She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 446: Take Good Care of Hillary

Chapter 446: Take Good Care of Hillary

Chapter 446: Take Good Care of Hillary

Karl's grip on his phone tightened.

His jaw tensed up and he felt that he must have misheard. He kept his emotions under control and asked again, "What did you say?"

"Boss, Tanya Turner is your real daughter. Hillary Jones is not your daughter at all. That sadistic woman even stole your daughter's child and tortured her for five years…

"I looked into her background along the way. Ms. Turner suffered a lot in Switzerland during those five years. After she lost her child, she suffered a mental breakdown and was almost sent to a mental institution. Later, someone even framed her and broke her leg. When I looked into it, it turned out that it was also Hillary's doing. Fortunately, she met a genius doctor who fixed her leg for her…

"Also, as you must already know from the court hearing, it was Hillary behind Ms. Turner and Mr. Smith's breakup back then. She schemed and plotted to sow discord between the two of them and separate them.

"I also found out that everyone knows that Tanya Turner is Jill's daughter. She was Jill's extra baggage when she married into the Joneses back then. The Joneses have always treated Ms. Turner like a servant.

"Also, after the first nine years of compulsory education, ever since she entered junior high, Ms. Turner had been working part-time to earn money for her tuition fees. Her tuition fees when she was attending college in the States also came from her part-time jobs. It seems that Jill has never given her any money for living expenses…"

The more his subordinate spoke, the graver and more solemn Karl's face became.

To be honest, when Jill told him that Hillary was his daughter, he had been somewhat in an internal struggle.

After all, no one wanted their daughter to be a thief who stole other people's children!

But for someone like him, who couldn't ever have any more children, having a descendant was something that didn't come by easily. He didn't dare to wish for more.

When he instructed his men to look into Tanya, he actually hadn't held much hope. He had merely found Jill's behavior a little fishy.

Even though he was the leader of a group of assassins, Karl gave people the impression that he was a very simple and naive man, as if he was very gullible. It was just like how he had seemed like a foolish small-time gangster in the States many years ago…

But if he really were that stupid, how would he possibly have become the leader of the Assassin Organization?

The instant the report was out, Karl was thankful that his daughter was not a woman who did all sorts of wicked and malicious deeds, an acute sense of guilt also surged up in him!

He had never expected his daughter to be living such a hard life!

He had also never expected himself to actually become an accomplice to someone trying to take his daughter's child away from her just as his daughter's life was improving.

He slapped himself across the cheek angrily.


He used a lot of force in the slap. After he slapped himself, his mind also became clearer. He turned to look at Jill!

The look in his eyes was fierce and vicious, making Jill feel cold all over. Her confrontational words toward Karl suddenly became stuck in her throat and she stammered, "W-why are you looking at me like that…?"

Karl sneered, "I'm just trying to see just how brave the person is who had the guts to deceive me into bullying my own daughter!"

Jill's pupils shrank when she heard him.

She took a huge step back. Her eyes flickered as she said, "What nonsense are you talking about? I don't understand what you're saying!"

"In that case, let me explain everything to you properly."

Karl took step after step toward Jill. "The hair you plucked out when you were at the court is Tanya Turner's, right?"

Jill hurriedly denied it. "No, it isn't!"

Seeing that she was still lying even at this point, disappointment flashed across Karl's eyes. He narrowed his eyes and slowly said, "I have already done another DNA test for Tanya and me."

That one line of his stunned Jill.

She looked at Karl in disbelief, seemingly never having expected him to be such a perceptive man…

Seeing that she had finally shut up, Karl sneered, "What else do you have to say now?"

Realizing that she couldn't continue to hide it from him anymore, Jill took another two steps back and put some distance between herself and Karl. She looked at him coldly and said furiously, "So what even if you now realize it? This is something you owe me, Karl! Even if Tanya is your daughter, I'm still the one who gave birth to her! I gave you a daughter, so you have to save my daughter's life!"

Karl narrowed his eyes. He suddenly took a step forward and slapped her hard across the cheek!


The crisp smack caused Jill's voice to instantly disappear.

She could feel her cheek burning, and even two of her teeth had loosened and fallen off. She could taste a metallic sweetness—she was likely bleeding.

Her ears were also ringing. One could easily see just how hard Karl had slapped her!

When she finally came back to her senses, she saw that Karl was already seated on the sofa. He had one leg crossed over the other and was fiddling with a gun.

Jill's legs instantly turned into jelly when she saw the icy-cold muzzle pointed at her!

In this instant, the man in front of her suddenly became big and tall. It was as if even the air around him had changed. From a simple and naive nouveau riche, he had turned into a cold and unfeeling underworld boss.

Jill swallowed.

Since the moment she ran into Karl when she was taking Hillary to the airport, the man had always shown her kindness. It made her think that time was still stuck at over twenty years ago when the man was just a little gangster in the streets…

That was why she had kept making various demands to Karl, and even spoke as if she was giving him orders when she requested him to save her daughter.

It wasn't until now that Jill finally realized in shock that he was a man who could make even the Smiths and the Hunts compromise. He was not someone whom she could manipulate as and when she wanted…

She had assumed that he was much stupider than he really was!

She was so frightened that she couldn't help but shiver all over. Her lips trembled as she said, "You… you can't kill me…"

Karl's head was lowered as he glanced at her carelessly. "Why can't I kill you?"

"Because… because…" Jill suddenly thought of something. "Because I am Tanya's mother! I gave birth to her! I brought her all the way up! Even if there's nothing meritorious about what I did, you cannot deny the effort I've put in! I was the one who gave Tanya her life!"

Karl let out an icy laugh when he heard what she said. He looked up and said, "If it wasn't for that, did you think I would have stopped at just a slap?"

Cold sweat drenched Jill.

Karl got up. He stared at her and ordered, "Get lost!"

A frightened Jill got up abruptly and scrambled toward the door. The woman staggered as she moved as if she was afraid that Karl would kill her the next second.


Elsewhere, in prison.

During the prisoner's recreation time, someone came up to Hillary.

Hillary couldn't help but smile as she looked at her. "Did Karl Moore send you to take care of me?"

The woman was a female prisoner. She flexed her wrists when she heard what Hillary said, and the corners of her lips curled up into a strange smile. "Uh-huh. Boss asked me to take good care of you."