She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 452: Tanya's Birthday Is Wrong

Chapter 452: Tanya's Birthday Is Wrong

Chapter 452: Tanya's Birthday Is Wrong

Jill was stunned. She subconsciously pulled the knife back.

But Karl Moore pulled hard and stabbed himself in the chest. The tip of the knife pierced his skin and blood flowed out. Jill's eyelids twitched.

However, Karl Moore did not seem to feel any pain. His eyes were still filled with anger and determination. "Look, as a father, I didn't even know that I had a daughter. As a mother, you didn't treat her well, either. The child doesn't owe you anything. It's clearly the two of us who owe the child. Since you want to find someone to die with, then I'll do it with you! Why make trouble for our daughter? Don't you agree?"

He squeezed the knife against his chest again. "Come, use a little strength and it will go in. Then, you will kill yourself. This way, we will be repaying our debt to our daughter!"

"Lunatic!" Jill watched as the knife stabbed into his chest. She was so frightened that her hands relaxed and she took a few steps back. She shouted angrily, "Lunatics, you're all lunatics!"

But Karl Moore held the knife and played with it in his hand. "Aren't you killing yourself?"

Jill glared at him.

Karl Moore said, "Why must you make things difficult for your daughter? Do you have to see her unhappy? Can you stop disturbing your daughter's life?"

With just a few words, he changed the topic.

Jill still wanted to say something, but Karl Moore took a step forward and said, "You regret it again? Then, come, kill me…"

Jill retreated.

Karl Moore took another step forward. "Are you dying or not? Speak frankly! If you're not… then get lost!"

Karl Moore's expression suddenly darkened.

Jill had seen how terrifying he was. She was so frightened that her entire body trembled. Then, she ran out. "Lunatics, you're all lunatics!"


Since the person involved had escaped, the reporters no longer surrounded the Smiths' house.

At this moment, Joel stepped forward and said, "It's not easy for you reporters to come here. How about this? Everyone, come in and have a drink!"

With that, he gave the butler a look.

The butler immediately understood something and greeted everyone warmly.

Who among the reporters did not want to visit a wealthy family like the Smiths? When they heard this, they were very happy. They were welcomed inside by the butler.

It was time for the butler and reporters to build relations with each other so that the reporters would refrain from spreading rumors. Of course, everything was handled by the butler on his own.

As the family head, Joel no longer needed to care.

At that moment, his gaze landed on Tanya and Karl Moore.

As he expected, Tanya was looking at Karl Moore with a concerned face.

Actually, he could have stepped in and settled Jill earlier. Joel had plenty of ways to deal with someone as shameless as her.

And anyone present could easily beat her back.

However, no one made a move and Karl Moore was given the chance.

Their goal was to help him get closer to Tanya.

From the looks of it, it had worked.

After the reporters were settled in, the group returned to the living room of the residential area.

Tanya's gaze landed on Karl Moore's chest. She asked, "Nora, are his injuries serious?"

Before Nora could say anything, Karl Moore said, "It's not serious, not serious! It's just the upper skin. It's nothing. I don't even bother to look at such injuries, it'll heal by itself."

His words stunned Tanya. "Do you get hurt often?"

How could he not be injured after being in the mafia all year round?

Karl Moore hurriedly shook his head. "Not often. Just occasionally. Occasionally… hehe…"

He scratched his head and revealed an honest expression. "Tanya… Can I call you by your name?"

"…" Tanya pursed her lips and said unhappily, "It's your mouth, I can't control what you call me."

Although her tone was awkward, she agreed.

Karl Moore was overjoyed. He immediately took out a black card from his pocket in excitement and handed it to Tanya. "Tanya, this, this card is for you… You can buy anything you want! There's no limit!"

Tanya: "…"

Karl Moore handed her the car keys in his hand. "Oh, and this. I bought this car when I came back to the country. It's not very functional, though. Drive this for now. If there's some other model you like, buy it for yourself…"


"Oh! do you need a house? Can I buy you one?"

Tanya looked at him and returned the card and keys to him. "There's no need. I'll buy them with my own money."

Her eyes flickered as she looked elsewhere, but she sighed inwardly.

To be honest, Tanya had been disliked since she was young and her mother had hated her every minute of the day. She did not know who her father was, she was already used to living alone.

She could not get used to this newfound father of hers.

Karl Moore stared at the black card in his hand and looked up at Tanya again. He wanted to say something, but Joel walked in front of him. "Mr. Moore, Tanya is with me and doesn't lack anything. You don't have to worry about it for the time being."

Karl Moore looked at Joel and finally nodded. "Alright, I'll take the card back, then."

With that, he looked at Tanya.

His big eyes were filled with desire as if he would be satisfied if Tanya could say just one more word to him.

Tanya sighed. "You… can leave now."

Karl Moore lowered his eyes in disappointment, but he knew that such things could not be forced.

His daughter was already 25 or 26 years old. She was independent and did not need him anymore.

Although he wanted to give her all the love he had owed for the past twenty years, she could no longer keep it.

Karl Moore turned his head and walked toward the door. After two steps, he turned back and looked at her reluctantly.

Tanya: "…"

She rubbed her forehead and suddenly asked, "If you're not busy, why don't you stay for dinner tonight?"

"Yes, yes, I'm free!"

Karl Moore turned back and hurriedly sat on the sofa.

Everyone else: "…"

Why did the leader of the Assassin Organization look so stupid?

While looking on the Internet, he seemed quite smart.

Nora's lips twitched. She sat at the side and drooped her eyes. She picked up her phone and fiddled with something. When others looked at her, she seemed sleepy again.

The others sat facing each other, feeling a little awkward.

Suddenly, Nora's fingers paused. She looked up at them and frowned. "Tanya, the date of birth on your identity card is wrong, right?"

Tanya hesitated. "What's wrong?"

However, Karl Moore said, "It's indeed wrong. When I left your mother, it was in August. At that time, if she was pregnant, she should have given birth to you in April next year. Why was your identity card showing that you were born in January?"

Tanya was stunned. "Could it be that my age was changed? I was born four months ahead of time?"

"That's even more wrong."

Nora looked at her. "You and Hillary are only less than a year apart. If your mother gave birth to you in April, how did she birth to Hillary?"

After a woman gave birth, it would take at least 40 days before she could get pregnant again!


Tanya was also stunned. "Then, what's going on?"

At this moment, Karl Moore frowned. "Is Hillary not her biological daughter?"