She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 459 - Aunt And Niece Sharing The Same Interests

Chapter 459 - Aunt And Niece Sharing The Same Interests

Chapter 459 Aunt And Niece Sharing The Same Interests

Brenda’s eyes widened in astonishment. She rubbed her eyes in disbelief and muttered, “Huh? Am I seeing things?”

But even when she opened her eyes again, Cherry and Pete were still standing together in front of her.

She was a little overwhelmed for a while there. “There are two… two Petes?”

Cherry let out a small sigh. “Aunt Brenda, I already told you, I’m not Pete! I am Cherry! Cherry Smith!”

Cherry Smith… Wasn’t that the extra baggage that Nora was about to bring into the Hunts?

But why would she look exactly like Pete?

Brenda was still in a daze underneath the crystal chandelier in the Smiths’ manor. Pete had already let go of Mia and ran over in front of Cherry. He grabbed the dazed Cherry and protected her behind him. “What are you doing to my little sister, Aunt Brenda?”

Brenda: “?”

She blinked. At last, she figured it out. “You and Cherry are… twins? In that case, Nora is your mommy?”

Pete frowned and looked at her as though she was mentally disabled. “Of course. Haven’t I been calling her Mommy all day long?”

To Pete, the woman he called Mommy was the woman who had given birth to him. He was completely unaware of the concept of stepmothers. Brenda: “…”

She looked at Cherry again. Suddenly, she gave her a charming smile and said, “Hahahaha! I have a little niece too now! Cherry, right? Come on, I still have several handsome guys here that I haven’t shared with you!”

Cherry stepped forward to walk towards Brenda. However, Pete held her hand and said, “Cherry, didn’t Daddy already tell you to stay away from Aunt Brenda? She will lead you astray!”

Brenda: “…”

The corners of her lips spasmed and she couldn’t help but look at Pete. “What are you saying?”

Cherry also piped up. “But I find Aunt Brenda very nice!”

“… Which part of her is nice?” Pete said.

They had only just met and probably hadn’t even managed to talk much, yet she already found her ‘very nice’?

Cherry said, “… Aunt Brenda discusses handsome guys with me! She also promised that she would take me to look at handsome


Pete: “…”

Cherry went around Pete and walked up to Brenda. The two of them put their heads together and started to chat excitedly again.

Pete sighed silently when he saw it.

At this point, Mia came up to him and asked, “What’s the matter, Pete?”

Pete sighed silently and said, “It’s nothing, Mia. Remember to stay away Aunt Brenda. Don’t let her lead you astray!”

Mia immediately nodded. “Okay! Everything that Pete says is correct! I will listen to you!”

Pete looked at the well-behaved and sensible Mia, and then at Cherry, who was already talking about handsome guys with her aunt. He took out his cell phone, opened up the chat with the tyrant, and sent him a message: ‘Daddy, Cherry and Aunt Brenda have already become fast friends.’

Sure enough, Justin called Brenda the very next moment!

The ringtone started to play.

Cherry’s puzzled voice rang out. “Aunt Brenda, who’s Stick-in-the-Mud?”

Brenda rejected the call and replied with a big smile, “We don’t have to pay any attention to him!”

Who else could it be?

The guy who was always trying to convince her not to be the queen of scumbags, of course!

For Justin to call at a time like this, he was definitely planning to threaten her into staying away from Cherry, so why would she ever pick up the call?

After Brenda spent over an hour with Cherry, Nora finally went downstairs after settling work matters.

As soon as she did, she discovered that Brenda’s attitude towards her had undergone a complete reversal. She made eyes at Nora and asked, “Nora, you were already in a relationship with Justin six years ago, weren’t


“… I suppose,” replied Nora.

Although she didn’t have any impression of him, nor had she ever met him back then, the two of them had produced children with each other.

The next moment, Brenda sighed and said, “My heart goes out to you, Nora.” Nora: “?”

Brenda held Cherry in her arms. As the two of them continued looking at the phone, she said, “The two of us can openly admire handsome guys, but you are bound by marriage to Justin instead! What else can women look forward to in life once they can’t change boyfriends anymore?”

Nora: “…”

“Forget it. Now that I’ve abducted Cherry, Justin is already close to his limit. If I abduct you too, he will probably explode.”

Brenda tilted her head and winked at Nora. “But since you are my sister-in-law, I can help you out at work.”

Nora: “??”

Brenda said, “Morris is a workaholic and a cold and ruthless machine. He has very demanding work requirements. Since he has hired you as the team’s forensic doctor, he will definitely be very strict with you in the future. Don’t worry, though, because I’m here! Leave it to me!”

Was Morris very strict?

Apart from the other time where he had forbidden her from leaving her cell, he had been very nice to her otherwise. Even when she went to take revenge and killed someone in the martial arts tournament the other time, he had pretended not to see anything and hadn’t made things difficult for her.

Nora couldn’t be bothered to explain anything, though, so she replied, “… Oh, okay.”

The next moment, Brenda’s expression suddenly turned solemn and she said seriously, “Nora, the organization we’re dealing with is very petty, though. Once they catch wind of the fact that you are also in the team, they may come after you.”

She lowered her head and smiled. “I came back to the States because I found some clues. My informant told me that someone from that organization has returned to the States.”

Nora nodded when she heard this. She asked, “How are we going to find them?”

“Why would we look for them?”.

Brenda waved in a practiced manner. She rested her chin on both hands and blinked at Nora. “Considering how pretty the two of us are, they will definitely take the initiative to come to us.”

Nora: “?”

Seeing how puzzled she looked, Brenda smiled and said, “Never mind, I won’t tease you anymore. Given how many people there are going in and out the country every day, we definitely won’t have any clue as to who the person from the organization is. Therefore, what we should do now, is wait. We’ll wait for him to slip up himself. Since he has returned to the country, surely he didn’t come back just for a vacation, right?”

Only then did Nora understand what she meant.

The other party would surely be up to something, and once they took action, they would surely leave behind traces of their activity. She nodded.

Brenda was indeed well-deserving of her position as a captain. Even though she looked delicate, beautiful, and scumbag-like, she was very experienced in these things!

It was just that… she couldn’t help but wonder which direction they would choose to take action from?

For some reason, Nora had a vague feeling that they would choose to target her.

But the people around her… The Smiths were already under protection now. The Andersons were also under the Smiths’ and the Hunts’ protection. As for the Hunts, they had even more watertight security. It seemed like the only opening they could target was… Tanya?

Nora immediately looked at Pete and Mia. “Pete, Mia. Where is Tanya?”

Pete replied, “God-mom was held back by Mrs. Jones after school. She said that she wanted to talk to her, so they told us to go home first.”

Mrs. Jones… Jill?!

Why was she approaching Tanya again?!

Nora frowned.

Tanya was stopped by Jill the moment she stepped out of school.

She frowned and looked at the woman.

Jill said, “Let’s talk.”

Tanya replied, “We have nothing to talk about.”

Jill suddenly said, “Don’t you want to know why I’ve always treated you badly? Don’t you want to know how you were born?”