She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 467 - Confess!

Chapter 467 - Confess!

Chapter 467 Confess!

When they heard this, Nora and Joel were stunned.

Tanya had met Hillary in private? And she had injected something into her IV tube? How was that possible?!

Although Tanya hated Hillary, she would not do something like that because she still had Mia to take care of. She could not do anything illegal. Joel was the first to speak. “Impossible.”

Nora nodded as well. “Although Hillary is unconscious, she will still go to jail even if she wakes up. She has already received the punishment she deserves. Tanya would not harm her again!”

The lawyer sighed. “But Ms. Tanya once told Jill that she would never forgive Hillary. She even wanted Hillary to die.” Nora: “…”

She had indeed said this when Jill questioned her in the hospital. Moreover, there was a nurse beside her at that time.

The lawyer said, “Someone has evidence to prove this. Therefore, Ms. Tanya has a motive for the crime. In addition to the surveillance video and the toxins collected from the body… there is both human and material evidence. Furthermore, Ms. Tanya has already confirmed the evidence from the surveillance cameras…”

These words stunned Nora and Joel. The two of them looked at the lawyer in disbelief and questioned at the same time, “How is this possible?”

The lawyer frowned as well. “I can’t get bail now, but I’ve requested to meet Ms. Tanya. The two of you can follow me.”

Joel and Nora nodded.

Soon, the formalities were completed. Nora followed behind Joel and the lawyer and slowly entered the interrogation room.

Tanya sat there inside the interrogation room, looking a little flustered and helpless. She clenched her fists tightly and turned her head away the moment they entered.

After the others had left, Nora remained silent. Joel, on the other hand, said slowly, “Tanya, you didn’t really go to see Hillary, right? There must be something wrong with their surveillance cameras. Why are you admitting to it? Did they torture you?” When Tanya heard this, the panic in her eyes gradually calmed down. She looked a little depressed and shook her head. “No. The police work according to the law. They can’t torture me. You’re thinking too much.”

Joel stared at her. “Then why did you admit to it? And what’s with the surveillance cameras?”

When he asked this, Nora had already started playing the video on her phone.

In the video, Tanya could be clearly seen entering the ward and taking out something to push into the IV line. Nora stared at that face. After knowing Tanya for so many years, she could almost confirm…

Tanya suddenly looked up and said slowly, “I didn’t want to kill her!”

Her words confirmed everything the lawyer had said!

Nora put her phone away.

She thought that it was all a lie, but she did not expect it to be true!

If the video was real, they could not do anything

When Joel heard this, he was extremely surprised. He, who could remain calm in the face of death, asked anxiously, now that it concerned Tanya, “You… You really went to see her? What did you inject her with?”

Tanya lowered her head and took a deep breath before saying, “It’s called Benzoplatin. This thing can make her feel pain even in a coma.”

The interrogation room fell silent.

Tanya held her head and said in pain, “I didn’t want to kill her. I just wanted her to feel pain… Joel, do you know? I interacted with Mia a lot before I realized that there are some scars on Mia’s private parts… They are all old scars. I asked Mia about it, and she told me… that it was her mother, when she was young. Because she was insensible, she cried and made you frown, so Hillary used a cigarette butt to burn her privates!”

Tanya’s words were still trembling.

A day ago, she had given Mia a bath…

Actually, she should not look at a child’s private parts when she grows older.

As a father, Joel had not seen it since Mia was three years old.

But Tanya loved Mia too much. When she saw the small mole on Mia’s shoulder, she wanted to check her entire body.

She did not expect to find such a big scar…

It had been a long time ago, and the scar was very big. It was obvious how much Mia had suffered back then!!

She had asked Mia about it, who had said in fear, “Mommy, I’ll be serious and obedient in the future. Don’t punish me like this.”

At that moment, Tanya felt like she had lost her mind!

No wonder. No wonder her daughter, who had been pampered by Joel since she was young, was so careful. She did not have any arrogant habits at all.

No wonder Mia was so afraid of Hillary…

So that was the reason!!

Tanya was trembling with anger. She held back her rationality and coaxed Mia to sleep before sitting there in a daze for the entire night.

She knew that even if she revealed this matter, Hillary would already be dead because this matter could not be changed to a death sentence… The one who would be affected the most was Mia.

Mia would be pitied because of this.

She did not want her daughter to be pitied.

However, she could not vent her frustration and anger at all. It was only in the morning that she made up her mind.

Even if she had to be a bad person or a murderer this time, she would not let Hillary off so easily! Because seeing her child in pain was the most intolerable thing for a mother! Therefore, she had searched for drugs that could make one’s nerves feel extremely painful and had secretly gone to the hospital to inject them into Hillary’s IV bottle.

Hearing Tanya’s words, Joel stood up suddenly.

The man, who was more than 1.8 meters tall, was trembling like a sieve. He looked at Tanya in disbelief. “How… how is this possible…”

His daughter had actually suffered like this under his watch?!

He clenched his fists tightly, his eyes filled with tears. “It’s… my fault.”

Tanya shook her head. “You’re a father, and she’s a girl. How could you have known? If it weren’t for the coincidence, I wouldn’t have looked so carefully at my daughter… She’s already five years old… Hillary took advantage of this!”

She suddenly looked up with red eyes and said in a trembling voice. “So, I don’t regret it. Even if I kill her, I’m willing to face the consequences! But what about my Mia?”

Towards the end, she looked a little lost.

Almost as soon as she said this, Joel held her hand and suddenly said, “Tanya, what does this have to do with you? I was the one who gave you the medicine!”

Tanya was stunned. “When did you give it to me…”

At this point, she suddenly understood.

Joel was trying to take the blame!

Her eyes were red as large tears rolled down her cheeks. She lowered her head and wiped her tears. “Stop fooling around…”

However, Joel said firmly, “I’m useless. I couldn’t protect my wife or my daughter… Back then, I broke up with you because of a small misunderstanding. Now that something like this has happened to my daughter, it’s my fault. It’s all my fault… I want to tear Hillary to pieces!”