She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 457: I Met Her!

Chapter 457: I Met Her!

Chapter 457: I Met Her!

Morris: "???"

Shouldn't she be asking for the other party's name and occupation first? Why was the first thing she was concerned about instead whether they were good-looking or not?!

He lowered his eyes. "Captain Brenda, I'm talking business here!"

Brenda waved dismissively. "Hey, so am I. Understanding your teammates is also a key to a successful team, isn't it? Besides, I have an allergy, so my requirements for who I work with are rather high."

Morris was taken aback. "What kind of allergy?"

Brenda sighed. "I am allergic to ugly people."


Morris's jaw tightened. The woman looked at him pitifully and said, "Really, I'm not kidding."


Morris stared at her for a while with a cold look on his face. But shortly after, he gave in and said, "It's a woman…"

He thought of Nora's delicate little face and her constantly half-lidded eyes, as well as her almond-shaped eyes when she occasionally raised her head and looked at someone attentively, and he slowly added, "She's pretty."

Brenda stared at him and suddenly smiled. "Okay, got it."

Morris took a deep breath and started talking about Nora's occupation. "She is a surgeon. Her name is Nora Smith."

Brenda's lazy eyes instantly flicked upward. She was a little dumbfounded. "What?"

Wasn't that Justin's lazy girlfriend who only knew to sleep in all day?


After Nora got up and ate something, she slowly headed to the address that Morris had sent her.

It was a French restaurant.

The restaurant had very distinctive interior decor, and it was obvious at a glance that it was a very expensive restaurant.

She casually pushed the door open. Right away, she spotted Morris, who was seated at the quietest spot in the corner directly opposite the door.

Dressed in a black suit, he exuded an upright aura all around him.

When Nora walked over, she discovered that a woman was sitting opposite him.

The woman looked about 24 to 25 years old. She had large wavy curls and was wearing a tight-fitting black dress. Her posture was casual and lazy, and she had a pair of deep-set eyes that looked very bewitching and also… somewhat familiar.

She also had an impressive figure. Her chest was full and bulging. It was obvious at a glance that hers were the real deal…

Also, even though she was seated, Nora could still see one of her outstretched legs. Long, fair, and slender, it looked so tender that it made one wish they could pinch it.

Tanya's face was also very attractive, but hers was a different type of beauty. Tanya's beauty was very aggressive, and her big eyes looked a little exotic.

They hadn't been aware previously, but they now knew that her father was Karl. Since Karl's parents were of mixed ethnicities, this meant that a quarter of Tanya's blood was also of another ethnicity. That explained everything.

However, this wasn't the case for the woman in front of her. She was likely not of mixed race. It was just that she was good-looking and knew how to dress up. On top of that, she also knew how to exhibit the most beautiful side of a woman, so she looked exceptionally… like the female version of a scumbag.


Nora felt that it wasn't quite right of her to think of a woman like that, so she looked away. As soon as she did, she sensed the woman staring at her.

Brenda knew that Nora must be very pretty, but she hadn't expected her to be this pretty.

Nora was a standard American beauty. She had an oval face, a defined nose, full lips, and almond-shaped eyes… Her face should have looked extremely gentle and very charming, but because of her lazy and casual demeanor, her slightly downcast eyes, and the careless and casual air around her, she gave people the illusion that she was a cold and frosty person instead.

Yet the contrast didn't seem out of place on her at all. Instead, it gave her a mysterious aura that attracted people's gazes.

No wonder Justin was so infatuated with her. She sure was really good-looking.

Brenda looked away.

Morris introduced the two of them to each other. Then, he said, "Our team's focus is to investigate the incident from all those years ago. Captain Brenda and I will be in charge of the usual arresting and collection of evidence, but once we catch the suspects, we may have to trouble Ms. Smith to do the relevant medical analyses."

"It's no trouble."

Nora couldn't help but yawn. "Feel free to come to me anytime then."

Morris nodded. "We will pass you the samples and so on that we collect. I've heard that Anti's medical team is the most professional one in the world. I'm sure you guys will be able to find out more from the analyses than we can. Also, we will also be handing Victor over to you for medical treatment."

Nora nodded. "No problem."

Lily would be the one handling all these things anyway. She was already busy taking care of Quentin, Ian, and Old Maddy every day. An extra Victor shouldn't be any problem to her.

Nora, the unscrupulous businesswoman, thought to herself without any psychological burden whatsoever.

Morris had asked the two of them out today to let them meet each other. Now that they have met, he said, "Then… I guess that's it for today?"

Nora nodded. She didn't have any objections.

Brenda, however, subconsciously felt the urge to quip back at him. She said, "Tsk, Captain Ford, I came all the way here on an empty stomach just to meet you, yet you aren't even treating me to lunch?"

Morris: "?"

He glanced at Nora. After musing for a moment, he finally said, "I'll treat you two to lunch, then."

Brenda was about to nod when Nora got up. "No, it's fine. I have already eaten, so I will leave first."

Although she didn't have a lot to do, she, unfortunately, had too many identities!

With every identity of hers having a little work each, she was already up to her neck in work. How would she possibly have the time to enjoy French cuisine here?

She got up and said, "Enjoy your lunch."

Just as she turned and got ready to leave, Brenda also suddenly got up. She said, "I'll pass on lunch too, then. Don't forget that you owe me a meal, Captain Ford. Let's have lunch together another day."

After teasing Morris, she followed closely after Nora. "Ms. Smith, since we are already teammates, why don't you invite me over to your place to hang out?"

Nora: "?"

The woman looked quite likable and wasn't the type of person she disliked. Besides, for some reason, her eyes also gave her a good impression of her.

Therefore, she nodded after thinking about it. "Alright."

Nora had driven to the restaurant in her jeep. Brenda abandoned her own car and got straight into the jeep's passenger seat. "Let's go!" she said.

The way she acted so familiar with her…

However, Nora still didn't think much of it. She started the car and went back to the Smiths' with Brenda.

After entering the house, Brenda looked up and said, "Hey mate, since I'm already here, why don't you let me meet your daughter?"

Nora: "??"

Pete and Mia had gone to the kindergarten. Cherry was home, though.

But why was she suddenly asking to meet her daughter?

After a moment's hesitation, she replied, "Okay."

She went to the upper floor to bring Cherry down. Meanwhile, Brenda raised her eyebrows.

She was simply going to meet the person that Justin hadn't wanted to let her meet!!

In the midst of her thoughts, an adorable voice rang out from the upper floor. "Mommy, who are you taking me to?"