

Nora nodded and continued, “The other party sensed it and has already threatened me.”

Morris was surprised. “What threat?”

Nora said, “He wants to send Tanya to prison.”

Morris asked, “What should we do now?”

Nora sighed. “I was hiding the reason for Hillary’s death to lure the snake out of its hole. Now that he’s out, there’s nothing to hide! Of course, it’s to clear my friend’s name!”

Morris agreed to this suggestion, but he seemed a little disappointed. “It’s a pity we couldn’t find their location.”

“What’s a pity?”

Nora suddenly smiled. “I found it.”

Morris was shocked. “You found it? How did you do it? Where is it?” Nora touched the tip of her nose. “Yes, I got a hacker friend to help. I’ll send you the exact location. You guys go and arrest them immediately.”


Morris had just finished speaking and was about to say something when a chaotic sound came from the other end.

Nora only vaguely heard Morris say, “Wait a minute.” Then, his voice became clearer. “Miss Smith, they’re really fast.”

Nora was taken aback. “What’s the matter?”

“Hillary’s death caused a sensation on the Internet. Everyone is now calling for the arrest of the murderer!”