She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 466 - Evidence!

Chapter 466 - Evidence!

Chapter 466 Evidence!

The nurse was stunned. “Special department?”

The young nurse did not know about them, so she asked hesitantly, “What’s that?” Elaine said, “It’s a department above the normal police service. If they take over the case, all of us have to listen to them… Forget it. You won’t understand even if I tell you this. Anyway, after this case is successfully closed, I’ll have enough experience accumulated to apply for a position in the special department.” If she could join the special department, it would be an honor for her!

Moreover, Captain Ford from the special department… had an honorable status and was admired by everyone. At the thought of this, Elaine’s face turned a little red as she became excited.

She signed her diagnosis and autopsy report and handed them to the nurse. Then, she looked at the nurse and said, “The cause of death has been determined, let’s cremate the corpse now.”

The nurse was stunned. “So fast?”

“Yes, it’s summer now. Corpses rot if they’re left out for too long. Even if there’s a freezer, there’s no need to keep her body.” The nurse courteously replied, “Then I’ll contact the victim’s family.”


After saying that, Elaine looked at her. “Contact her now.”

The nurse did not expect her to be so anxious. He asked, “Ah?… Ah, okay.”

When Tanya was taken away, she only said one sentence to Nora. “Take good care of Mia.”

After she was taken away, Nora went upstairs first.

It was the weekend today, so the children did not go to school. They were playing inside and seemed to have heard the noise downstairs. Therefore, when Nora entered, she saw Mia anxiously wearing her shoes. She asked in a small voice, “Why was my mommy arrested?”

Pete said, “Don’t worry. They must have caught the wrong person.”

Cherry held her phone. As they were in the midst of an intense team battle, she looked at Mia and then downstairs.

She hesitated for 0.01 seconds before throwing her phone down and putting on her shoes. “Let’s go downstairs and ask Mom!”

Nora pushed the door open and entered.

When she saw the three children, she said, “Mia, your mommy has something on and needs to go to the police station. Don’t worry.”

Mia asked hesitantly, “Is she really okay?”

Nora got down on her knees and ruffled through her hair. “She’s really fine. Your mommy is such a good person, and the police officers specialize in catching bad people. Why would they catch your mommy?”

Mia tilted her head and thought about it carefully. “Yes, Aunt Nora is right. Then, when will Mommy be back?”

“She’ll be back tonight.”

Nora coaxed her patiently. Her voice was very soft. Although it was deep, it was very gentle. After saying that, she looked at Cherry and saw that the little fellow’s big eyes were darting around. She pouted and then silently said to Nora, “Mommy, you’re lying.”

Nora: “…”

She knew that this brat was smart and could tell that things were not so simple.

However, Cherry cooperated and persuaded Mia. The little fellow looked up and said confidently, “Mia, don’t be afraid. Even if something really happens to your mommy, my mommy won’t just sit there and do nothing! Besides, your daddy is very powerful too! If they can’t do it, then look for my daddy!”

Mia tilted her head. “What if your daddy can’t do it, either?”

“Then find my auntie and grandma!” Cherry patted her chest. “Don’t worry. My auntie and grandma are the best!”

Mia was really deceived by her confidence. She nodded. “Okay.”

Nora said, “You guys have fun here. I’ll get the nanny to watch over you all. You all have to stay at home obediently today, okay?”

Mia: “Okay!”

Cherry said, “Don’t worry, Mommy! I’ll take good care of Mia and Pete!”

Pete: “…”

When Nora saw that Mia had calmed down, she went out and picked up her phone to call Joel. However, the moment she went out, she felt a tiny tug on her pants.

She lowered her head and met Pete’s stern but serious face.

He thought for a moment and said, “Mommy, I just saw that God-mom was taken away by them in handcuffs.”

Nora: “?”

Was her son so observant?!

It was too difficult to lie to him.

She lowered her head and was about to say something when she heard Pete’s clear analysis. “You should contact Uncle and Dad immediately and get a lawyer to bail God-mom out. If they came here for an arrest, they must have had an arrest warrant. That means they have solid evidence, but God-mom definitely didn’t do anything bad. You should look at the evidence. If I’m not wrong, the evidence must have been tampered with.”

“…” Hearing his logical analysis, Nora felt for the first time that her son was indeed very smart.

Although he did not like to talk much and spent all his time doing Mathematical Olympiad questions, he was indeed worthy of being a child of the Hunts. Even when faced with dire situations, he could maintain his composure and think clearly.

She touched Pete’s head. “Okay, I’ll do all of that. But Mia is in a bad mood, so can please take good care of her?”. Pete looked at Nora helplessly. “Mommy, I’m not a three-year-old child anymore.” These words to coax a child were useless on him.

However, Nora said seriously, “Pete, Mommy isn’t coaxing you. I’m telling the truth. Cherry has a rough personality and a big heart. I’m worried about letting her take care of people. But if it’s Pete, Mommy would be relieved!”

These words made Pete’s face turn red. He nodded and even spoke up for his sister. “Sister is also very good.”

Nora: “…”

This fellow was really adorable!

Nora left the house and called Joel. Joel already knew about the situation when the police came in to arrest him. He said, “I’m bringing my lawyer over. I’ll probably arrive with them.”

Nora nodded. “Sure.”

Nora and Joel were not allowed to see Tanya before the case was processed. Only the lawyers were allowed to discuss these matters.

After more than half an hour, the lawyer walked out with a frown. “The matter has been clarified! They do indeed have the evidence to back Ms. Turner’s arrest! Hillary’s death was caused by the toxins in her body. During the time she was detained, only Miss Tanya had seen her! She injected something in Hillary’s infusion drug. All of this had been recorded by the surveillance cameras. We’re at a great disadvantage right now!”