She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 468 - Too Late!

Chapter 468 - Too Late!

Chapter 468 Too Late!

Tanya grabbed his hand. “This isn’t your fault. It’s my fault. I didn’t say anything and hid everything… I blamed myself for believing Jill’s words back then and going overseas. When I found out I was pregnant, I forced myself to give birth, but I didn’t have the ability to protect the child…”

As she spoke, her voice was choked with tears. “That’s why I can’t let my daughter live under her shadow forever. I want my daughter to know that people who’ve done bad things to her will pay the price!”

Large tears rolled down her cheeks again.

However, Joel seemed determined. He suddenly stood up. “Tanya, you don’t have to hide it for my sake. I know you love me, but there’s really no need for you to be so silly… Besides, you couldn’t have bought that medicine by yourself!”

Tanya bit her lip.

Yes, ordinary people could not buy that drug, but what about the future mistress of the Smiths?

She had used Joel’s name to buy that medicine!

She cried and said, “I’ve already admitted my crime! Mia can’t live without her father! Joel, if you still have any feelings for me, don’t be a jerk at this time!”

Joel did not stay silent and only said, “Mia is a girl. She needs her mother more.”

Nora watched as the two of them argued. She was still digesting the news she had just received.

She didn’t expect Mia to be treated this way. Not to mention Tanya, even she couldn’t accept it. If such a thing happened to Cherry…

Not to mention inserting a drug, she would immediately shoot Hillary into meat paste with a gun!

While she was also feeling angry, these two people were going back and forth. They were both going to shoulder the lawsuit. Nora could only abandon all her senses.

Now, Tanya and Joel were angered by Mia’s matter. The two of them had no rationality to speak of, so they did not notice that there was a problem with Tanya’s story. She interrupted the two of them. “Erm, don’t fight over it. That medicine is not fatal.”

When she said this, Tanya and Joel’s voices paused.

The lawyer sighed. “Yes, this thing is poison, but it won’t kill her. However, the coroner’s conclusion is that Hillary’s body was originally weak. She died because she was injected with this thing!”

Tanya smiled bitterly. “Of course, I knew it wouldn’t kill her… Although I lost my rationality back then, I knew that Mia still needed me! I couldn’t let a scumbag ruin my life! That was why I researched online for medicines that could cause pain but would not kill… I didn’t expect her to die.”

No matter how angry Tanya was, she would never leave Mia alone again. However, she could not swallow her anger. Therefore, she chose to compromise.

She had punished Hillary in a safe way.

She never expected that the medicine, that only worked on the nerves and did not harm the human body, would actually take Hillary’s life!

When the lawyer heard this, he asked, “When you searched on the Internet, what were the keywords?”

Tanya replied, “Painful but not fatal.” The lawyer heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good! We can use this for a counterattack! It can prove that you didn’t intend to commit murder! It was accidental murder! In addition to the fact that you have a child… I think the judge will show mercy!” Joel hurriedly asked, “How benevolent can the judge be?”

The lawyer looked at Joel. “Mr. Smith, if you were the one who had done it, then it would have been intentional murder. Therefore, only Ms. Tanya would be able to use this counterattack. And because it wasn’t intentional, and because Hillary’s actions were too hateful, the judge will pity Ms. Tanya. I’m confident that Ms. Tanya will only be sentenced to three years at most!”

When Tanya heard this, she looked at Joel. “Wait for me. I’ll see you in three years.”

Joel pursed his lips and suddenly said, “I’ll give you a grand wedding in three years.”

Tanya’s eyes turned red. “Forget it. If you marry a woman who has been in prison, you will be laughed at.”

“I’m not afraid of being laughed at. I just feel very useless.” Joel clenched his fists. “Tanya, I’m sorry.”

It was the end of visiting hours. Nora and Joel stood up and left with their lawyers.

As soon as they left the room, Joel looked at the lawyer. “If I had attempted murder on purpose to avenge my daughter, how long would I be sentenced to?”

The lawyer was stunned, but when he saw that Joel was serious, he calculated in his heart and said, “10 years.”

Joel smiled. “Okay, that’s the plan.”

The lawyer was stunned. “Mr. Smith, it’s 10 years! It’ll only be three years for Ms. Tanya!”

Joel lowered his eyes. “Do as I say.”

He would rather be in prison for 10 years than letting Tanya suffer for another three years.

The lawyer instantly became bitter and vengeful. He simply looked at Nora. “Miss Smith, please persuade Mr. Smith!”

Nora was deep in thought and did not hear him at all. She only reacted when the lawyer tugged at her sleeve. “What?”

The lawyer could only repeat Joel’s decision.

However, Joel, who was beside her, gradually sensed Nora’s abnormality. He frowned and suddenly asked, “Nora, do you find something odd?”

Nora nodded. “I’ve been thinking about it. Could Hillary really die if injected with 5 milliliters of Benzoplatin? According to what I know, Benzoplatin only affects the nerves and makes people feel pain, but it’s harmless to the body.”

Joel did not know medicine, so he did not suspect anything when he heard about this medicine.

However, after Nora said that, he suddenly frowned. “You mean…”

Nora shook her head. “I’m not sure either, but I still think we should go and see the corpse.”

Joel nodded immediately.

He looked at the lawyer.

The lawyer also understood something. He hurriedly went to look for someone and asked to see the corpse.

When the staff member heard this request, he did not reject it. He picked up his phone and called the morgue. However, when the call connected, he was stunned. “What? She’s already been sent to the crematorium?”

When he said this, the three people present were all stunned!

Nora and Joel exclaimed at the same time, “Oh no!”

Before coming to the police station, neither of them had expected the corpse to be dealt with so quickly, so they did not think of protecting it at all.

After all, she was already dead!

They were no professional criminals, after all. They had overlooked this!!

Joel rushed to the phone and asked, “When did you send it out?”

The person was stunned. “Half an hour ago…”

After Tanya admitted to it, this case was basically set in stone. Therefore, the handling of the corpses was also within the rules! Joel and Nora looked at each other. Without a word, they rushed out the door. Nora jumped into the driver’s seat and said to Joel, “Sit tight!”

As soon as she said that, the car rushed out!

Joel was already making a call, but the vehicle carrying the corpse had already arrived at the crematorium. The corpse had been sent in and the door was closed!

When burning corpses at high temperatures, once they entered the furnace, they could not be taken out again!

Because it was impossible to stop halfway.

So… it was too late!

They were a step too late!!

If the corpse was cremated, there was no chance of turning the situation around!