She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 465 - Cause of Death!!

Chapter 465 - Cause of Death!!

Chapter 465 Cause of Death!!

“Hillary is dead.”

Tanya looked at Nora as she spoke.

She stared at her in shock and disbelief. Nora frowned. “What’s going on?” “I don’t know.”

Tanya pointed at her phone. “I was just informed that she’s brain dead. The doctors just took her off the ventilator.”

She subconsciously clenched her fists and took a deep breath. “This might be her retribution!”

Nora felt that this matter was a little strange.

Two days ago, she had gone to see Hillary and checked her pulse. Hillary was indeed in a coma and she might have been able to find out the specific reason with a blood test. At that time, she was worried that Hillary would pretend to be sick and escape from the prison. After confirming that she was really sick, she had felt relieved.

Later on, Elaine took over Hillary. Furthermore, because of her special status, Nora did not pay attention to her anymore.

But why was she dead?

She frowned as the butler walked in and said, “Miss Nora, someone from the police station is here. They said…”

He gulped. “They said that further investigation has revealed that Hillary’s death was a murder . As for the murderer, they have sufficient evidence and have come to arrest the culprit.”


Nora frowned. “What’s going on?”

How could the Smiths be related to the murderer?

The butler did not understand either. At this moment, the police rushed in and said, “We already have evidence of your murder. Please surrender immediately!”

Nora: “…”

She thought about it carefully. Two days ago, she had only seen Hillary in the operating theater. At that time, there were surveillance cameras in the operating theater, so these people could not have framed her. The police officers walked towards her. Nora sighed slightly. Why was she fated with prison…

The last time Old Maddy fell sick, it was the same. This time, it was the same…

She had originally planned to follow the clues and find out who the mysterious person was that had come to New York. However, she did not expect that things would turn out this way.

As she sighed, the police officer walked past and behind her. He took out handcuffs and handcuffed Tanya!

Nora: “!!”

Were the policeman’s words directed at Tanya?

But how was that possible?!

Tanya looked surprised as she looked at the police officer in confusion. “What are you doing? Why did you arrest me?”

The police officer said, “You’re suspected of murdering Hillary. We have both material evidence and witnesses, so we’re arresting you now! Please don’t resist.”

Tanya was stunned. “What? How could I have killed someone?!”

Nora also made a prompt decision to block the police’s path. She asked in a deep and calm voice, “What’s going on? Do you have an arrest warrant? What’s the evidence? Also, please show your police badge. Do you really think you can come in and arrest anyone you want?”

The police officer did not expect Nora to be so domineering. He first took out his police badge and showed it to her before showing his arrest warrant.

The arrest warrant was real. Nora could not stop them. After all, if she really stopped them and escaped, it would mean that they had fled for their crimes and would be confirmed as guilty. Nora looked at Tanya and said calmly, “You go first. I’ll contact the lawyer immediately and prepare to bail you out.”

Tanya took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay.”

When Tanya was brought out by the police, Jill arrived as well. When she saw Tanya, her eyes were red and she looked like she had gone mad. “Tanya! You killed Hillary! I knew it. You always wanted her dead! You vicious person! You murderer! I should have strangled you to death when you were young! I should have thrown you to death! A person like you shouldn’t have appeared in this world!”

She rushed toward Tanya in anger, but the police stopped her.

Jill was stopped by someone. Her hands and feet tried to claw out to her, but she could not touch Tanya.

She continued to curse. “You killed my daughter. I don’t want to live anymore, but before I die, I will take you with me! I will make you pay!”

The police formed a protective circle around Tanya.

She looked at Jill in shock.

The person in front of her had already gone mad. It was obvious that she had decided to go all out. It was courage that allowed her to risk her life for her daughter.

This was not about gaining benefits, but true selfless motherly love!

But if she loved her daughter so much, why was she always so cold to Tanya? Tanya looked at Hillary in confusion and muttered, “Am I not your daughter?”.

“No! I don’t have a daughter like you! You’re a murderer! You’ll die a horrible death. I’ll curse you to go to the deepest pits of hell after you die!”


These extreme evil thoughts and curses made Tanya slowly retract her gaze.

She did not say anything else and followed the police into the car.

At the hospital’s mortuary.

Elaine was wandering around Hillary’s corpse. She frowned and inspected the marks on the corpse. She said, “There are scratches on the victim’s body. Her fingernails were torn off, which means that she went through an intense struggle when she was alive. We have detected an unknown drug composition in her body. Our initial estimate is that its poison. We’re pretty certain that she died from the poison.”

After the examination, the nurse beside Elaine could not help but say, “Doctor Elaine, could her death be related to her previous unconsciousness? Could it be that she was poisoned in the prison and had fallen sick because of it? We just didn’t notice.”

These words made Elaine clench her fists tightly. She looked at the nurse with a sharp gaze. “What nonsense are you talking about? We indeed could not find out the reason for her coma, but we did not find anything in her blood, either… It was clearly after Tanya saw her that she died from the poisoning!”

The young nurse said, “But…”

“But what?” Elaine glared at her. “Are you a doctor or am I? Even if a forensic doctor comes to investigate, this would be the only judgment!”

The young nurse gritted her teeth. She knew that this matter had to be resolved like this.

Otherwise, it would mean that Elaine’s medical skills were bad and she could not treat Hillary well.


She couldn’t help but say, “There’s Doctor Anti too!”

What if the international expert could tell the real cause?

However, as soon as she said this, Elaine smiled. “She’s already dead. Do you think just any random doctor can look at her body? With me around, even a forensic doctor won’t be able to touch her!”

With that, she said, “Don’t worry. Unless someone from the special department comes, no one can overthrow my judgment!”