She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 438: Karl Moore Is Tanya's Father?

Chapter 438: Karl Moore Is Tanya's Father?

Chapter 438: Karl Moore Is Tanya's Father?

Tanya stared at Jill. Little by little, she pulled her arm out of Jill's grasp. She looked at Jill coldly and slowly said, "Did you know? I've always wanted to ask you something ever since I was a child."

Jill was taken aback. "What?"

"Am I really your daughter?"

Tanya's eyes were a little red. "How is it that you can do so much and go so far for Hillary, yet be so cruel to me?!"

Jill was stunned. But immediately after that, she said angrily, "What did I do to you? Did I bring you up and keep you alive so that you can bully me later in life? You are too much! You have to go to the judge right away and tell him that you've forgiven Hillary! Or els—"

"Or else what? What will you do?"

Tanya stared at her, but there was no fluctuation of emotions in her voice at all.

Jill was shocked by her reaction. For a moment, she couldn't say anything.

"Or else you won't acknowledge me as your daughter anymore? Didn't you already sever ties with me a long time ago?

"Or perhaps, you won't pay for my tuition fees anymore? But have you ever given me any money?

"Or perhaps, you won't give me any food? That worked very well when I was young. I was indeed scared when you locked me up in that dark room and didn't give me any food or water. But I'm no longer the four-year-old kid anymore!! Jill, you can't control me anymore!"

The more Tanya spoke, the colder her voice became. "As for Hillary…"

Suddenly she bent down, lowered her head, and leaned into Jill's ear. "Why do you think the Smiths didn't bother with damage control and allowed public opinion to get to this state? It's precisely so that she could have a taste of her own medicine!"

Jill was dumbfounded.

When the lawyer mentioned it, she had thought that it was just a coincidence, but from the way it sounded now… It was actually a conspiracy by Tanya and Joel!!

The fiercer the people scolded them, the guiltier they would feel once the truth was revealed!

No wonder they hadn't explained anything the whole time, and even assaulted the reporter!!

Jill's eyes widened as she stared at the daughter who seemed so foreign to her now. Tanya straightened her back and, with an extremely cold look in her eyes, said, "She stole my daughter and my boyfriend, and even abused my daughter for as long as five years. Jill, even if you kneel here for the rest of your life, I will never forgive her!

"You want me to write a letter of forgiveness? Over my dead body!!"

She turned, took Joel's hand, and got ready to leave.

However, the furious Jill suddenly rushed towards her and grabbed her. "Why did I give birth to a bastard like you?! You're a bane to the world! I should have killed you when you were a child! I should have starved you to death!"

Neither Tanya nor Joel had expected her to actually jump up and attack them in the courtroom. She caught Tanya by her hair.

She reached out and tried to scratch Tanya's cheek, but Joel already had her wrist in a tight grip. He pushed her away with great force, making her fall onto the floor behind her.

Joel looked down at her from above and said, "Please treat my fiancée with courtesy, Mrs. Jones."

After speaking, he glanced at Mr. Jones, who was in the gallery.

Mr. Jones immediately got the hint. He came over hastily and held Jill back.

Only then did Tanya and Joel leave the courtroom.

As soon as they exited, they ran into Justin in the car park. As the three looked at one another, Joel asked, "How did it go?"

One of the reasons Justin had to be present today was so that he could convince Karl not to take any further action in the gallery.

Justin replied, "No big issues. Karl is an underworld figure and has a very strong aura of one from the underworld around him. With the truth publicly exposed and Hillary Jones arrested, there's nothing he can say anymore. Besides, the Assassin Organization probably doesn't want to offend the Smiths and the Hunts, either."

His voice turned cold as he added, "Otherwise, I wouldn't have given him a chance to leave the country!"

Joel nodded. "He has already done enough to pay back the favor he owes his old lover. Unless Hillary is his daughter, that guy probably won't do anything for them anymore."

His daughter?

The moment he said that, both Justin and Joel suddenly thought of something, and they both abruptly turned to Tanya.

The two clan leaders' gazes made Tanya a little uncomfortable. She glanced down at herself and asked, "What's the matter? Is there something wrong with my clothes?"

Nothing was wrong with them, though!

Her clothes were very suitable for the occasion, and nothing was dirty…

While she was wondering about it, Joel suddenly asked, "Tanya, have you ever wondered who your father is?"

Tanya: "…"

She sighed and replied, "Of course I have. But every time I asked Jill about it, she would always say that he's a scumbag and a hooligan who deceived her and made her pregnant…"

A hooligan…

The word made Justin and Joel suddenly glance at each other.

A short while later, Joel suddenly said, "Don't you find that Karl Moore actually has… a bit of a hooligan-like air around him?"

Tanya: "??"


In the courtroom.

Even after everyone else had left, Jill was still laying on the floor and making a scene. "I'm not going to get up if you don't save my daughter! You're a good-for-nothing! What's the use of a father like you?!"

Mr. Jones was standing next to her. At last, he said, "Stay on the floor if that's what you want. Who cares?!"

He left right away.

Karl, who was still in the gallery, looked at Jill who was on the floor. He scratched his head.

His subordinate behind him couldn't help but ask, "Boss, what did you see in her in your younger days?"

Karl also felt a little embarrassed.

He coughed. "Maybe I was blind back then."

The subordinate was speechless.

He got up and walked toward Jill. Just as he was about to say something, Jill got up by herself and patted the dust off herself. There was none of the shrewish behavior she had just exhibited around her anymore. Instead, she looked at Karl calmly.

Karl coughed, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

Jill stared at Karl and said, "You have to help me save my daughter!"

Karl cast his eyes down. "You're not in the right with regard to this matter. Neither can I bring myself to do something like that."

Wouldn't he be thoroughly embarrassed if outsiders were to learn of it?

Unexpectedly, as soon as he said that, Jill immediately asked, "Do you know why I chose to beg you instead of Hillary's father for help?"

Karl shook his head.

Jill said solemnly, "Because Hillary is not his daughter but yours!"

Karl: "!!!!"

He was astounded. "What did you say?"

Jill stretched out her fingers—there were two strands of hair gripped tightly between them. "I plucked Hillary's hair off her when I made contact with her just now. You can do a DNA test for you and her."