She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 469 - A Turn of Events!!

Chapter 469 - A Turn of Events!!

Chapter 469 A Turn of Events!!


The car stopped at the entrance of the crematorium. Almost the moment the car stopped, Nora and Joel jumped out.

The guard was stunned. He went forward and asked, “Hey, what are you guys doing? You…”

Before he could finish speaking, Joel had already pushed him away. Nora turned sideways and slithered in. The security guard was a little surprised by the two of them. After being stunned for a moment, he chased after them. “Stop right there! This is not a place where you can just barge in!

Unfortunately, the two of them had already run toward the entrance of the crematorium!

At the entrance, a few cars were parked orderly. Elaine sat in the front passenger seat of the car and leisurely stared at the venue, which had already closed the door.

When she saw her, Nora rushed forward and stared at her. “Where’s the corpse?”

Elaine raised her eyebrows. “What corpse?”

Nora replied, “Hillary Jones’ corpse!”

Elaine smiled. “Why should I tell you where her body is? Who do you think you are?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Joel had already opened the door to the front passenger seat. Nora grabbed Elaine’s arm and pulled her out of the car.

The two moved like flowing water, stunning Elaine. When she came back to her senses, she was already standing in front of Joel and Nora! Nora grabbed her wrist tightly and asked, “Tell me, where is Hillary Jones’ corpse?”

Elaine tried her best to shake off her grip and said angrily, “Why should I tell you? Let go of me right now! Otherwise, you’ll be breaking the law!”

At this moment, the guard at the door rushed over and blocked their way. The guard asked, “What’s going on?”.

Elaine shouted, “Call for help immediately. Someone is breaking the law here!”

When the guard heard that, he hurriedly found a few people and surrounded Nora and Joel. Someone had already taken out a weapon and aimed it at them.

Joel took a deep breath. “I suspect that the cause of the deceased’s death has not been investigated clearly, so we need to stop the cremation immediately! Send the corpse out right now!”

As soon as she said this, those people looked at Elaine.

Elaine smiled. “Mr. Smith, what’s wrong? The Smith family is so powerful. Are you planning to tamper with the corpse? My colleagues and I have already determined the cause of death and signed it. Moreover, Ms. Tanya has already confessed! Why can’t you let Ms. Jones rest in peace? If you take her out halfway through the cremation… that’s impossible!”

Joel stared at her. “Are you guys stopping or not?”

The Smith family members were around, and some people had even followed them in.

If this group of people did not stop, he would cause a riot here!

The Smiths were not easy to bully!

Elaine was shocked by his gaze. She sneered and said, “What? Is the Smith family planning to attack us? Let me tell you, everyone around here is my colleague. We’re not afraid of you at all! Everything has to be done according to the rules! Without orders, we can’t stop the cremation!”


By the time the lawyer applied for an order to stop the cremation, her body would probably already be burnt to ashes!

This Elaine was clearly making things difficult for them on purpose. Or rather, she wanted to close this case completely.

Elaine lowered her head and played with her nails. She spoke first. “Mr. Smith, you’re just a wealthy man. No matter how powerful you are in the business industry, you’re just the husband of a criminal in my eyes! You want me to stop the cremation and I have to do as you say? Do you really think you’re some big shot?”

She looked at Joel. “Let me tell you, unless someone from the special department is standing in front of me right now, I’m not changing my mind!” Joel’s expression turned cold as he looked at the burning room. He was about to order his subordinates to attack when Nora’s cold voice suddenly sounded. “Then I order you to stop the cremation immediately!”

As soon as she said this, Nora took out the documents Morris had given her from her pocket and handed them to Elaine. “The special department’s external forensic doctor, Nora Smith, requests that you immediately stop the cremation!”


Everyone around fell silent.

Elaine swallowed her saliva. Nora had already looked at the few staff members following behind her. She waved the documents in front of them and roared, “Special Case Departments! Priority is above all departments! I order you all to stop immediately!”


Someone said, turning around to press the button.

However, Elaine stopped the other party and stared at Nora. “I need to determine the authenticity of this document. What if it’s fake?”

The staff was stunned and said, “This… It can’t be fake, right?”

Elaine explained slowly, “You can fake any certificate these days. I think this certificate might be fake! We still have to be careful when handling matters!”

The staff could only nod. “Please let us determine its authenticity.”

Nora took back the documents and said righteously, “I’m on a special mission! Please cooperate with me immediately. If the evidence is destroyed, would you bear the responsibility?! Don’t you know what’s important? Stop immediately!”

