She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 464 - Sudden Death

Chapter 464 - Sudden Death

Chapter 464 Sudden Death

The entire corridor fell silent.

The other nurses looked at each other.

Elaine was the best in alternative medicine in the country, while Nora was the best in international modern medicine. When these two people met, they did not know who to help at that moment.

However, Elaine was not afraid of her. She said, “What? Do you think I’m wrong? Or do you think modern medicine is better than alternative medicine?”

Many people felt that alternative medicine was unreliable, especially in Western countries. Some even thought that it was a scam.

Elaine’s words had clearly set a trap for Nora.

If she said modern medicine was good, she would offend most of the alternative medicine doctors in the capital. And in New York, there were many prestigious alternative medicine doctors!

If they all came together to suppress her, they could definitely make Nora’s life a living hell.

However, if she said alternative medicine was good, Nora would be showing weakness and ruin her own prestige.

Nora looked at her and did not understand why this person was targeting her. However, the corners of her lips curled up slightly and she said, “Be it modern or alternative medicine, in my opinion, they’re just ways to treat illnesses and save people! It doesn’t matter they’re noble or cheap. They can’t be compared!”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Elaine’s expression darkened. She seemed to be a little unhappy that she could not trick Nora. She sneered and said, “Then why did Miss Smith choose modern medicine instead of alternative medicine? According to what I know, your mother was an outstanding talent in the alternative medicine world back then! Why didn’t you inherit her mantle? Instead of studying alternative medicine, you chose modern medicine. Doesn’t this explain Miss Smith’s thoughts?”

Nora: “?”

She raised her eyebrows slightly. “Miss Smith, you’re not telling me it’s just your hobby, are you? You have a mother who’s famous for her alternative medicine skills, but you like modern medicine. Doesn’t this show your attitude?”


Nora pursed her lips. Was this Elaine planning to pin her on the saying that modern medicine was better than alternative medicine?

She was really persistent.

She suddenly smiled and said, “How do you know that I didn’t learn alternative medicine?”

Elaine was stunned by her light tone. However, she continued mocking, “Oh, did you learn alternative medicine? Then why haven’t I ever heard your name in the alternative medicine world?”

After saying that, she did not wait for Nora to speak again and looked at her phone. “Alright, I don’t have time to debate with Miss Smith here today. After all, I still have a case to settle. I’m not as free as Miss Smith.”

Nora: “??!”

Before she could say anything, Tanya said, “Eh? Isn’t it Doctor Elaine who suddenly walked over to talk to Nora? We didn’t stop you from leaving either! You make it sound like our Nora is pestering you. Isn’t that a little strange?”

Elaine: “…”

She glared at Tanya and left.

After she left, Nora and Tanya looked at each other and were about to leave too. However, just as they turned around, they heard Jill’s angry voice. “Tanya, did you do this on purpose?”

Nora turned back to look at Tanya, only to see her stunned. She looked at Jill in confusion.

Jill’s fingers were about to poke her nose. “Doctor Elaine is Hillary’s attending doctor. You offended her with your words here. You must be trying to get her to take revenge on Hillary!”

Tanya’s expression instantly darkened.

A strange feeling surged in Nora’s heart.

She also had two children, but regardless of whether it was Pete or Cherry, she doted on them. She was afraid that she would neglect one of them and make the other unhappy.

Pete and born sensitive, while Cherry was born to be more carefree. However, she had not overlooked Cherry and wronged her. After all, her family background was good. Why did Jill have to do this?

Jill did not have any motherly feelings for Tanya, right?

Otherwise, how could she have done this?!

Jill was also a little unhappy that Nora had offended Elaine. However, she did not dare to get angry at Nora. She threw her temper at Tanya. “How old are you already? You don’t even know how to act! Is this the time for you to shoot your mouth off? Even if you’re criticized by others, so what if you suffer a little? Why do you have to fight for the upper hand? Do you think your younger sister isn’t dying quickly enough?”

Tanya suddenly roared angrily, “My younger sister?”

She looked at Jill. “How dare you say that the person lying inside is my younger sister? Isn’t she supposed to be my elder sister?!”

Jill immediately choked.

She gulped and Tanya said again, “What I told you back then was only a superficial reconciliation. Don’t think that we have really reconciled. However, you’re right about one thing!” Jill was taken aback. “What?”

Tanya narrowed her eyes and sneered. “I really think that the person lying inside isn’t dying fast enough! She has already been arrested. Even if she doesn’t have a future, she can’t make up for the crime of stealing my child! I really hope that she dies from this illness!” Jill was furious. She stretched out her hand and was about to hit Tanya. “You evil girl!”

Unfortunately, before she could do anything, Nora had already moved in front of Tanya and grabbed Jill’s wrist. She looked at Jill coldly and said, “Mrs. Jones, Tanya is my sister-in-law now. Before you hit her, did you ask for the Smiths’ opinion? Or do the Joneses no longer care about the Smiths’ opinion?”

Her words made Jill choke.

Nora whispered again, “Of course. Karl Moore is still in New York. If you have any objections to his daughter, why don’t you talk to him?”

Nora touched her chin and suddenly approached her. She said again, “By the way, do you know what Karl Moore is doing now?”

Jill was stunned.

She only knew that Karl Moore was from the underworld, but she really did not know what he was doing Now that Nora said this, her heart sank. “What?”

Nora only smiled and did not say anything.

However, this made Jill even more afraid. She swallowed her saliva and saw Nora suddenly reach out her hand. She raised her thumb and index finger and aimed them at Jill’s head.


Jill was shocked and subconsciously took a step back. Then, she saw Nora’s lips curl up slightly.

Strange evilness appeared on her obedient face.

She had originally thought that Hillary’s illness this time could be considered a blessing in disguise. After all, she could stay in the ward and avoid prison.

However, no one expected that two days later, news would suddenly spread that Hillary had died in the ward.

Upon hearing the news, the police quickly surrounded the Smiths.

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