She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 461 - The Mastermind!!

Chapter 461 - The Mastermind!!

Chapter 461 The Mastermind!!

Jill’s calm words were different from the threats and promises she had made at the door.

She even chuckled softly. “It’s like what you said at the Smiths’ house back then. You wish you could return your body to me… I don’t want your bones or blood. I just want you to make peace with me.” Tanya looked at her. She was a little puzzled and confused.

When Tanya returned to the Smiths, Joel and Nora were already waiting for her on the sofa. When they saw her, they immediately asked nervously, “What did you talk about? Did she threaten you again?”


Tanya sat on the sofa and repeated Jill’s words.

She did not hide anything because of Jill’s words. She knew that things were not as simple as she had thought.

After hearing her words, Nora asked, “Did you reject her?”

Based on Tanya’s personality, she would definitely reject her.

She was never one to be afraid of threats.

Tanya shook her head. “Not yet. I said that I wanted to think about it. I wanted to ask Joel for his opinion, and she agreed.”

Nora was stunned. “Why would you suddenly say that?”

Tanya hesitated for a moment. “I don’t know if I’m being paranoid. I keep feeling that something is wrong.”

Nora and Joel looked at her. Nora sensed something and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Tanya sat on the sofa and continued, “Ever since I was young, Jill loved Hillary the most. I remember one time when Hillary was sick, she stayed at the hospital all night. Later, even when she fell ill herself, she still went to see Hillary.”

“She definitely has a deep mother-daughter relationship with Hillary. I even felt jealous back then…”

Tanya frowned. “I was really stunned when she suddenly came to say those words to me very calmly today. I never expected that she would give up on Hillary!”

How could a woman who loved her daughter more than her own life give up on her in just two days?


What Jill had said today made sense. It was the obvious choice for an absolute selfish person. However, when this matter was placed on Jill, who was an extremely biased mother, there was something strange about it.

At the very least, Tanya would not believe it!

Joel frowned. “Perhaps Hillary would be safer in prison if you reconcile with Jill?”

Tanya was puzzled. “Perhaps?”

But she still felt that something was wrong.

Nora suddenly said, “Promise her and see what she plans to do next!”

Tanya: “?”

Joel glanced at Nora and said, “Yes, do according to what Nora says.”

Tanya nodded. “Alright, I’ll call her back.”

She took out her phone in front of Nora and Joel and called Jill. The other party picked up quickly. Jill’s voice had a hint of nervousness that could not be detected. “Have you thought it through? How was your discussion with Mr. Smith?”

Nora glanced at Tanya, and Tanya understood what she meant. She replied unhappily, “We’ve discussed it. Joel agreed. From now on, tell everyone that we’ve reconciled, alright? The Smiths don’t want a troublesome person like you to keep bothering them forever.”

Jill agreed. “Okay, that’s it. I’m hanging up.”

After hanging up, Tanya looked at Nora and spread her hands.

Nora frowned.

The reason she had asked Tanya to suddenly agree to Jill’s request was that she remembered what Brenda had said that afternoon.

She had to pay attention to the abnormality around her.

But why would Jill be trying to make peace?

Nora said calmly, “Wait a while more. I think she will definitely call again.”

Half an hour later, just as Nora was suspecting that her judgment was wrong, Jill called.

Nora immediately sat up straight and motioned for Tanya to answer the call.

Jill’s faint cries could be heard over the phone. “Tanya, your Uncle Jones didn’t believe that we had reconciled. He even beat me up…”

Tanya’s expression did not change at all. “So?”

Jill answered carefully, “So, can you help me explain to him?”

Tanya did not speak, but she let out a mocking laugh.

After a moment of silence, Jill said, “I know you might not want to come over. It’s okay. I have another way to show the public that we have indeed reconciled.”

Tanya: “What way?”

Jill said, “Do you remember your uncle’s cousin? He just graduated this year and is looking for a job. Can you arrange something for him in the Smiths’ company? That way, everyone will know that we’ve reconciled. You don’t have to say anything… This is just a small matter for the Smiths, right? Of course, you don’t have to arrange any key positions for him. He just has to be at the headquarters… At the headquarters, it would show that I helped him find a job.”

Nora: “??!”

This request was too mundane!

She grimaced and nodded at Tanya. Tanya said, “Joel agreed. I hope you can keep your word in the future and stop pestering me.”

Jill said, “Okay, I’ll send your cousin’s resume to you later.”

After Jill sent the resume, Nora immediately asked for a copy and checked this person’s past.

She suspected that this cousin might not be as ordinary as Jill wants them to believe.

However, she did not expect that after investigating this person, she would not find any problems.

She hesitated.

Was Jill really just looking for a job for a cousin?

In the prison.

Visiting hours.

Jill stood in the visitation room. When she saw Hillary limping over, her heart instantly ached. Her eyes turned red as she held Hillary’s hand. “Hillary, I’ve succeeded! Can that person really save you?”

Hillary nodded and said impatiently, “What else? We’re already in this situation. Is there anyone else who can save us?”

Jill hurriedly said, “Don’t get angry. I just feel that it’s a little hard to believe… Besides, your cousin is also confused about his new work arrangement…”

Hillary said irritably, “Just do what I tell you to do! Why are you asking so many questions?! And make him obedient too!”

“Okay, okay…”

The visit ended, and next on the schedule was recreation time.

Hillary supported her tired body and walked to the side.

When no one was paying attention, she suddenly said, “My mother has arranged for someone to enter the Smiths. Shouldn’t you fulfill your promise and save me from here?”

As she spoke, she slowly looked up at another person in a prison uniform.

This person was an acquaintance.