She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 453: Back Then?

Chapter 453: Back Then?

Chapter 453: Back Then?

When Karl Moore was making Tanya's DNA, he had gotten someone to get Hillary's DNA from prison as well.

Hillary was not his daughter.

That was for sure.

However, there was something wrong with Tanya and Hillary's birth dates. One of the two children had to be someone else's. Otherwise, this did not make sense!

After all, it was impossible for Jill to have Tanya while pregnant with Hillary!

However, when Karl Moore said this, everyone shook their heads. "That's impossible."

Jill treated Hillary so well and Tanya so badly.

As soon as this thought crossed her mind, Nora suddenly looked at Karl Moore. "Are you sure the one who gave birth to your child back then was Jill?"

Karl Moore was speechless.

He was stunned and continued to scratch his head. "It's her. Although we haven't seen each other for more than twenty years, I can't possibly mistake her for someone else! Her looks are right there! And her name is also the same. I can't possibly sleep with someone and not know who she is! Besides, we were dating seriously back then."

"That's strange."

Nora raised her almond-shaped eyes and looked at Karl Moore with a faint smile.

Karl Moore frowned. "Speaking of which… this isn't the strangest thing. Did you guys know? After she told me that Hillary was my daughter, she even gave me an accurate date of birth. I got someone to investigate and saw the birth records in the clinic. However, that child was not Tanya. It was indeed Hillary because the child had a mole on her ear. Furthermore, I later checked the information on Hillary's identity card and realized that the date of birth was actually fake. In other words, Hillary's identity card is eight months younger!"

Everyone was stunned. "April 25th?"

"Yes, that's right."

Karl Moore frowned. "Tanya is my daughter. She can only be born in April or May. Hillary was also born in April of that year. It can't be that Jill gave birth to twins where one is mine, and the other isn't, right? Is that possible?"

Nora looked at him in a speechless manner. "Logically speaking, there is a chance. It's just that it's a very rare occurrence. For example, if she had two eggs that month and slept with…"

She did not finish her sentence.

Karl Moore understood and instantly flushed in anger. "In other words, even if I hadn't left back then, she had still betrayed me?"

Two children born at the same time could only mean she got pregnant at the same time!

Jill had slept with him for less than two days, and she was already with that Jones guy?

This was simply a great humiliation!

The others around him were speechless.

Nora suddenly pitied this person who had been cheated on.

However… the probability of getting pregnant with two men's children at once was very low. Would it really happen to Jill?


The Joneses.

Jill returned home in low spirits.

Mr. Jones was sitting on the sofa watching television. When he saw her appearance, he sneered. "You're being rebuffed, right? I told you not to go… Karl Moore already knows the truth. Why are you running over?"

Jill glared at him. "Who asked you to be useless! You can't even save your own daughter! If it weren't for our daughter, I wouldn't have lied to him!"

Mr. Jones sneered. "It's fine if you're lying. I'm just afraid they'll find out what happened back then!"

As soon as he said this, Jill's eyes flashed. She stood up suddenly and gulped. "No, no way?"

Mr. Jones said, "You told him about the nursing home. We didn't erase any records in order to convince him! Won't they suspect anything?"

Jill bit her lip hard. She was very confident. "So what if they're suspicious? They will never think of the truth!"

When Mr. Jones heard this, he did not rebut her. However, he still looked at her deeply and sneered before standing up and walking into the bedroom.

Jill followed behind him. "If Tanya doesn't help me save my daughter. I won't let this go!… Why are you so useless? If I were you, I would have saved my daughter even if I had to give up all my assets!"


Mr. Jones slammed his fist against the wall and looked at Jill. "That's enough! Hillary is not the only one in the family! The rest of us still have to live! I think Hillary has been spoiled by you since she got to where she is today! She has always been above Tanya in everything since she was young. How would she not be arrogant? Even now, she still doesn't reflect on herself…"

He stared at Jill. "I'm begging you. Stop! I still want to live peacefully in old age!"

With that, he turned and left.

Jill stared at him and clenched her fists tightly.

If he wanted to live peacefully in his old age, he could not save her daughter?

Absolutely not!


At the Smiths.

After dinner, Karl Moore had no reason to stay this time. He could only leave reluctantly. Before leaving, he said, "Tanya, I can still…"

Tanya interrupted him. "I have to work tomorrow."

"…" Karl Moore got the hint. "Alright, I understand!"

After he left, Tanya heaved a sigh of relief.

Nora looked at her. "If someone is treating you well, why are you unhappy?"

The corners of Tanya's mouth twitched. "If Uncle Ian was so enthusiastic about you, would you have been able to handle him?"

Nora: "…"

She couldn't help but shudder when she thought about it.

Fortunately, Ian was more reserved. Otherwise, she would have a headache all the time.

The two of them took the three children upstairs. Justin stood up and was about to follow when Joel suddenly said, "Mr. Hunt, Nora has woken up. Shouldn't you be going back?"

Justin said without blushing or skipping a beat, "We still need to observe her for two days. Also, Cherry and Pete aren't going back to the Hunts, so…."


The corners of Joel's lips spasmed.

At this moment, Justin's phone suddenly rang. He picked it up and heard a female voice on the other end. "Speaking of which, Justin, my big brother, you haven't been home for a few days? Don't you know there's someone waiting for you at home?"

Hearing this voice, Justin's usually light and cold eyebrows furrowed as he reprimanded softly, "Speak properly!"

"Huh?" The voice was lazy and charming, and there was a hint of seduction in her words. She chuckled softly and said, "I always talk like this. Are you still not used to it?"

Justin: "…When did you return?"

"When I missed you."


His expression turned colder. "Call me when you learn how to talk."

He hung up.

At the Hunts'.

Brenda Hunt stared at the phone and pursed her lips.

Opposite her, Mrs. Hunt was complaining. "…Did you hear that? He's so mesmerized by that vixen. He stayed at the Smiths' with Pete and doesn't want to come back! I heard that he's even babysitting that woman's child! As the head of the Hunts, he not only wants to marry a woman who has given birth to someone else's child, but he also treats that woman's daughter as his own. Is that even right?! Pete too, I don't know what kind of drug that woman has given to my Pete. He's so good to that woman's daughter! Every day, he would call her his sister… Brenda, you have the best relationship with your brother. You have to help me persuade him!"

Brenda fiddled with her nails. "Tsk, they're just two girls, one big and one small. They want to take hold of my big brother and Pete? I'll meet that little one first tomorrow."