She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 439: The Busy Lily

Chapter 439: The Busy Lily

Chapter 439: The Busy Lily

Karl was dumbfounded.

He stared at Jill incredulously. His gaze landed on the strands of hair she was holding and he swallowed hard, feeling that his ears must be playing tricks on him. "What did you say?"

Jill sighed. "You can put the timeline together yourself. When I married into the Joneses, I was already four months pregnant! Think about it, isn't the child yours if I was already four months pregnant at that time?"

Karl swallowed. "But Hillary Jones' birth date doesn't match!"

Jill sighed. "That's because I delayed registering her birth for four months. After all, I couldn't bring shame to the Joneses. You can look into it. I gave birth to my daughter in a private clinic, so they may still have records! Also, no matter what, you should have a DNA test done first."

Jill handed the strands of hair to Karl. "Only hair with the follicles intact can be used in a DNA test. Be careful not to damage them. By the way, my daughter doesn't know that she is not my husband's child…"

Jill said that because she was afraid that Karl would send someone to the prison to sound Hillary out.

After saying that, she started to head toward the exit. Before she left, she added, "No matter what, you should still make sure that your daughter stays alive, right?"

Karl looked at her and narrowed his eyes. "Don't worry, if she really is my daughter, no one will be able to take her life!"

Jill breathed a sigh of relief.

She lowered her head and said, "I won't ask for that child from the Smiths anymore. All I ask for now is just for you to rescue my daughter, get her out of prison and take her abroad! I hope you can treat her well for the rest of her life after that!"

Karl hesitated for a moment. Then, he asked tentatively, "If she is my daughter, why didn't you tell me that from the start?"

Jill stared at Karl. After a long silence, she finally heaved a deep sigh and said, "I only wanted to borrow your authority in the beginning. I don't wish for anything beyond that anymore. Besides, my daughter wasn't having any problems at that time, and you were also willing to help me, so it didn't matter whether or not I told you the truth. But now that I know that you don't want to offend the Smiths and the Hunts, I can only tell the truth!"

Karl kept quiet for a long while. Suddenly, he broke into a grin and said, "Jill, you should know that I am an outlaw. You know it won't end well for people who lie to me, right?"

Jill was so frightened by the way he spoke that she shuddered. However, she then said resolutely, "Go and have a DNA test done."

Karl nodded.

After Jill left, his subordinate behind him asked, "Boss, surely not, right? Is that child-stealing woman really your daughter?"

Karl, however, frowned and said nothing.

In the end, he suddenly sighed and instructed, "Send someone to the prison and protect Hillary Jones for now!"


He turned, exited, and walked toward the car.

The subordinate asked, "Boss, where are you going?"

Karl replied, "A DNA testing lab. Find me a reliable one!"

"Yes, sir!"


Justin, Joel, and Tanya returned to the Smiths' manor.

As soon as they entered the manor, someone came forward and whispered something to Joel.

Joel frowned.

The sensitive Tanya asked, "What's wrong?"

Joel didn't hide anything from her. After letting five years pass them by, both of them cherished each other very much now. When he heard her question, he replied, "I sent someone to the jail to teach Hillary a lesson, but I just received news that someone has interfered on her behalf."

Tanya immediately asked, "Who did it?"

Joel replied, "Karl Moore."

Tanya frowned at the name.

Ever since Joel and Justin voiced their guess, Tanya had been feeling a little uncomfortable. Surely Karl wasn't really her father, right?

She frowned and did some calculations of the timeline around her birth date. However, she didn't think it matched.

It seemed like her date of birth was half a year too early?

Besides, it was impossible for her date of birth to be wrong because Hillary was born a year later than her. It couldn't possibly be that Jill became pregnant with Hillary when she was pregnant with her, right?

The age difference between the two of them was only one year anyway!

While she was thinking about it, Justin said, "It doesn't make sense."

Joel nodded. "If it's just because of an old lover, Moore is unlikely to help Hillary further. After all, the Smiths and the Hunts can control almost the entire United States. Karl's assassins may be powerful, but he may not necessarily be willing to offend two big families at the same time!"

This was also why Justin had the confidence to threaten Karl when they were in the courtroom!

Justin said, "How strange. Something we are unaware of must have happened."

He took out his cell phone and sent messages to both Sean and Lawrence: 'Investigate why Karl Moore helped Hillary Jones in prison.'

Joel also said, "I'll get my men to investigate, too."

With the leaders of the two big families simultaneously investigating the same thing, they would surely get results very soon.

After sending the messages, Justin glanced at Tanya again and suddenly said, "I still find you and Karl Moore somewhat similar."

Joel also stared at Tanya for a while. "Why don't we do a DNA test, after all? It's safer that way."

The two men's gazes made Tanya's lip corners spasm a little, and she became a little hesitant.

She had originally been very resistant to the idea.

After all, Karl had helped Jill to bully her. However, given how the two men were staring at her, it seemed like she had no choice but to do the DNA test, after all?

In the end, she could only nod.

Lily walked down from upstairs at this point.

At the sight of Lily, Justin got a shock. He hurriedly asked, "What's the matter with Nora?"

Joel also looked over with concern.

Lily hurriedly replied, "Relax, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Smith. Boss is fine. She has been sleeping the last two days, so I was afraid that she would have low blood sugar. I just gave her some nutritional fluids."

The two men relaxed upon hearing her explanation.

Lily then said, "Boss is sleeping really soundly. Don't worry!"

Justin nodded.

Lily then started to walk back upstairs. She stretched and said, "The last few days have been so exhausting. On top of that, I even have to take care of that handsome thief… oh, I mean Boss' cousin, in the hospital… I can finally have a good night's sleep now! I am going to sleep through everything until I naturally wake up!"

She had only just said that when Justin suddenly said, "Er…"

Lily looked behind her. Justin said, "It seems like Nora trusts you very much, so… can you help us do a DNA test?"

Lily: "???????"