She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 442: Let Me Die!

Chapter 442: Let Me Die!

Chapter 442: Let Me Die!

Nora took out her toothbrush first. After putting on some toothpaste, she brushed her teeth with one hand and turned on her phone with the other. She realized that there were a few new emails in her inbox.

Her attention was first on the DNA report Lily had sent her. She paused.

She had slept for almost three days this time, right?

Tanya and Mia's results were out. She hurriedly opened them and realized that it was as she had expected.

However, she quickly saw the top trending news article. It was about the lawsuit between Tanya and Hillary. She instantly realized that Tanya and Joel already knew the truth.

Yes, it seemed like he had taken the email to heart.

As she thought about this, she casually browsed through the inbox. When she did not see any urgent messages, she put down her phone and focused on brushing her teeth.

As she brushed her teeth, her eyes slowly darkened.

Her happy mood after being teased by the two children slowly became heavy.

Quentin was still in the hospital.

All the bones in his body had shattered. She did not know if he still had a chance to stand up.

Thinking about this, Nora decided to spend some time in the future to think about all kinds of ways to make him stand up.

Yes, according to modern medicine, there was nothing they could do.

Then, she could only look at it from alternative medicine. She vaguely remembered that there was a saying about bone refinement in ancient traditional medicine.

However, that method had been lost for a long time. She did not know if she could still find the relevant information.

With this in mind, she started brushing her teeth faster and faster. After spitting out the water in her mouth, she took a shower and changed into a black top and light-colored jeans before leaving.

Her long hair was half dry as it fluttered behind her.

She went downstairs feeling refreshed when she heard Cherry shouting, "Mommy is out!"

Then, enthusiastic applause erupted downstairs.

Nora: "????"

She walked down with a head full of question marks. Then, she saw Ian, Joel, Tanya, Warren, Maureen, Louis, Brandon, Mia, Cherry, Pete, and Justin sitting on the living room sofa.

The group of people raised their heads in unison and stared at her as if she was some kind of leader.

Nora: "…"

She twitched her lips and went downstairs. Facing this situation, she did not have any intention of being shy. Instead, she looked at Ian first. "Why are you home?"

Ian's body was still quite weak. He needed all kinds of medical equipment in the hospital to help monitor his vital signs. It was dangerous for him to come home.

Ian heaved a sigh of relief when he saw his daughter looking at him first.

To be honest, although the father and daughter had reunited, their relationship was relatively distant.

Nora was born with a cold personality, but Ian was a little embarrassed. After all, when they had just reunited, he still wanted to die and not stay behind to accompany his daughter. Therefore, he was a little embarrassed.

However, his daughter didn't seem to care about the past. He said, "I'm fine."

Nora frowned and said slowly, "I'm going to eat. I'll go to the hospital to see Quentin later and take you over too."

It had not been easy to save Quentin's life. If she was not careful and something happened to Ian, the gains would not make up for the losses!

When Joel heard this, he looked at Ian.

Over the past few days, he had tried to persuade Uncle Ian to go to the hospital many times, but Uncle Ian was stubborn and refused to leave. Now that his little sister had spoken…

As expected, although Ian was still unwilling, he still said obediently, "Okay."

Joel: "…"

Therefore, even Uncle Ian was subdued by his little sister!

The corners of his lips twitched. Then, the family followed Nora to the dining room.

The Smiths' dining table was very long. There were 10 chairs on each side.

Now, everyone was sitting at the dining table obediently. There was nothing in front of them. They all turned to look at the only person sitting there eating.

Nora: "…"

Suddenly, she felt that the porridge in front of her was a little hot.

It was rare that she could not drink a bowl of porridge in a few gulps like she usually did. Under the gaze of more than ten pairs of eyes from the nannies, she took a spoon and drank it one mouthful at a time.

The small bowl of porridge took half an hour to finish.

After finishing, she looked at the group of people and suddenly asked, "Are you guys… not busy?"

Tanya answered for the children and herself, "It's the weekend."

Joel: "Yes, the rest of us don't work, either."

Nora: "…"

She took a tissue and elegantly wiped the corners of her mouth. Then, she coughed and glanced at Justin.

Justin chuckled softly and stood up to say, "Alright, everyone, disperse! Nora is feeling awkward that you guys are all gathered here."

Nora: "?"

Who was awkward?

They quickly stood up.

Warren and Maureen said, "Well, little sister, if there's anything you need, just tell us!"

Joel and Tanya looked at each other and said calmly, "I'll take Uncle Ian back to the hospital with you!"

Ian: "…"

Seeing that everyone had spoken, Louis thought for a long time before finally saying, "Sis, if there's anything you can't spend, feel free to ask me for help~"


The family finally dispersed. Nora heaved a sigh of relief.

She stood up. "Let's go to the hospital."

The group followed her majestically and went to the hospital in two separate cars.

Nora first took Ian back to the VIP ward. After confirming that all his organs were fine, she then walked towards Quentin's ward.

On the way, Joel and Justin sensed her silence.

Joel said, "Quentin hasn't complained about being dispirited or cried over the past two days. Don't worry."

Nora nodded.

However, just because Quentin did not cry or complain did not mean that he was not in pain.

That young man loved to be in the limelight.

Now, he was all alone on the hospital bed and could not even move his neck.

With this thought in mind, she walked to Quentin's ICU ward.

To be precise, Quentin was not out of danger yet, so he was still in the ICU.

At this moment, just as they approached, they heard Quentin's pained voice. "God, just let me die!"

The people outside: ??

Joel: "?"

They were just saying that Quentin did not complain about life. Why was he suddenly looking for death?!

He was about to explain when he heard Lily's pained voice. "Don't. Wouldn't it be a pity if someone as handsome as you died? Stay, don't move. I'll wipe your face~"

Quentin: "…Ahhhh, you damn pervert, get lost! You're bullying me because I can't move! God, I'll just die!"

The corners of Joel's lips spasmed.

Tanya could not help but ask, "Should we… maybe… not go in now? Would we disturb them?"

Her words made the four of them stand outside in a pause.

Nora took out her phone and opened her email inbox in boredom. She also opened Black Cat's exclusive Internet chats.

These were all her habits.

After a long break, she would log on to various platforms to see if anyone was sending her messages.

On Black Cat's exclusive webpage chat interface, there were many messages. She first opened Karl Moore's chat window and saw his message. "Black Cat, please do me a favor. Can you help me steal a person's DNA sample?"