She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 441: Shower You

Chapter 441: Shower You

Chapter 441: Shower You

Nora stretched lazily. After stretching her body, she let out a deep breath and opened her eyes. She had thought that she would open her eyes to see the ceiling, but she did not expect to see three heads looking down on her.

The two little ones stared at her from the side.

Pete asked softly, "Is Mommy finally awake?"

"Shh…" Cherry made a shushing gesture and lowered her voice. "Mommy might just be turning around. Brother, don't wake Mommy up. Mommy is very scary when she's awake! One time, she even beat me up!"

Pete immediately covered his mouth.

The two little guys widened their eyes in fear and covered their mouths tightly. They were afraid that they would make another sound and anger Nora, who had just woken up.

Nora: "…"

She rolled her eyes at Cherry and said in a hoarse voice that sounded like she had just woken up, "Cherry, don't cause panic here. When have I ever beaten you up?"

Cherry chuckled and jumped into Nora's arms. "Mommy, Cherry missed you so much~ You don't know how worried Cherry was the past two days when you were sleeping. I couldn't sleep well and couldn't eat well!"

Pete was speechless. He wondered who had been nonchalant and playing a live-stream game for two days!

However, he did not expose his sister. Nora understood her daughter very well and only said, "Is that so? Why do I remember vaguely hearing someone playing games happily?"


Cherry blinked her big grape-like eyes. She was not flustered at all from being exposed. "Sigh, Mommy, I haven't been in the mood to do anything else these past two days. I can only play games. Even playing games wasn't as fun as usual. I could only turn my worry for Mommy into motivation and beat people up in the game!"

Pete was speechless. He felt like he had learned something from her!

Nora did not argue with Cherry.

The little fellow was worried that she would not wake up, but it was not as exaggerated as she had said.

Nora was not worried about her daughter's extroverted personality.

She turned her head to look at Pete. Indeed, she saw a hint of deep worry in her son's eyes. Pete, who was not good with words, was really worried about Nora's body. Even in her sleep, she seemed to have felt the little fellow climbing onto the bed gently a few times. He even touched her nose and was probably checking if she was still breathing.

She smiled. "Pete, did you miss Mommy?"

Pete blushed and lowered his head. "Mm-hm."

"Yes, did you miss me or not?"

Nora sat up and teased him.

Pete was not good at sweet-talking. His face turned even redder as he stammered and could not speak. Nora simply teased him. "Sigh, looks like my son didn't miss his mom! I'm so sad. Why don't I sleep for a few more days?"

Pete panicked and hurriedly shouted, "No, I, I… I missed you."

Nora laughed and hugged him. "I missed you too. I even dreamed of you!"

Pete was stunned. "Dreamed about what?"

Nora: "?????"

She was also stunned.

She had always had a lot of messy dreams when she slept. It was as if her brain never stopped working while she slept.

When she woke up, she had already forgotten her dream. How could she still remember what she had dreamed?

But her son was so serious. She couldn't say that she had forgotten, right?

Nora spoke nonsense. Her voice was hoarse as she said, "I dreamed that Pete grew up and became cold to Mommy after marrying some girl. I was so sad, sigh!"

Pete: "!!"

Cherry blinked her big eyes at the side and asked, "Mommy, who did Pete marry? Did he marry Cherry? Then our family of four can be together forever!"

Nora: "…"

Justin coughed. "Your brother can't marry you!"

Cherry looked disappointed. "I see~"

However, Pete hurriedly said, "Mommy, your dream is too fake. I don't plan on marrying anyone in the future."


Looking at his serious expression, Nora was touched.

Justin, who was beside them, looked at their affectionate gazes and instantly felt a sense of danger. He immediately pushed Pete away and said, "Why are you staying at home if you don't want to get married? The only one who can walk with you forever is your partner!"

After saying that, he looked at Nora. Under his pitch-black eyes, the mole on his eye shone.

Nora: "…"

The corners of her lips twitched. She felt that this head of the Hunts was a little unreasonable.

What was there to compete with a child for?

She coughed and lifted the blanket to get out of bed. She realized that she had changed into a comfortable sleeping gown. She hesitated for a moment and asked, "Who changed my clothes?"

She still remembered that before she fainted, her red dress was covered in blood.

However, she felt quite refreshed now…

At the thought of this, Cherry raised her hand. "Daddy changed it for you! Plus, I helped you shower!"

Although it was Lily who gave her a shower on the operating table on the first day, after returning home, Justin helped her every day.

Nora: "…"

This man was the one who had bathed her when she was asleep?!

Heat slowly rose in her cheeks. She looked around, her eyes wandering. "Where's Lily?" she asked.

When she was overseas, she had given herself to Lily wholeheartedly after she fell asleep!

After returning to the country, had Lily begun to slack off?!

At this moment, Lily, who had just slept for six hours after taking care of Quentin, sneezed violently.

Then, she rubbed her nose.


She really wanted to go overseas. She was so busy after returning to the country that she barely had any free time!

Sensing Nora's shyness, Justin hurriedly said, "Don't worry. I didn't look at anything I shouldn't have."

Nora: "?"

The corners of her lips twitched. "Do you think I'm a child? How did you help me shower if you didn't look?"

Justin was silent for a moment before he coughed. "I covered my eyes and… washed."


Nora's face became even redder. So, he touched her entire body?!

She picked up her phone and walked to the bathroom. "Oh, I'll go take a shower. Mr. Hunt, please go downstairs and get someone to prepare some food for me."

Justin looked at her flustered back and smiled. "Alright. You can take your time with the shower. After all, when I bathed you, I didn't dare to rub anything. I only washed… briefly."

"…" Nora staggered and rushed into the bathroom in a panic.

Justin smiled and went downstairs.

In the bathroom.

Nora took a few deep breaths before looking at her phone. She planned to see if anything had happened during the two days she was unconscious.