She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 443: Lily, Work Is Here Again!

Chapter 443: Lily, Work Is Here Again!

Chapter 443: Lily, Work Is Here Again!

When she saw Karl Moore's message, Nora was a little stunned.

Joel and Tanya's lawsuit was spread all over the Internet. However, Karl Moore's name was definitely not written in those reports because those people did not know of his existence.

Therefore, Nora still did not know that Karl Moore was already in New York.

She casually typed a few words: "I'm in New York. It's not convenient."

Karl Moore seemed to be staring at the chat. The moment she sent the message, he replied: "The person I want is also in New York. It's very convenient. By the way, I'm also here. Why don't we meet?"

Nora ignored his request to meet. "…Whose DNA is it?"

Although Karl Moore was a foreign underworld force and the leader of the Assassin Organization, he was not a bad person in the traditional sense.

Based on his neutral rules in the Assassin Organization and the fact that he would not casually kill women and children, Nora had a good impression of him.

Moreover, although he looked stupid and silly, he was actually a very upright and smart person.

Over the past three years, their collaboration had been very fruitful. She was also very satisfied with some of Karl Moore's actions, so she had long treated Karl Moore as a friend. She would help resolve some of his requests if they were not very troublesome.

After sending this message, she saw Karl Moore reply: "It's a young lady called Tanya."

Nora: "?"

She stared at the word "Tanya" for a long time before suddenly looking up at the Tanya standing in front of her.

Was this Tanya the same Tanya she knew?

As she was thinking, Karl Moore's news came again. "She's currently in the Smiths and is being protected. I've also brought a few people over. But you know, in New York, strong dragons cannot suppress local snakes."

Nora: "…"

She pursed her lips and asked, "Why do you want her DNA?"

Karl Moore: "Sigh, I'm wondering if she's my daughter."

Nora: "…"

What was going on?

Not even television dramas would dare to write something like that!

She grimaced and replied: "OK, wait."

After sending the message, she casually put away her phone and looked up at Tanya.

Tanya: "…What's wrong with me? I'm not wearing the right clothes? My pants aren't zipped?"

Nora: "…"

Tanya's voice was a little loud. After she said that, the people in the ward sensed the sound outside and immediately fell silent.

Then she heard footsteps and the door opened.

The tall Lily always had exquisite makeup on. She was wearing high heels and had a smile on her face. "Boss, Miss Tanya, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Smith, you're all here?"

Nora nodded and entered the ward.

Quentin lay on the bed and could not move. His face was very clean, but there were still traces of friction on his cheeks. Some places were a little red.

When he saw Nora, he instantly looked like he had nothing to live for. "Little cousin, can you chase this Lily away for me?"

Nora: "…Not for the time being. Although she's my assistant, she's also the best surgeon. Your injuries are too serious. The other doctors can't clean you as carefully as she can."

Quentin was covered in wounds. He had to undergo strict disinfection and debridement every day.

Hearing this, Quentin sighed heavily.

Lily said, "What's with your expression? I'm not going to eat you! At most, I like your face a little. Besides, it's already good that I don't mind you lying there!"

When Quentin heard this, he looked at Nora angrily. "Little cousin, when can I stand up again?! I'm almost done being harassed by your assistant!"


As soon as he said this, the entire room fell silent.

Nora then realized that Quentin had always had a good mentality no one had ever told him that he might not be able to stand up in this life.

She looked at Joel and saw him turn his head away. His eyes were flickering a little as if he did not dare to look at Quentin directly.

Justin held her hand.

When Lily heard this, she was about to say something when Nora suddenly said, "Maybe half a year, maybe a year, maybe two years… Don't worry, I will make you stand up again."

Quentin agreed. "I believe you."

These four words were like a huge rock pressing on Nora.

She lowered her eyes and suddenly smiled. "Don't worry."

As soon as he finished speaking, Quentin looked at Lily. "But while you do that, can you hire a nurse for me?! Brother, is our family so poor? Why do we need this doctor to take care of me? I need someone else!"

Joel: "…"

Lily told him coldly, "Because, at the moment, ordinary nurses are not allowed to take care of you due to your injuries. It can only be me."

With that, she sighed. "I have already cleaned your body countless times while you were unconscious. Why are you so shy? Your fair skin is actually no different from a pig in my eyes… Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about the mole on your butt."

Quentin: "…"

Everyone else, "…"

Quentin was silent for a moment before suddenly closing his eyes. "Can someone cover my face with a blanket?"

He did not want to live anymore!!!

The others laughed.

At this moment, Lily pursed her lips and said, "Alright, alright. I'll get another nurse to take care of you. I'm going back to rest well today!"

With that, she yawned. "Yesterday, Mr. Hunt and Mr. Smith asked me to help them with a DNA test. I waited for two hours and didn't get a sample. I didn't even get enough sleep! I should finally be able to sleep well today, right?"


Nora was stunned and looked at Joel and Justin.

Justin explained faintly, "Karl Moore came to New York. We suspect that he might be related to Tanya by blood, so we wanted to test him."

After saying that, Joel frowned. "But the killers around Karl Moore are too difficult to deal with. We sent many people, but they didn't get close to him, so we haven't gotten any DNA samples."

Nora: "…"

Her lips suddenly twitched.

Lily did not notice her abnormality. She stretched and said, "Okay, continue discussing. Call me when you get the samples. Of course, it would be best if that could take at least 12 hours! I'm going back to sleep."

However, before she could reach the door, she heard Nora cough. "Lily, maybe you shouldn't sleep yet?"