She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 444: Black Cat Is Here

Chapter 444: Black Cat Is Here

Chapter 444: Black Cat Is Here

Lily: "???"

She almost doubted her life. She looked at her boss in disbelief. "Boss?"

Nora coughed and stood up. "Yes, I'll get you a DNA sample now."

Lily was speechless.

When Nora walked out, Justin had already stood up and started following beside her. "I'll accompany you."

Nora thought for a moment and said, "Alright."

With that, she walked toward Tanya.

Tanya stood up in confusion. "What? You want another hug? Since when are you so attached to me? Be careful or your Mr. Hunt will be jealous!"

Before she could finish, Nora pulled two strands of her hair.

Tanya: "??"

She covered her head. "Nora! If you want DNA next time, I can give you finger blood. Can you stop pulling my hair? I'm going to become bald!"

"It's fine. I'll treat you if you're bald."

Nora waved her hand casually and skillfully took out a bag specially used to store these things. She placed the two strands of hair in it.

Then, she and Justin went downstairs.

Justin drove while Nora took out her phone and sent a message to Karl Moore. "Address."

After Karl Moore replied with the hotel's address, he said, "How many days do you need?"

When the people standing behind Karl Moore saw this news, they immediately began to guess.

"I think it would take at least half a day for Black Cat to steal a DNA sample! Black Cat spent two days assassinating the boss of that organization!"

"A day! The Smiths aren't any better than the organization over there. Furthermore, the organization over at Burundi doesn't have much discipline. The Smiths' security system is very impressive. I've already investigated. It's very difficult to break through so many security measures and reach Tanya!"

"I think it would take two days! Because one of them went out just now, I sent someone to follow behind. In the end, I realized that whenever they went out, there were more than fifty security guards and bodyguards following them in secret! Isn't this too scary?"

Ian went out with more than ten bodyguards.

Joel went out with more than ten people.

Justin went out with 18 people.

In total, weren't there more than 50 people following Nora?

When Karl Moore heard this, he could feel his temples throbbing. "More than fifty? I only bring a dozen of you when I go out. Is my lineup a little weak?"

The person behind him twitched his lips. "If you bring out more than fifty people from the organization, who would be left to do our missions?"

Karl Moore coughed and sighed. "What does this mean? It means that the best among us assassins are still not enough!"


Beep. A message notification chimed. Karl Moore looked at his phone. "Come on, let's see how long Black Cat will take!"

However, when he opened it, Karl Moore's expression changed.

Seeing the extremely strange look on his face, the subordinates immediately asked, "Boss, what's wrong? Is the time that Black Cat needs too much?"

"Could it be four days? This is a little difficult. There's a cost to protecting Hillary in prison. If it's more than four days, we might as well break Hillary out of prison first!"

"It couldn't be that Black Cat can't break through the Smiths' security guards and get Tanya's DNA, right? But thinking about it, the Smiths' defense line is indeed not that easy to break."

"Hahahaha, Black Cat has finally encountered something he can't handle. Why do I suddenly feel like laughing so much?"


As they giggled, Karl Moore looked up. "Black Cat said half an hour."


The entire hotel suddenly fell silent.

The group of assassins looked at each other and finally couldn't help but swear.

"Holy shit!"

"It's fake, right?"

"Black Cat is bragging too much this time!"

"Hehe, then I'll laugh at Black Cat in half an hour!"

The group of people waited to see the joke. Half an hour passed quickly.

Karl Moore took out his phone and was about to send a message to Black Cat when he received a message. "It's here. Go downstairs."

Karl Moore was speechless.

He looked at his subordinates in shock. Their mouths were wide open in disbelief.

Karl Moore coughed and adjusted his clothes before standing up. "I'll go downstairs and take a look. Put away your inexperienced looks. You're really embarrassing me!"

"As the number one assassination organization, you should learn the efficiency of Black Cat!

Someone asked, "Boss, Boss, I just want to ask, who is this Black Cat? This efficiency is not something that can be achieved by humans, right?"

"Is Black Cat not human?"

His words made everyone stand up straight.

They all swallowed.

Actually, after Black Cat had killed in Burundi, the assassins started sharing myths about him. But now, they suddenly felt that the myths were not enough?

Karl Moore no longer bothered with these brats and took them downstairs.

People were coming and going in the lobby downstairs.

Karl Moore went downstairs and stood in the lobby, looking around. His subordinates spread out on both sides, not letting anyone disturb him.

Karl Moore was already very excited. He wanted to see what the legendary Black Cat looked like.

He narrowed his eyes and was looking around when a thin figure rushed straight at him!

The surrounding killers agilely wanted to stop him, but the man seemed to have been pushed by someone. He avoided everyone just in time and bumped into Karl Moore!

Karl Moore felt a sting on his head.

Then, the person immediately apologized. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"

Just as Karl Moore was about to catch this person, a voice sounded from afar. "Karl Moore…"

He subconsciously thought it was Black Cat. He turned his head but saw no one in the distance.

When he came back to his senses, the person who had bumped into him had also disappeared!!

It was as if he had bumped into a ghost. He shouted for bad luck and took out his phone. Just as he was about to send a message to Black Cat, he saw a message: "Left pocket of your suit."

Karl Moore: "?"

He was stunned. Then, he lowered his head and looked at his left pocket. There was a bag quietly sitting inside. In the bag were two strands of hair.

Karl Moore was speechless.

"Boss? What is this?"

Karl Moore swallowed. "That Tanya's DNA sample."


"So the one who bumped into you earlier was Black Cat?!"