She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 451: Shall I Accompany You?

Chapter 451: Shall I Accompany You?

Chapter 451: Shall I Accompany You?

Nora looked at the situation in front of her and frowned slightly.

She looked at Jill in confusion.

In the past, she had only heard Tanya talk about how biased her mother was, but she had never seen it with her own eyes.

Furthermore, she did not have a mother growing up, so she had felt even less motherly love.

But at this moment, she was still furious when she saw Jill's actions.

She frowned and suddenly walked around Tanya. She took a step forward and walked toward Jill.

Jill was stunned. "Don't come over! If you come any closer, I'll pierce myself!"

Nora's tone was very calm as she said, "Do you really want to die? Then let me tell you. If you want to cut your throat, you must remember to aim it at the large artery. Otherwise, you will probably feel very uncomfortable!"

Jill was taken aback. "What?"

Nora stopped in her tracks and did not move forward. She turned around and looked at Joel, who was standing at the door. She said, "Joel, please bring my medical bag over."

With that, she smiled at Jill. "I'm sorry, but you should know who I am. I'm a surgeon. After you slit your throat, I'm confident that I can save you. Of course… there's no anesthetic here. To stop the bleeding, I might close the wound directly. You have to endure the pain of the needle passing through your neck… but I'm very fast. It will take less than… half an hour?"

After saying that, Nora smiled again. "Although, the medical equipment at hand is still just for first aid, so I can't guarantee that there won't be any scars. But you don't have to worry…"

The smile on her lips looked strange and cold. "Although it won't look good and will have the effect of being sewn on like a doll, you won't die."

"Of course, it's also possible to completely avoid a scar, but the chances of that happening are very low."

After saying that, she looked at Jill seriously. "Mrs. Jones, may I ask when do you plan to pierce your neck?"

Jill: "!!"

Why did she feel so terrified after hearing her words?

Moreover, for some reason, Nora's voice was very low right now. Her voice was not as sweet as that of an ordinary girl. It was a little cold. Saying things slowly like this was like telling a ghost story. It scared her so much that she shouted, "You, you lunatic!"

Nora raised her eyebrows and did not say anything else.

After being interrupted by her, the reporters beside her felt that the situation was no longer as dangerous as before. They even found it… a little funny?

When Jill saw that some of the reporters around her had lowered their heads and smiled, she immediately narrowed her eyes. She looked angrily at Tanya. "Are you going to watch helplessly as others insult your mother? You unfilial child! How did I give birth to you?!"

Tanya lowered her head.

At this moment, she even felt a little helpless. Her tone was very calm, but everyone present could hear the despair in her words through her tone. "What… can I do… to make you cut ties with me?"

Just because she gave birth to her, did she owe her forever?!

Tanya clenched her fists and suddenly looked up at Jill. "Do you know? I wish I could peel off my bones and skin to return this flesh to you!"

Everyone was shocked.

To be able to say such words, Tanya must be feeling extremely pained at this moment!

The live-stream's comments paused for a moment before someone spoke up for her.

— I can't stand it anymore. Just because she gave birth to her, she can keep forcing her forever? Why?

— Yes, and this mother doesn't treat her daughter well at all. This daughter doesn't owe her anything! Why should she forgive someone who stole her child?

— Suddenly, I feel that it's too difficult for Tanya. On one side is her mother, and on the other is her daughter. If she writes a letter of forgiveness, what would her daughter think of her when she grows up?

— I cried. Don't ask why. I felt more desperate than her mother at the moment.

"Ahhhh, Tanya's story is really too heartbreaking. Don't sign the letter of forgiveness. If she wants to kill herself, let her die! This kind of woman will only be a burden to the world if she lives!"

— I agree. Let her kill herself. What does it have to do with Tanya?

At the scene, Jill's eyes widened when she heard Tanya's words. She was so angry that her entire body trembled. "Okay, then return it to me now! If my daughter can't come out, you'll die with her! Who's afraid of whom?!"

As soon as she said this, Tanya smiled mockingly. "I'm sorry, but I can't… I still have a daughter to take care of… and so many people who love me are waiting for me. I can't choose to die because of you!"

With that, the reporters erupted in applause. Some even shouted, "Yes, it's not worth dying for such a person!"

"That's right. If there's a problem, solve it properly. If they did something wrong, they have to bear the legal responsibility. If all the criminals start crying and threatening suicide, would we release them all? If we don't, it would be murder? What kind of logic is that?!"


Everyone knew what was going on. Jill had taken an unreasonable path. In the beginning, the reporters had been led astray by her.

But now, everyone was leaning toward Tanya.

Seeing that the public opinion could no longer be suppressed, Jill immediately exerted force with the knife in her hand and cut a layer of skin!

Blood instantly flowed down her fair neck.


When they saw this scene, there were still people who were frightened. After crying out in surprise, they all took a few steps back. Someone even reached out to Jill. "You, don't be reckless!"

Jill looked at Tanya fiercely. "Don't say such nonsense here. No matter what, I'm your mother! Can you really watch your mother die in front of you? You have to compromise!"


There was silence again.

The good situation from earlier had turned around again.

Nora frowned.

At this moment, Karl Moore suddenly walked out and toward Jill.

When she saw him, a complicated look flashed across Tanya's eyes.

When Jill saw him, her legs went weak. She stammered and asked, "Don't think I'm afraid of you. I'm not even afraid of death now. Why would I be afraid of you…"

Karl Moore definitely could not use a gun in front of so many reporters.

Jill was certain of this, but she still felt panic when she saw Karl Moore approaching her step by step. "W-What are you doing?"

Karl Moore smiled and suddenly held her hand. He aimed her dagger at his chest and exerted some force. "Aren't you looking for someone to die with? Why are you making things difficult for the child? As her father, I have let her down along with you. In that case, why don't I accompany you?"