The staff looked at Elaine. “Elaine Miller…”

Elaine narrowed her eyes. Her gaze suddenly landed behind Nora. She smirked. “Yes, I suddenly feel that what Miss Smith said is right. Then, let’s stop for now!”

The staff member heaved a sigh of relief and ran to the switch of the device. Just as his fingers touched the button, the device made a beeping sound.

He was stunned.

He turned to look at Nora in shock and said, “It’s too late. The corpse has already been burned.” Nora: “??”

She looked into the room and pushed the door open. “What room is it?!”

The cremation facility could handle a few bodies at once.

The staff swallowed. “Number Five.”

Nora rushed in front of Number Five. There were only bones in front of her. The rest had already been burnt to ashes…

Joel followed in as well. When he saw the situation in front of him, his expression darkened.

Elaine followed him in and said slowly, “Sigh, I’m sorry. Look, I wasted some time and accidentally burned it all. It’s over…”

Almost as soon as she said this


Nora punched her in the face!

She glared at Elaine angrily. “You were deliberately stalling for time!”

Elaine took a few steps back after being punched. Her cheeks instantly puffed up, and even her mouth tasted bloody.

Golden light shone in front of her eyes and she felt dizzy. She stared at Nora’s hand. She did not expect this woman in front of her, who looked soft and weak, to have such strength in one punch.

She was beaten until her head was dizzy. She stared at Nora. “What right do you have to beat up a colleague? This is illegal!” Almost as soon as she finished speaking, Nora punched her again, hitting her other cheek heavily!

After two punches, Elaine’s cheeks were all red and bloody.

Nora stared at her. “You’re deliberately interfering with the matters of the special department. It’s a light punishment to be punched twice by me!”

Looking at her sharp and cold eyes, Elaine covered her face and retreated in fear. She shouted in a daze, “I don’t know what you’re talking about… This isn’t over. I’m going to complain to the higher-ups!”

“I will also report to my superiors and see if they listen to you or me!”

Nora left these words angrily before leaving the incineration room with Joel.

Joel looked at Nora, who was walking in front of him angrily. The man was very calm. His eyes even shone with a fierce light. He slowly said, “Nora, don’t be angry. I originally wanted to do everything by the book, but since these people seem too keen to disregard the law, don’t blame me for not following it, either!”

The Smiths had always kept a low profile. To outsiders, they were always smiling. Therefore, people felt that the Smiths were easy to bully, right?

However, they did not know that… it would be easy for Quentin’s secret organization to save Tanya!

At most, he would settle down overseas with Tanya!

Anyway, Uncle Ian had found his biological daughter. He could temporarily handle everything regarding the Smiths in the country…

Just as he was thinking about it, he saw Nora, who had gotten into the car, suddenly turn around and look at him. The anger from earlier had disappeared completely and was back to its usual nonchalance.

She smiled. “Joel, don’t be rash. I know what to do about this.”

Her almond-shaped eyes shone with a strange light.

Joel: “?”

He narrowed his eyes and thought of how Nora had been acting very rashly ever since she found out about this.

He did not know much about medicine, so when he heard that Tanya had drugged Hillary, he really thought that it was poison. He did not think in the other direction, nor did he think about protecting the corpse. However, Nora understood. She still listened to Tanya explain the reason and allowed the lawyer to find out what had happened. Then, she seemed to have realized the need for the corpse and rushed over anxiously.

Thinking about it now, why did he feel like she was acting? Joel thought about it and said, “Then Tanya…” “Don’t worry.”

Nora only left two words before starting the car. She first took Joel to the Smiths before driving out again. She drove around the city twice and shook off the people following her before entering a villa in the suburbs.

As soon as she entered, Brenda said in a hoarse voice, “Sister-in-law, you’re here? Come and help me take a look. Which of these guys is more handsome? They all asked me out for dinner tonight, but I haven’t decided who to eat yet…”

Nora hesitated. “Who to eat?”

Brenda covered her mouth with her delicate fingers. “Oh, look at me. Why am I speaking my thoughts out loud?”

Nora: “…”

Brenda sat lazily on the sofa in front of her. Her long, fair legs were crossed, her short skirt just wrapped around her butt. She was so sexy that she looked like a stunner.

Her eyes were charming as she looked up. If not for the cold freezer beside her, everyone would have thought that she was about to have a beautiful date.

Nora ignored her and looked at the corpse in the freezer. Hillary was lying quietly inside. Her injuries were obvious and one could tell that she had experienced a lot of pain before she died.