She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 462 - Strange Illness

Chapter 462 - Strange Illness

Chapter 462 Strange Illness

Without even raising his head, he placed a drug into Hillary’s hand. “Eat this and you can leave.”

Eat it?

Hillary bit her lip and stared at the white pill. “What medicine is this?”

“You don’t need to know. Just know that if you eat it, you can go out.” The person walked away after repeating himself, leaving Hillary standing there staring at the medicine in her hand.

Should she eat it or not?

She suddenly clenched her fists and looked at the back of the person in the distance.

Thinking about how she had met this person and the changes around her during this period of time… Hillary suddenly steeled her heart and took the medicine while no one was paying attention.

She did not know what this pill would do for her.

“What? Hillary suddenly fell ill?”

At the Smiths, when Tanya received the call, she was a little stunned. It was a call from the court. After all, Hillary had stolen her daughter. Now that she had been released to the hospital for treatment, the court had to inform Tanya of her whereabouts.

Tanya frowned. “What illness is it?”

The voice on the phone replied in a monotonous voice, “Ms. Tanya, Hillary’s condition is still being examined at the hospital, but it’s quite serious. She seems to have had a heart attack and has been in a coma.”

“Okay, I understand.”

After hanging up, Tanya looked at Nora hesitantly and said, “Hillary has always been in good health. Why would she suddenly have a heart attack?”

Nora frowned. She suddenly said, “Why don’t we go to the hospital to take a look?”

Tanya subconsciously asked, “You suspect that she’s faking it?”

The only people who could come out of prison were the patients.

Nora nodded and looked at the time. She happened to be free now, so she simply stood up. “Let’s go. I’ll accompany you.”

When still in prison, Hillary had already seen a doctor. The doctor was helpless and had sent her to the city’s Hospital Finest.

Tanya drove and brought Nora to the hospital. The two of them walked upstairs slowly.

Nora dragged her feet as if she could not walk. Her eyes were slightly lowered, and she exuded a domineering aura.

Tanya’s mouth twitched as she watched from the side. She felt that this person really knew how to put on a show. She was clearly sleepy, but she could still make the biggest pose in the world.

Everyone around looked over. Tanya could only grab her hand and pull her to walk faster toward the ward the court staff had told her about.

As soon as they arrived, they saw Jill standing outside the ward, pacing back and forth anxiously. She seemed to have heard footsteps and turned to see them. She immediately rushed over and pointed at Tanya as she scolded, “What are you doing here? Isn’t it enough that you caused my daughter to end up like this?! Do you have to see her die before you can be at ease?!”

Tanya: “…” She frowned and felt that the Jill she had seen two days ago was not the same person as the Jill from today. Or rather, the Jill today was the Jill she was familiar with. The one from two days ago was so calm that it was terrifying.

Nora looked at Tanya’s thoughtful expression. Now was not the time to quarrel with Jill. She interrupted Jill’s next question and asked, “How is she?”

Nora was the eldest daughter of the Smiths and was also Justin Hunt’s girlfriend.

Jill was a little worried as she said unhappily, “She’s not dead yet! However, the doctor hasn’t been able to find any problems until now. She’s still in a coma!”

At this point, she looked at the two staff members guarding Hillary at the entrance of the operating theater with resentment. “It must be because you found a bad doctor for her! Seeing that my daughter is down and out, you didn’t treat her properly, did you!” The two staff members were about to speak when Jill suddenly thought of something. She looked at Nora suddenly. “By the way, aren’t you Anti? You’re the world’s number one surgeon. You’re also known as the master surgeon. Quickly go and see my daughter!” Nora: “…”

She stared at Jill and then at the two people at the door. She raised her eyebrows slightly. “Okay.”

She also wanted to see what Hillary was up to!

As she thought this, Jill said to the two guards, “This is Doctor Anti. Can you let her in to see my daughter?”

The two of them looked at each other. It was now a critical period for Hillary to seek treatment. They had found two specialists in the hospital, but they could not see any problems. They had called Jill over because Hillary still had the right to seek treatment.

Now, Nora was considered someone hired by Jill, so they said, “Then come out as soon as possible.”

“No problem.”

Nora waved at the two of them and then nodded slightly at Tanya. She gave her a reassuring look before entering the operating theater.

Hillary had probably been here for three to four hours. At this moment, she was lying on the operating table with all kinds of testing equipment around her.

Nora looked at the data displayed on the device first.

Her heart was beating normally.

Blood pressure was normal.

All the statistics were up to standard. Even the blood test report was at the side, eliminating hypoglycemia. However, Nora observed that her brain waves were indeed abnormal.

This meant that… Hillary was not pretending to be ill?

Then why was she unconscious? There were only nurses in the operating theater now. The other doctors had already gone out to discuss this case. Nora went to the other side and prepared to take her pulse.

She placed her fingers on Hillary’s wrist and closed her eyes.

A minute later, she opened her eyes and retracted her fingers. She frowned at her.

At this moment, the door to the operating theater suddenly opened and a tall figure walked in.

She looked up and saw a female doctor wearing surgical clothes. Behind her were a few nurses. As the group of people entered, they saw Nora. The female doctor frowned and reprimanded, “Who are you? The operating theater is not a place you can enter as you please! Please leave!”

Nora narrowed her eyes.

Just as she was about to speak, the staff guarding the door whispered, “This is the doctor hired by the inmate’s mother.”

After saying that, the staff introduced her to Nora. “This is Doctor Elaine Miller, our lead doctor. She is also the most skilled person in our department!” When Elaine heard this, she immediately rebuked the two of them. “Nonsense! The person lying on the hospital bed is a criminal. Before we figure it out, how can we let the doctors outside see her? Even Dr. Larson is helpless when it comes to her condition. Her family can’t be thinking that any random doctor can treat her, right?”

Nora was originally prepared to leave after she came in.

After all, she was not kind enough to really treat Hillary. She had only come in to confirm if Hillary was really sick.

Now that she had confirmed it, she was about to leave. However, she was unhappy when she heard this.

The staff also mumbled, “She’s not a random doctor.”

Elaine sneered. “Dr. Larson is the best doctor in the domestic and foreign departments. Is she better than him?”.