She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 447: A Child With A High Status Elevates Their Mother's Status

Chapter 447: A Child With A High Status Elevates Their Mother's Status

Chapter 447: A Child With A High Status Elevates Their Mother's Status

Hillary didn't sense anything amiss even when she heard what the other woman said.

Although she had been very scared and in a panic when she first entered the prison, she soon discovered that she was receiving slightly better treatment than other prisoners. There were several times where someone had tried to make things hard for her, but someone else had fended them all off for her.

Later, Jill had visited her and informed her of some of the ongoings. She had also said that Karl would definitely save her and told her not to worry.

As a result, Hillary had completely put her mind at ease.

When she heard what the other woman said, she stretched out her leg and said, "Give me a leg massage. The bed in the cell is too hard. I didn't sleep well last night, I'm really tired…"

The female prisoner cast her eyes down and slowly squatted down. "Sure!"

She bent over and held Hillary's leg.

While the prisoner hadn't applied any force yet, Hillary ordered, "By the way, pass my dad a message and tell him to send me some bedding and stuff like that… oh, and skincare products too… I didn't have any products after I washed my face today, my skin is really dry…"

She had only just said that when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her leg. The pain made her mouth open at once. She was about to yell when someone covered her mouth.

Then, another person rushed over.

Hillary's eyes widened. The next moment, the prisoner giving her a massage suddenly raised her head and gave her a smile. Then, she pressed down harder!


Hillary was in so much pain that she was covered in cold sweat all over. However, the woman didn't show any sign of stopping!!

By the time the prisoners' recreation time ended, Hillary had been taught a good lesson. Upon returning to her cell with the rest of the prisoners, she immediately pulled her clothes to the side. Her body was covered in bruises and some places were starting to swell, forming an unbearable sight!

Tears rolled down her cheeks at once.

"Hillary, you have a visitor."

She stood up abruptly. When she went out, she saw a pathetic-looking Jill standing in the room.

The agonized woman hugged Jill at once. "Mom, you're finally here! They are going to bully me to death! Quick, tell Karl the people he sent to protect me are bullying me every day! Make Karl take revenge for me and kill them!"

Her eyes were filled with hatred.

Jill's eyes reddened when she heard her. "It's been tough on you, Hillary! But there's nothing we can do at the moment!"

Hillary looked up at once. It was then that she noticed that Jill's cheek was also red and swollen on one side. Stunned, she asked, "What happened to you?"

Jill hugged her and wept bitterly.

When the visitation session ended, Hillary hugged her and shouted, "Mom! Mom, you must save me! I will die if you don't save me! I really will die!"

As per the public's wishes, Hillary had been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The moment she thought of how she would be in jail for the rest of her life, she felt acute despair swallow her up…

Jill clenched her fists tightly as she watched her crying daughter being led away.

No, she mustn't allow her daughter's life to be ruined just like that!!

At the Smiths.

Tanya was playing with Mia and the others.

Nora was seated leisurely on the sofa. Joel and Justin were sitting on the other side.

Cherry, who was sitting cross-legged, was playing games on her cell phone.

Pete was watching Mia and Cherry. For once, he actually wasn't doing Mathematical Olympiad drills.

The family formed a happy and harmonious sight, but in truth, they were actually waiting for the results of Lily's final DNA test.

If the busy Lily were to see what they currently looked like, she would probably call them "evil capitalists"!

Suddenly, the butler entered the room. He looked a little embarrassed as he said, "Sir, the old Mr. Smith is here."

The guest was Samuel Smith, Ian's third uncle who lived in the Smiths' ancestral home. He was also the one who had spoken up for Yvonne previously.

Joel raised his brows.

Samuel had helped Yvonne to make a scene at the hospital the other time, but it was to no avail. After that, he had left while Yvonne was arrested and thrown into jail.

What was he here for this time?

Joel's brows drew together, but it wasn't like he could really drive his elders out of the house, so he said dispassionately, "Let him in."

The butler nodded. A short while later, Samuel came in with a woman who looked about forty to fifty years old.

Joel glanced at the two of them. Then, he lowered his gaze and said, "Granduncle Samuel, Grandaunt Sue."

Sue had married into the family after Samuel's first wife passed away. There was a shrewd and capable look in her eyes.

Her eyes, which had a lot of life in them, glanced at Joel. Then, she smiled and said, "Joel, we haven't seen each other for so long! I heard that there was some trouble at home, so Samuel and I immediately hurried over to visit you!"

Samuel let out a cold laugh.

Sue immediately prodded his arm, stopping Samuel from speaking.

She looked at the two women in the living room.

Then, she went forward, held Nora's hand enthusiastically, and said, "You must be Nora, right? You look just like a Smith! You're so pretty! I heard you're engaged to Mr. Hunt?"

She looked at Justin cheerfully.

Justin, who was unaware of all the inner workings of the family, nodded politely at her.

Before Nora could say anything, Sue took off the bangle on her hand and stuffed it into Nora's hand. "Even though you've returned to the Smiths, Grandaunt Sue has nothing much she can give you. Here, you can have some fun with this bangle for now!"

Nora: "??"

She narrowed her eyes slightly and pushed the bangle back to her. "I can't take this. It's too expensive a gift."

"Aw," Sue said, "What's so valuable about this? I have a distant relative in this line of business who's very knowledgeable about antiques!"

"Nora, I know there was a bit of a misunderstanding between you and Samuel previously, but we are all Smiths here. We're all still connected to one another no matter what happens. You won't hold it against him, right?"

Nora: "…"

Sue was simply too eloquent!!

She coughed. Just as she was about to say something, Sue stuffed the bangle back into her hand and turned to Tanya.

The look in her eyes wasn't that humble anymore.

She said with a smile, "You must be Mia's mom, the one caught up in all that drama recently, right?"

The children had already been taken upstairs to play when the two of them were coming in.

Justin didn't want to reveal too much about his children.

Seeing Sue looking at her, Tanya nodded. "Yes."

"Tanya, right? I met you before when you were a child!" Sue was very enthusiastic. She held her hand and said, "I was visiting the Joneses at that time. When you were pouring us water, you accidentally broke the glasses, so your mom punished you by making you kneel on the floor. You were only five then. You were so small and looked so pitiful kneeling there!"

Her words were rather discomfiting.

However, what she said next was even worse. "Who would have thought that you would become Cinderella and give birth to Joel's child one day? A child with a high status elevates their mother's status, indeed!"