She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 456: The External Forensic Doctor

Chapter 456: The External Forensic Doctor

Chapter 456: The External Forensic Doctor

Nora could hear the resignation in his voice, but joining a team, though? First, she would have to see whether the team was good enough or not.

Otherwise, they could forget about wasting any of her sleeping time.

She leaned against the headboard with her legs folded and said, "Speak."

Morris slowly said, "I have almost found out why your mother fled back then."

His one-liner made Nora focus at once. "Why?"

Morris said coldly, "The organization was conducting human trials back then. We still don't know what exactly they were researching, but after the boxing champion Abigail's incident, we heavily suspect it to be a drug that can enhance the human body's agility and physical strength!"

To be honest, Nora had suspected as much for a long while now. After all, she had heard from Quentin that Victor was just a nobody gangster two years ago. How could he possibly become a peerless martial arts master in just two years' time?

He must have taken some kind of drug that could enhance his physique.

However, once produced, such drugs would surely be mass-manufactured, right? It wasn't like it was poison, so why were they being so mysterious about it?

Perhaps because he could hear the doubt in her voice, Morris gave her the answer. "Victor suddenly went crazy in the cell."

Surprised, Nora asked, "You mean…"

"That's right." Morris nodded. "The drug has huge side effects that affect a person's nervous system. That's why the drug has been a prohibited substance all this time."

Nora cast her eyes down and asked, "So, what does this have to do with my mother?"

Morris took a deep breath. "Do you know how we found out about the drug research organization's existence?"

He wasn't really counting on Nora to answer, so he went on and said, "We encountered a similar case many years ago. Some people took drugs that can strengthen their bodies, and then… they suddenly died. We extracted the chemical components in their blood at that time. Together with the chemical components in Victor's body this time, we can conclude that they have indeed been researching the same drug all this time, but have never succeeded. Don't you find it strange, though? They have been studying the drug for more than twenty years, yet the chemical composition hasn't changed much. It was just a matter of how much of each chemical they used in the formula. Are they really so certain that the formula is correct?"

Nora shook her head. "No, they won't do that."

She also made medicines herself, so she understood the underlying issues very well.

If one had theories about a drug, they would definitely test it out and adjust its content. However, if they didn't succeed even after many attempts, they would give up.

But why were they being so persistent?


Nora clenched her fists and slowly said, "Someone has succeeded with that formula before."

Morris was glad to see how keen Nora's senses were. He nodded and said, "That's right, someone has successfully used that formula before. That's why they kept trying and persevered with the formula! As far as I know, the success of that formula is related to your mother!"

Nora slowly sat upright. "You mean…"

Morris' calm and steady voice traveled over the phone again. "I've looked into your mother's life history. When she was a teenager, she went to Switzerland for pharmaceutical studies. I suspect that she had joined the organization at that time!"

Nora was stunned.

To be honest, even as of now, she held disgust for the organization. Human experiments had simply crossed moral boundaries.

She had guessed before that perhaps the organization was looking for something in her mother's possession, causing her to flee from their murderous pursuit. The organization must think that the object they were after was now in her possession. That was why they were pursuing her so relentlessly.

However, never would she have ever expected her mother to be part of the organization.

She said a little coldly, "Are these your conjectures, or do you have evidence?"

Morris's voice deepened a little. He replied, "It's conjecture, but we found records of monetary transfers from unknown sources in her bank records. Additionally, when my mother was investigating the case back then, your mother was a crucial figure involved."

Nora fell silent.

Her heart, however, was gradually sinking.

Her mother… To be honest, she had never felt much for her all along. After all, even in the oldest memories she had, her mother was already gone. Nevertheless, she had always felt that her mother was a good person.

Morris was very reliable. Since he had said so, then he was more or less already certain that her mother had indeed been part of the human trials project back then.

In fact… Going by her talent in pharmaceuticals, even Nora herself suspected that her mother must have held a high position in the organization.

She stayed silent for a long while.

She didn't know whether or not she should agree to Morris's request.

In the midst of her hesitance, Morris said, "It is said that there remains a pill of the successfully developed drug somewhere in the world. Since the drug can make Victor a new man in two years, do you think Quentin's injuries… would be curable?"

His words made Nora abruptly raise her head.

All the bones in Quentin's body were broken. Even though there was an alternative medicine legend that was said to be able to cure his injuries, even she herself couldn't be sure of it at the moment.

When she thought of that, her voice became firm. "I can join the team, but I have two conditions."


"If we find the drug, even if you can't give it to me, you have to give me the formula."

"No problem. What about the second condition?"

"Oh," Nora said casually, "Don't disturb me when I'm sleeping."


Morris seemingly took a deep breath. "No problem. By the way, Captain Brenda, who was stationed overseas, has returned today. Let's take the opportunity to have the members of the team meet and discuss our plans. Make a trip down here, I'll send you the address."



Brenda drove her red Porsche to a French restaurant. She opened the door, walked in, and headed straight to a person sitting in the corner. "Hello, Captain Ford," she said.

Morris stood up straight and stretched out his hand to her seriously. "Welcome back, Captain Brenda."

The two shook hands. After taking their seats, Morris was the first to speak. He said, "We have found some information about that mysterious organization from back then, so we have set up a team to deal with the case. It is an honor to have Captain Brenda back to help us out."

Brenda propped her chin in her hands and asked, "Let's not worry about that for now. I have a question for you, Captain Ford."

Morris sat up straight. "Go ahead."

Brenda could be said to be an Interpol officer. Did she perhaps have information related to the case?

The thought had only just formed when he instead heard Brenda unhurriedly ask, "Do you have a girlfriend, Captain Ford?"

Morris: "?"

He pressed his lips together and lowered his gaze. "Captain Brenda, our meet today extends only to issues related to the case. In addition to you, me, and a few other detectives on the team, I also intend to hire a forensic doctor. What do you say, Captain Brenda?"

Brenda continued to rest her chin on her hands. "An external forensic doctor? Is it a he or a she? And are they good-looking?"