She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 463 - Alternative Medicine and Modern Medicine!

Chapter 463 - Alternative Medicine and Modern Medicine!

Chapter 463 Alternative Medicine and Modern Medicine!

Elaine was famous for being a demoness in the hospital.

However, her medical skills were good, and no one dared to provoke her.

The staff member who had been scolded for no reason could not help but retort, “Yes, she is.”

Elaine was stunned and then sneered. “Oh? Then tell me, who is she? If she’s better than Dr. Larson, why haven’t I heard of this person in all my years in the medical world?”

The staff coughed and looked at Nora.

Perhaps it was because she had joined Morris’s investigation team and became an external employee, Morris had specially sent her a document to prove her identity… Therefore, Nora had a good impression of these staff members.

After all, they were considered her colleagues.

Seeing her colleague in such a difficult position, how could Nora just leave?

She raised her eyebrows at Elaine and suddenly said, “Hello, I’m Doctor Anti. If you haven’t heard of me, I’m probably too unremarkable, I


Elaine was obviously stunned when she heard this.

The nurses behind Elaine immediately covered their mouths and looked at her in shock. They exclaimed, “Anti?”

“Oh my god, I’m seeing Anti!”

“Anti is the best international doctor. If Dr. Larson is the best in the country, then Anti is the best in the world. She’s even better than Dr. Larson!”

“She’s my idol!”

As the nurses were whispering, Nora realized that Elaine had an intense frown on her face. She seemed to be a little stunned when she heard this name. She felt awkward after being slapped in the face like that but calmed down quickly. Elaine did not continue talking about this matter. Instead, she looked at the staff and continued to reprimand them. “Even if Jill has found the best surgeon, you shouldn’t have just let her in!”

With that, she glared at the two of them. “The criminal’s condition is still unclear. What if she’s pretending to be sick and intends to escape? Once the two of you were deceived, she might have run away before I came here!”

The two staff members lowered their heads and pursed their lips.

It was obvious disdain.

Elaine’s words were righteous, but she had not said anything earlier. Now that she brought up this topic, it was obvious that she was embarrassed and angry.

However, the two staff members did not reveal their thoughts. Instead, they looked at each other and coughed. “Yes, we were wrong.”

Elaine looked at Nora and said to the two of them again, “Now, please get rid of everyone unrelated to the case! I want to see the patient!”


The two staff members looked at Nora.

Nora raised her eyebrows and did not make things difficult for them. She left the operating theater.

When she came out, Tanya stepped forward and asked, “How is it?”

Nora thought of Hillary’s pulse earlier and said softly, “She’s really unconscious, but we still have to investigate the specific reason.”

As long as it was not an act and she didn’t plan to escape, everything else should be fine.

Tanya nodded.

At this moment, Jill came over. “Miracle doctor, how’s my daughter?” When Nora heard this, she said, “Oh, they have another famous doctor in the hospital. She seems to be diagnosing her!” Jill was taken aback. “What do you mean?” Nora thought about it and replied, “Elaine.”


Jill was suddenly enlightened. “Oh!”

Before Nora could say anything, Jill said, “She’s the most famous doctor in New York. She’s different from ordinary doctors. She’s the only alternative medicine doctor in the industry!”

“Alternative medicine?”

Nora was a little surprised.

In this day and age, there were fewer and fewer young doctors who majored in traditional alternative medicine. Furthermore, most of the doctors who could be the best in traditional alternative medicine were old.

Traditional alternative medicine emphasized reading, hearing, and cutting. One needed to accumulate experience based on medical cases.

However, Elaine was clearly only in her twenties…

At this moment, the door to the operating theater was suddenly pushed open and Elaine walked out.

Behind her, a few nurses said, “Doctor Elaine is really impressive! We didn’t find any problems, but the moment she arrived, we found out!”

“That’s right. We have also heard of how magical alternative medicine is, but we never believed it. We felt that it’s no different from witchcraft. I didn’t expect to actually witness the power of alternative medicine today!”

As the group of people flattered her, Jill went up to her. “Doctor Elaine, what’s wrong with my daughter?”

Elaine said, “I checked her pulse and found that she’s indeed in a coma, not pretending. The specific reason still needs to be confirmed with blood tests, but I already have a general idea.”

The nurses around them immediately nodded.

However, Elaine suddenly looked at Nora and said, “Sometimes, modern medicine is indeed very useless. In her situation, all her vital signs are normal. From the perspective of modern medicine, there are no problems at all. Most ordinary people would have symptoms such as spleen and stomach dysfunction, kidney deficiency, and other symptoms, but they can’t be detected if they don’t reach a certain level. Once they reach a level that can be detected using modern medicine, it means that the illness is already very serious. This can highlight the importance of alternative medicine. It also requires alternative medicine to nurse a person’s body! The mystery of alternative medicine is definitely not something modern medicine can compare to!”

Nora: “??!”

Tanya whispered into her ear, “Nora, why do I feel like she’s implying you’re inferior to her?”

Nora: “…Be more confident. Get rid of your feelings.”

Tanya: “…”

The corners of her mouth twitched as she could not help but purse her lips. “She’s good at alternative medicine, but you’re good at modern medicine. What’s there for her to be arrogant about?!”

Nora chuckled and did not answer. However, Tanya’s voice was not low, and Elaine immediately heard her. She frowned and looked over. She simply walked in front of Nora. “Anti, honest words are unpleasant to the ear. There are some things I have to say!”

“Do you really think that just because you’re the best doctor, your medical skills are amazing? Alternative medicine is the most profound! Furthermore, your mother, Yvette, was an outstanding talent in the alternative medicine world. You didn’t inherit her skills and instead went overseas to learn modern medicine! No matter how good your modern medicine is, I still look down on you! It’s because you have abandoned the essence of the ancestors! In my opinion, only the best alternative medicine practitioner can truly be considered a medical expert! You’re only holding a scalpel. No matter how good you are, it’s just familiarity making perfect!”

When she said this, Nora instantly narrowed her eyes. “I only know how to hold a scalpel?”