She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 440: The Queen of Sleep Is Awake

Chapter 440: The Queen of Sleep Is Awake

Chapter 440: The Queen of Sleep Is Awake

All Lily wished for at the moment was just to return to Switzerland.

When Lily was still in Switzerland, every time her boss wanted her help, all she had done was just to get someone to send her some DNA samples. Three hours were the most she needed to produce the test results.

But after she came back to the States!

First, she had to help her boss take care of her father. Next, she had to take care of her boss' cousin. Now that her boss had fallen into a deep sleep and couldn't assign her tasks anymore, she finally felt as if she could take a breather. Yet in the end, her boss-in-law was assigning her a task?

This was so goddamn… Did they have any intention of letting her rest or not?!

Even though Lily was cursing deep down, on the surface, she nevertheless smiled and asked very professionally, "… Sure. May I know where the DNA samples are?"

Justin: "??"

Joel: "????"

Both of them looked at each other and then, the corners of their lips spasmed at the same time.

All they had thought of was having a DNA test done, but who the hell could retrieve Karl's DNA sample?!

It wasn't like they could go up to him and say, "Bro, I suspect that Tanya is your daughter. Can I borrow a DNA sample from you?"

As the leader of a group of assassins, if there were people who could pluck Karl's hair without him knowing, then he might as well retire from the underworld for good!

Neither of them expected that retrieving Karl's DNA samples would instead become the most difficult task!



Karl went to a DNA testing lab.

After they extracted a blood sample from his fingertip, he returned to the hotel.

All the places he went were heavily guarded. Although he hadn't brought a lot of men with him during his return to the States this time, all of them were skilled fighters.

It could be said that even a fly wouldn't be able to get near Karl, let alone a human!

Three hours later.

His subordinate sent him the DNA test report.

Karl took a look—the report indicated a 99% probability that the test subjects were indeed father and daughter!

At the same time, the person whom he had sent to investigate the private clinic also returned.

When Jill was telling him all those things, she had also given him the clinic's information. When they went to investigate, they found that Jill had indeed given birth to a child during that period of time!

The child was also indeed Hillary! The nurse they had talked to during the investigation had said that the girl whom Jill had given birth to had a mole on her ear, and Hillary did indeed have one on her ear!

The records in the clinic were dated five years ago, so there was no way they could have falsified them.

Karl narrowed his eyes and suddenly asked, "Does that girl named Tanya Turner have a mole on her ear?"

His subordinate was surprised. "Why are you asking about her? She doesn't seem to have one, though."

They were assassins, so they were very observant.

Although they had only met Joel and Tanya once in court, they remembered everything about their looks!

Karl pressed his lips together. "Because I keep feeling like something isn't quite right. If Hillary really is my daughter, Jill could have just approached me directly after Hillary was taken away. I would have been able to protect my daughter for sure! There wasn't any need for her to go to that young missy and beg her for help. I was originally suspecting that the hair she gave me was that young missy's…"

But unexpectedly, the child that Jill had given birth to back then was indeed Hillary.

The clinic had kept pictures of the newborn baby. The mole on her ear was very obvious.

Therefore, Jill had indeed given birth to Hillary four months earlier. In other words, Hillary was indeed his daughter!

Karl abruptly stood up and started to pace back and forth excitedly.

Over twenty years ago, he had gone to Switzerland all by himself to build his career. People in the underworld inevitably got injured some time or another, and the same went for him. During a certain incident, he had injured his genitals.

Therefore, he would never have any children for the rest of his life.

Originally, he had held regrets about this. Although he'd had many women in his life all these years, he didn't have any children.

Little did he expect that he would suddenly find his daughter during his return to the States when he was here to look for Black Cat instead!

He rubbed his hands excitedly and paced back and forth in the hotel…

It was at this point that he received a call from Jill. He picked up the call. Jill asked, "Have you seen the DNA test report?"

Karl nodded. "Yes."

"Hillary is indeed your daughter. You'll save her now, right? Surely you can't just watch as your daughter dies! The Smiths and the Hunts are very powerful. If she continues to stay in prison, something will happen to her sooner or later. You have to find a way to get her out of there!"

Karl narrowed his eyes. "You don't have to worry about that. I know what I'm doing! To think I actually have a daughter! Just based on this alone, I now owe you one, Jill!"

After hanging up, he paced back and forth in the room.

Even his subordinates couldn't help but be happy for him.

"Boss was still suspecting this and that just now, but look at how happy he is now!"

"Of course! Boss has an heir now! He finally has someone who can inherit all the money he earned over the years!"

"Hahaha! It's just that his daughter's character is not that great. She could even bring herself to do something like stealing someone else's child. But tsk, it's not like we are some kind and angelic organization anyway. Forget it!"

Karl scratched his head excitedly with a silly grin on his face as he listened to their conversation.

As he continued grinning, someone said, "By the way, you told us to protect your daughter, right? As expected, the Smiths and the Hunts tried to do something to her in the prison, but we managed to stop them! Boss, what are your plans? She's in a prison in the USA after all. We can't guarantee that nothing will go wrong if we break her out of prison!"

Karl, however, didn't speak. A brief moment later, he suddenly said, "I still feel like something isn't quite right. How about this? Get a DNA sample of that young missy named Tanya Turner and have another test done!"

As soon as he said that, everyone else said, "Boss, aren't you making things difficult for us by telling us to do that? Stealing a DNA sample from someone living in the Smiths' manor? You sure think really highly of us!"

"Exactly! Also, why do you still want her DNA sample?"

Karl clutched his chest and said, "My mind can't rest at peace if I don't have it checked. By the way, isn't Black Cat in the States? Look for Black Cat!"

Everyone nodded. "Yeah, that's right! If it's Black Cat, there definitely won't be any problem!"

"But Black Cat is completely ignoring us. Black Cat would occasionally still reply to the emails and messages we sent some time back, but he's been completely ignoring us these last couple of days. It's as if he's vanished into thin air…"

Karl took out his cell phone. "Maybe he's busy. It's okay, just ensure that Hillary isn't bullied in prison for now! I will contact Black Cat and wait for news from him!"

Black Cat was his top assassin. The two have worked together for many years and they shared a very good relationship with each other.

Karl had never considered the possibility that Black Cat might refuse to help.

He drafted a message and sent it to Black Cat: "I have something to ask of you, Black Cat. Can you help me steal a person's DNA sample?"


At the Smiths.

Justin, Pete, and Cherry were currently in Nora's room. Suddenly, they sensed movement from the bed.

The three of them looked over at once.

Nora very, very slowly opened her eyes.

Then, she shifted and stretched.