She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 448: Tanya Doesn't Have A Notable Background?

Chapter 448: Tanya Doesn't Have A Notable Background?

Chapter 448: Tanya Doesn't Have A Notable Background?

Tanya: "???"

Nora: "???"

Everyone in the room could hear the disdain hidden in Sue's words.

What did she mean by saying that Tanya's status had risen because she had given birth to Joel's child?!

She was clearly refusing to acknowledge Tanya's status!

Who would bring up someone else's humiliating childhood events in front of other people?

The look in Nora's eyes turned cold, and she threw the bangle onto the coffee table, producing a crisp clang.

However, it was as if Sue hadn't sensed anything at all. She went on and said, "Joel, I heard that the two of you started dating in junior high and only broke up when you graduated from college? To think the two of you can still get together even after five years of separation… and that you can still hold your daughter in your arms. Tanya, you must feel very blissful to be able to live in such a big house, right?"

The look in Tanya's eyes turned even colder. She wanted to pull her hand out of the woman's grip, but Sue kept holding her hand tightly. "People mustn't forget their roots. Tanya, it was the Joneses who fed you and brought you up. Now that you have married into a rich family… let's not talk about repaying their kindness anymore, but at the very least, you mustn't be an ingrate, right?"

Tanya narrowed her eyes. "I don't understand what you're trying to say, Mrs. Smith."

Joel also got up abruptly. His expression turned cold and he said, "Tanya, why don't you go upstairs and take a look at the child? Mia seems to be calling out for you."

Then, he looked at Sue and said, "Grandaunt Sue, how rare of you to visit us today. If you have something to say, then why don't you speak with me instead?"

Joel was still smiling, but he had completely unleashed his powerful aura.

Tanya breathed a sigh of relief.

She didn't want to argue with people from the older generation of the Smiths. After all, it was very awkward for her to be living here at the moment.

She and Joel weren't married, but because she couldn't bear to be apart from her daughter—besides, she had only just been reunited with her—she could only stay at the Smiths'.

It was very embarrassing for her every time the nannies addressed her as "Ms. Turner".

Yet she couldn't be so hypocritical as to bring up leaving.

Karl was still in New York. What if Jill got him to send people to take revenge on her?

At the very least, before the DNA report was out, there was no way she could leave the Smith manor.

However, in the eyes of outsiders, her actions were no different from how Hillary had so shamelessly insisted on living with the Smiths back then. Some people would undoubtedly look down on her!

They would think of her as someone clinging shamelessly to the Smiths as if what she was interested in was Joel's money.

She couldn't be bothered to explain, though.

She stood up and got ready to go upstairs. However, before she could go, Samuel let out a "hmph", looked at Joel, and said, "What's the problem, Joel? Is your grandaunt not allowed to chastise your woman even a little?"

Joel's expression turned cold at once. "Granduncle Samuel, perhaps it's because I haven't done the proper introductions yet, but Tanya is my fiancée! She is also the future matriarch of the Smiths! May I know what Grandaunt Sue is planning to lecture her about?"

Who would dare to lecture the matriarch of the family?!

The only reason why they had the audacity to go this far right now was that he and Tanya weren't married yet!

Joel found Samuel very annoying and bothersome, but unfortunately, he was the oldest in the family, so he couldn't casually refuse him an audience or drive him out!

When he said that, Samuel laughed and said, "Joel, you must be kidding, right? Her? What gives her the right to be the matriarch of the Smiths? I was already disapproving of your engagement to Hillary Jones back then. The Joneses are just a small nobody family. How can they be worthy of you? Even the mention of it is an embarrassment to the Smiths!

"I was even thinking of introducing you to someone of suitable and matching status when you broke off your engagement with her, but I didn't expect you to find yourself another woman with an even worse background!

"The one from the Joneses is at least the young mistress of their family, but what about this one? She's just extra baggage that that woman from the Joneses brought with her when she married into the family!

"Is there anyone who doesn't know that the Joneses have never liked her throughout her entire life? On top of that, she has such a weird temperament that even her own mother loathes her. How can such an unruly person be the matriarch of the Smiths?!"

Sue echoed him, "He's right, Joel. You'd better not let her trick you and talk you into being impulsive. If you marry her, you will end up a joke in all the wealthy circles in New York! I'm saying this for your own good. No one will say anything if you keep her as your mistress and have some fun with her, but you have to be careful about who you give the identity of the matriarch of the Smiths to! I have someone whom I can introduce to you. Not only does she have a good personality, but she also has a good character. Why don't I introduce the two of you to each other?"

Seeing how they were crossing the line further and further with their words, the cold Joel said, "I haven't reached the point where I need other people to dictate who I should be choosing as my wife. Besides, Uncle Ian has already approved of Tanya."

Ian held great authority in the Smiths.

Even Samuel didn't dare to behave obnoxiously in front of Ian even if he was older than him.

It was just that the difference in generational roles between Ian and Samuel was simply too big. That was why he had the guts to come over and say such things.

However, Samuel sneered and said, "I only said a few words, yet you're saying that I'm 'dictating' what you should be doing? Do you have any idea that word has already spread throughout the wealthy circle in New York that you've gone out of your mind because of a woman?! It's to the extent that you're already going against Karl Moore! If being a hero is what you want, then, by all means, go ahead! But why are you putting the Smiths at stake as a result? You may not be afraid of death, but we want to live!"

Sue nodded repeatedly. "He's right, Joel. However, our focus right now isn't about who the matriarch of the Smiths is. After all, it's not set in stone yet. I'm actually here today to persuade you to reconcile with the Joneses."

She looked at Tanya and said, "Hillary stole your child and deceived Joel, there's no doubt that she made a mistake there. But Jill is still your mother, no matter what, right? Surely you can't disregard even your own mother, right?! You and Hillary are technically sisters. Rather than making a fool out of yourselves in front of outsiders, in my opinion, why not let the whole thing pass altogether…? We can have the two families reconcile while you forgive Hillary. Let Joel do something about it and have her acquitted. This way, you won't make a fool out of yourself in front of others anymore. Don't you think I'm right?"

Tanya: "?!"

Her expression turned cold. "Mrs. Smith, I will never forgive a woman who stole my child, so I would advise you not to bother persuading us any further. If not, you can't hold it against me if I don't show you any courtesy!"

Sue curled her lips disdainfully. However, she took a step forward and held her hand again. "You silly girl, I'm not doing this for the Joneses; I'm doing this for you! Think about it, how are you going to gain a foothold in the Smiths when you don't have a notable background? No matter how awful the Joneses are, they can still be considered your family. If you fall out with them, you'll really become someone without a family! If a woman without a notable background like you doesn't have anyone backing you up, how are you going to be with Joel? Am I wrong?"