She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 458 - Aunt Brenda, I’m Cherry!

Chapter 458 - Aunt Brenda, I’m Cherry!

Chapter 458 Aunt Brenda, I’m Cherry!

Brenda immediately lifted her head and looked curiously at the corridor.

Since Nora was so pretty that she couldn’t make herself dislike her, she should at least dislike that little extra baggage she had, right? Otherwise, Justin would be at too big of a disadvantage.

After all, Pete was so cute and quirky!

Unless the little girl was even prettier than Pete, why should Justin have to take care of an extra daughter for no reason? While Brenda was feeling indignant on Justin’s behalf, she spotted a tiny little figure walking over from the spiral staircase. She was wearing a beautiful princess dress with a fluffy skirt, as well as a headband with a bow on her head. The little girl looked awfully adorable.

Brenda had noticed her clothes first. Then, her gaze traveled upward to the girl’s tiny face, upon which a familiar face instantly entered her sight!

Brenda was stunned to the spot!

She… She…

Wasn’t that goddamn Pete?

Stunned, she looked at Nora in disbelief.

Nora pointed to her and said to Cherry, “It’s this big sister here. She’s Mommy’s… colleague.”

She finally came up with the term after thinking for a long while.

However, after she spoke, she realized that Cherry didn’t greet Brenda. When she turned and looked at Cherry with puzzlement, she instead saw Cherry exclaim, “Aunt Brenda?”

She had seen Brenda downstairs in the morning, but by the time Brenda looked up, Pete had already rushed over and stopped her.

That was how she knew that Brenda was her aunt!

“Aunt Brenda?”

Nora, who was a little taken aback, looked at Brenda. A moment later, Lucy, the housekeeper, also walked over and said in surprise, “Ms. Hunt, are you here for Mr. Hunt again? He has something to do at the office in the afternoon, so he isn’t here right now.”

Nora understood now. No wonder Brenda’s eyes had looked a little familiar. As it turned out, it was because they resembled Justin’s!

Moreover, her last name was Hunt… She must be the cousin that Justin got along with relatively well, right?

While she was thinking about it, Brenda’s brows drew together. She pointed to Cherry and said to Nora, “Don’t move!”

She took out her cell phone and took a photo of Cherry. While taking the photo, she even turned on the camera’s beauty mode and said to Cherry, “Say cheese.” Cherry smiled and even made a victory sign.

After Brenda looked for a good angle and took a beautiful photo, she finally stood up straight and asked Nora, “Does Justin know that you’re dressing the kid like this?”

Nora: “?”

She blinked. “Probably?”


Brenda pretended to be angry. “Are you actually making the kid wear a dress while Justin is out? You’re too much! I’m going to send the photo to Justin!”

She opened Messenger and sent the photo to Justin with the message: “Justin, look at your child! It’s your little girlfriend’s handiwork-“

Nora said, “… He knows.”

He was the one who had bought all the dresses.

Brenda, however, was looking at the photo happily. At the same time, she was also secretly whining inwardly, ‘Tsk, Pete is such an unparalleled beauty. Why does he have to be a boy instead? I’ve always wanted to dress him up like a girl and take photos of him, but Justin never agreed to it… Look at how good Pete looks in a dress!

Little did she expect Nora to succeed at what she had failed, though.

But despite her thoughts, she adopted a disdainful attitude on the surface. She said to cherry, “You’ve fallen so low, kid! Justin, that stick-in-the-mud, definitely won’t be able to accept this!”

She waited happily for Justin to get angry.

However, perhaps because Justin was busy, he did not reply immediately. Of course, even when he was not busy, he couldn’t be bothered to reply to her messages, either, ahem.

Brenda looked at Nora after she sent the message.

The woman was certainly pretty, but her behavior was too ridiculous!

To think Nora had actually accomplished what Brenda had always wanted to do but couldn’t!

This alone already made Brenda a little fond of Nora.

No, wait…

This was a critical moment! She mustn’t let her love for beauty cloud her senses!

With that in mind, Brenda sat on the sofa coldly and said, “Come over to Aunt Brenda!”

Cherry looked at Nora. However, Nora merely raised her eyebrows. She didn’t pay her any attention and instead went upstairs. Thus, she hopped over and sat beside her miraculous aunt.


A text message had arrived.

Brenda took out her cell phone. However, it was not a reply from Justin but a message from a handsome guy she had just met. He wrote: ‘Dinner tonight?’

Brenda replied: ‘Sure.’

She had only just replied when another handsome guy sent her a message: “Let’s have dinner tonight.”

Brenda: “?”

She looked at the first guy, and then at the second. She became a little hesitant. With her chin resting on her palm, she asked Cherry, “Which one is more handsome?”

However, she paused for a moment after she asked the question, finding herself simply ridiculous. What was she asking a child something like that for?

As soon as the thought formed, an adorable voice rang out beside her ear. “I think this guy is more handsome, Aunt Brenda! Although I like the other one too, his nose is not good enough!”

Brenda subconsciously agreed. “You think so too? I’ve already thought so a long time ago! The other guy is not the most handsome one either, though. I found quite a few young handsome guys recently. C’mon, I’ll show one you-“

Cherry nodded and leaned over. Shortly after, a weird conversation took place in the living room:

“Aunt Brenda, this guy is handsome! I would rank him as number one!”

“Which part of him is handsome? I think he’s too young and not masculine enough. I like this one. He has muscles.”

“Muscles don’t look good! I prefer exquisite-looking guys!”

“… My goodness, you actually know what exquisite means? How about this? Aunt Brenda will gather all the handsome guys and let you pick one next time!”

But as soon as she said that, she suddenly realized something. She turned toward Cherry abruptly to see the little girl staring at her phone with bright and shiny eyes.

Brenda: “???”

Surely… not?

Not only had Nora dressed Pete up like a girl, but she had also changed his sexual orientation?

Was she doing this so that he wouldn’t be able to have a son in the future, thereby preventing him from inheriting the family’s assets? This was unacceptable!!

There was no way Cherry would know what she was thinking, though. She said excitedly, “When are you gonna bring them over, Aunt Brenda?”

Brenda’s expression turned cold. “I can’t show you the handsome guys anymore. Pete, You shouldn’t be liking handsome guys but beautiful women instead! Beautiful women like Aunt Brenda!”

Cherry was dumbfounded. Was she forbidding her from looking at handsome guys?

No, she couldn’t have that!

Thus, she put her arms around Brenda and said cutely, “Aunt Brenda, I’m not Pete! I’m Cherry, yeah!”

Brenda: “?”

She silently placed her palm over Cherry’s forehead. “It’s not like you have a fever, what nonsense are you talking about?”. Right at this moment, Pete came back from school with a school bag on his back. He held Mia’s hand and entered the living room. Brenda was flabbergasted when she saw him. Then, she turned to look at Cherry again!!!